Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1863

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Presently, all the Immortal Venerables of Yellow Spring Sect had appeared. The last two late Immortal Venerables to appear were the greatest reliance of the sect, but now none of them seemed happy. The reason was simple – even their formidable Supreme Elder wasn’t a match for Dragon Shisan, whose power had gone beyond their imagination.

Even with the Ancient Ancestor present, they were afraid that the outcome would still be the same. After all, the Ancient Ancestor was almost as powerful as the Supreme Elder. 

“Great. It seems your sect does have a powerful force, but it’s useless in front of Master Monkey. I’m going to return the favor you gave me in the past.”

Dragon Shisan’s qi, along with his murderous intent, soared. His black-and-white hair fluttered in the air. The iron staff in his hand continued to radiate golden brilliance. He didn’t intend to let the people of Yellow Spring Sect live.

“Dragon Shisan, how about we find a place to sit and have a talk to settle our scores?”

The Ancient Ancestor suggested instead of lunging forward, knowing that the situation had changed, and that Dragon Shisan was no longer the Dragon Shisan they could easily kill. He was, after all, an intelligent man.

This was reality. Only the strong were revered in this world. Whoever had a bigger fist would earn the respect of everyone. Dragon Shisan had already grown to the point where Yellow Spring Sect could no longer handle him, even with force. Even the Ancient Ancestor felt compelled to lower his head in front of Dragon Shisan. Perhaps, none of the people of Yellow Spring Sect had imagined that their Ancient Ancestor would be reduced to such a state.

“What is there to talk about between us?” Dragon Shisan sneered.

“Dragon Shisan, our sect is one of the major powers. Our power is more than what you think. We also have experts who are currently cultivating in the Immortal Court. If you kill us, they will never forgive you. It’s true that the Sect Master has harmed you previously, but you survived and was blessed by the misfortune. Furthermore, your hands were stained with the blood of many of our disciples before that. In my opinion, we can let bygones be bygones. Even if we can’t be friends, our sect will never put you to trouble again.”

The Ancient Ancestor spoke, attempting to make peace in front of everyone in order to protect his sect. After all, he knew very well that no one in the sect was strong enough to fight Dragon Shisan and that the sect would suffer inestimable losses if Dragon Shisan really began a massacre.

“Haha! Old bastard! It seems you still don’t know what had happened yesterday. You seem to have used the wrong power to suppress me. The conflict between me and the Immortal Court is even deeper than our conflict. Master Monkey won’t put the son of a b***ch Immortal Court in my eyes. That day, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring tried to kill me, so today, I’ll have my revenge.”

Dragon Shisan burst out laughing. Using the Immortal Court to threaten him was definitely a poor choice. Not long ago, he had just killed Qi Jin, a peerless genius from the Immortal Court. He didn’t fear even the half-step Sovereign, Li Wangye, and the First Grade Immortal Sovereign, Yuan Xiaolei. Thus, such a threat wouldn’t affect him in the slightest.

“Dragon Shisan, does this mean that there’s nothing else we can talk about?” The Ancient Ancestor spoke through gritted teeth.

“That’s correct. I, Dragon Shisan, operate on the principle of an eye for an eye. I have given your sect enough face by letting you all live, but Old Ancestor Yellow Spring must die. Anyone who’ll try to stop me will die together with him.”

Dragon Shisan’s qi was trembling. Without further ado, he lifted the iron staff and brandished it at his target.

The Old Ancestor’s face darkened incomparably. He had never thought that he would fall to into such a situation. And it seemed impossible to escape.

“Dragon Shisan, you’re being too arrogant!”

The Ancient Ancestor bellowed, a black shield appeared in his hand as he rushed towards Dragon Shisan and slammed the shield at Dragon Shisan’s iron staff.

“Old bastard, like I said, anyone who tries to stop me will die. Since you are hindering me, then go to hell now!”

Dragon Shisan’s murderous intent was overflowing. Dazzling light shone from his Fiery Golden Eyes. This time, he was going to make the kill. Even the Gods wouldn’t be able to stop him from killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring.

*Hong Long……*

The iron staff, like a towering God Weapon, slammed heavily on the black shield. Under the gaze of countless people, the Venerable Grade Immortal Weapon was smashed to pieces, including the arm of the Ancient Ancestor.

“What?!” the spectators exclaimed. 

The Ancient Ancestor’s face paled but astonishment overshadowed the intense pain from his broken arm. Although he knew that Dragon Shisan had become powerful, he didn’t expect him to have reached such an extent.


Without giving the Ancient Ancestor the chance to return to his senses, Dragon Shisan made another swing. The iron staff had locked on the Ancient Ancestor. It consisted of boundless destructive qi and was moving at an incredible speed towards its target.

The Ancient Ancestor could feel death approaching him speedily. He wanted to run or at least put up a resistance, but found that he could do neither of the two. All he could do now was to wait for his death.


A cry was uttered before his head was destroyed by Dragon Shisan’s iron staff. The rest of his body fell directly from the sky.

“Ancient Ancestor!”

Innumerable people from Yellow Spring Sect cried out in alarm. Each pair of eyes became furiously red, but shock was the biggest emotion that was kindled inside of them compared to anger. They were now staring at Dragon Shisan as though he was the God of plague, couldn’t help admitting that this man was just too horrifying. Even the late Immortal Venerable couldn’t stand a strike from his iron staff. So who else in Yellow Spring Sect could stop him?

“Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, it’s your turn to die now.”

Ignoring everything around, Dragon Shisan raised his staff high again and waved it towards Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. The injured Old Ancestor certainly wouldn’t be able to resist this attack.


No one tried to interfere, not even the Supreme Elder. Like Dragon Shisan said, anyone who’ll try to him would die.

Anyhow, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was bound to die today.

The iron staff fell on the skull of Old Ancestor like a mountain. The result was conceivable. The formidable Sect Master of one of the eleven major powers, an iconic figure in Eastern Profound Domain, had fallen. 

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