Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1865

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“Do you think it’s the Immortal Court who’s helping them in the dark?” asked Yang Bufan.

“It shouldn’t be possible. The Immortal Court has its own rules. They wouldn’t spur the major powers in going war with their enemies.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Although he didn’t know much about the Immortal Court, he believed that this matter had nothing to do with them.

“Father has summoned me.” Yang Bufan felt a tremble.

“Let’s go and meet your father together,” said Jiang Chen. 

The Emperor must have summoned Yang Bufan this time to discuss how to deal with the two empires. As a member of Genius Prefecture, Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t stand idly by.

“I’ll go too,” said Yan Chenyu. 

The three of them then turned into rays of light and vanished, reaching the imperial capital in an instant. A lot of people had already gathered in the main hall of the palace, all of whom were the higher-ups of Great Qian Empire, each having the cultivation base of Venerable realm. They represented the overall strength of the empire.

Seeing the couple’s arrival, Yang Yu, Old Emperor and the rest hurriedly came forward to greet them. To them, Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were the biggest hope and reliance of the empire. If it hadn’t been for them, the empire would have been annihilated by the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape long ago.

“Brother Jiang Chen, Miss Yan, you have come.” Yang Yu greeted.

“Father, is something major occurring again?”

Yang Bufan asked, knowing that something serious must have happened. 

“I just received the news that General Lu Sheng has fallen.” Yang Yu said in a grim tone.

“What? General Lu Sheng is a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable, almost as powerful as Father. He has been guarding the border all these years and was stationed in Crane Hawk City. How is it possible for him to have fallen? What did the enemy forces send to attack the general?”

Yang Bufan was shocked. He knew Lu Sheng’s capability very well. The general was well-known and considered a legendary existence. Even if the general encountered a late Immortal Venerable, he wouldn’t have any problem escaping.

But currently, Yang Bufan was informed that the general was killed. The only explanation for that was that the opponent was too strong.

Based on the norm, there shouldn’t be any late Immortal Venerable expert in the frontier battle. Normally, late Immortal Venerable Supreme Elders would be staying behind, guarding the stronghold. After all, the war had only begun. The two empires ought to be taking the chance to hone their disciples and fighters.

“It’s not as simple as we thought,” said Yang Yu.

“Who’s the one who killed General Lu Sheng?” asked Yang Bufan.

“I’ll let you tell them.”

Yang Yu turned to the early Immortal Venerable elder next to him. The elder’s qi was in disorder. Clearly, he had suffered fairly serious injuries not long ago. He was from Crane Hawk City, a trusted follower of General Lu Sheng. He was lucky enough to escape when the city was surrounded by the enemy forces, and then he came straight to the Imperial Capital to report the situation.

“The one who led the attack was the general of Great Cloud Empire, Yuntian Shuang. He has the same cultivation base as General Lu Sheng. They were the strongest amongst the two forces. However, there were three peculiar individuals following Yuntian Shuang during the attack. The three of them were triplets that cultivated a strange evil technique. They became very powerful the moment they united. I’m afraid not even a late Immortal Venerable can be a match for them.” The elder recounted.

“It seems to them, they are devils. How’s their evil technique like?” asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“They used an extremely powerful enchantment formation. Anyone trapped in it would lose themselves. This was the reason why General Lu Sheng was killed. The peculiar triplet was too horrifying. After the fall of Crane Hawk City, they have successfully conquered eight more cities in one fell swoop.”

The elder continued, his face turning ugly at the mention of the triplet.

“If we let them continue with their advancement, it will take them less than half a month to conquer the entire Great Qian Empire. When that time comes, the Imperial Capital will be besieged by the forces of the two empires.”

Yang Yu was furious. The war between empires was very different from the battle between sects.

Every empire was equivalent to a country. The people of each country had their own beliefs. Even if Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty really besieged the Imperial Capital and killed every expert of the empire, they still wouldn’t be able to alter the belief of the citizens.

Which was why the war between empires would take time. The attacker’s side would conquer one city after another, gradually building their prestige. The people would only feel convinced the moment they witnessed the strength of the invader.

“Father, what should we do now?” asked Yang Bufan.

“I’m going to go and meet that peculiar triplet personally.” Yang Yu’s qi shook.

“No. As the Emperor, you should stay in the Imperial Capital. If anything were to happen to you, it would be the biggest blow to our empire.”

Yang Bufan opposed at once. He wasn’t the only one who opposed the idea, almost everyone in the hall was against it. They weren’t too sure that Yang Yu could deal with the triplet as Yang Yu’s cultivation base was relatively similar to Lu Sheng.

Furthermore, it would be a joke them if the Emperor of Great Qian Empire showed up before the Emperors of other side did.

“You definitely can’t go there yourself, Emperor. Old Emperor too has to stay in the capital. I’m afraid someone must be behind these attacks. The peculiar triplet is the best proof of it. Let me go and meet them personally,” said Jiang Chen.

“Alright. I’ll go with Little Chen.” Yang Bufan said.

“Brother Jiang Chen, this isn’t as simple as you think.” Yang Yu looked at Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry Emperor. I, Jiang Chen, never do things I’m not sure of. I have means to restrain the triplet and take control of Crane Hawk City once more,” said Jiang Chen confidently. 

He had a feeling that those three individuals would benefit him greatly. They might be the nourishment for him to advance to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. How could he miss such a great opportunity? In addition, he wanted to know what Great Cloud Empire was trying to do.

“Okay. In that case, I’ll send Jiu Wangye to go with you two. Remember, safety first.”

Yang Yu gave the order without hesitation. Jiang Chen was no doubt the person he was most confident in. Although Jiang Chen was only a late Immortal Emperor, he was afraid that not even his strength could match with Jiang Chen’s. 

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