Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1867

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Jiang Chen and his comrades were moving at an extreme pace. Given their perceptive abilities, they could already sense the fight breaking out in Wan City.

“Jiu Wangye, Young Master Jiang, a fierce battle has already broken out in Wan City. I didn’t expect the army of Yun Tianshuang to reach Wan City so quickly.” The elder spoke in a horrified tone.

“Wan City has the same weight of importance as Crane Hawk City. It’s a gateway which Great Qian Empire can’t afford to lose,” said Jiu Wangye.

“Be rest assured. We’ll recover Wan City and all the other cities that were raided,” said Jiang Chen coldly, confidence radiating from the core of his bones. 

The situation in Wan City had already reached the climax. Although Great Qian Empire’s army was more numerous, their morale was way too low compared to the enemy force. They were constantly being suppressed by the force of Great Cloud Empire.

“Liu Lang, go to hell!”

The general of the Great Cloud Empire launched out a fierce attack. A huge palm appeared out of thin air, bearing force strong enough to crush an enormous mountain, and hurtled at Liu Lang. It had locked all the qi of Liu Lang, giving him no room to escape.

Liu Lang’s facial expression changed drastically. Sure enough, a half-step Immortal Venerable was hard to deal with. He looked up to the sky, saw no signs of any reinforcements coming from the Imperial Capital, and shook his head dejectedly. A trace of resoluteness glinted in his eyes as an enormous black wolf-tooth club materialized in his hand and was thrust forward.

*Hong Long……*

The void was torn apart at once. Unfortunately, it was tremendously difficult for him to overcome the gap in their cultivation base. Liu Lang was smacked by the palm and fell heavily to the ground, blood spurting out from his mouth.

This mere strike had inflicted a serious injury upon Liu Lang. There wasn’t room for him to resist.

“Liu Lang, I’ll give you one last chance. Do you surrender?” The general clamored.

“I’ll also give you a last chance.”

As soon as the general’s words trailed off, a thunderous voice fell from the sky. Then, they saw the silhouettes belonging to four experts emerging, and arriving at the battlefield in an instant.

This immediately ignited the hope in the despairing Liu Lang and the soldiers. Without a doubt, they could sense the terror from these newly-arrived experts.

“Look, that man seems like Jiu Wangye. The one next to him must be the young King Fan. Haha! The Imperial Capital has sent their experts here to save us, to save Wan City!”

“Yes. Damn this lot of bastards for being so arrogant! Now, it’s our turn to kill them.”


Figures like Yang Bufan and Jiu Wangye were well-known icons in the empire. Their appearance would boost the morale of the soldiers even if they weren’t involved in battle. In an instant, the diminishing fight spirit rose.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Kneel now.” Yang Bufan looked at the general and spoke coldly.


The general wasn’t a fool. He naturally could sense the power of these newcomers. He wheeled around at once and left.

“Are you thinking of leaving at this time?”

Yang Bufan moved at lightning speed, he reached the back of the general and slammed his palm at the back of the general’s head which then exploded and turned into a mist of blood.

Given Yang Bufan’s early Immortal Venerable cultivation base and talents, not even an ordinary intermediate Immortal Venerable was a match for him, let alone a puny half-step Immortal Venerable.

“General has been killed. Run!”

When the warriors of the Great Cloud Empire came to their senses, they fled at maximum speed.

“Kill them all. Don’t let any one of them escape.” Liu Lang raised his wolf-tooth club and ordered.

His soldiers, however, had already pursued the enemies even before he gave the order. They had been fighting a stifling battle all this while, especially after the death of Lu Sheng, which severely dampened their fighting spirit. Now that they had the chance to slaughter their enemies at will, how could they miss it?

Instead of greeting Jiu Wangye and King Fan first, Liu Lang dragged his injured body forward to kill the remaining warriors. 

The elder who came with Jiang Chen wanted to join in the fight but was stopped by Jiang Chen. “We don’t have to deal with them ourselves. The soldiers of Great Qian Empire needs to regain their morale. They must be the ones who triumph over the enemies.”

Upon hearing this, the elder nodded, absolutely agreeing with what Jiang Chen said. The soldiers must recover the morale they had lost, find suitable target to vent their stifled resentment. This was also why Liu Lang rushed out without hesitation.

Soon, Liu Lang returned with a group of vigorous soldiers, each wearing a look of satisfaction, some fully stained by the blood of their enemies.

“Greetings, Jiu Wangye, King Fan.”

Liu Lang fell to one of his knees and saluted the two. The soldiers behind him followed suit. These two figures were the most important people besides the Emperor. One was the Emperor’s blood brother, the other was the Emperor’s most favorite prince. The fact that the Emperor had sent them here showed that the Emperor didn’t forget them and attached great importance to their city.

“Rise,” said Jiu Wangye.

“Jiu Wangye, King Fan, this is?” Liu Lang looked over at Jiang Chen and asked

“This is the well-renowned Jiang Chen, the commander assigned by the Emperor to take over General Lu Sheng’s position. I’m here to assist Brother Jiang Chen,” answered Liu Wangye, explaining the reason Jiang Chen was here and the intention of the Emperor. He highly regarded Jiang Chen and was more than willing to assist this young man.

“What? He’s the Jiang Chen who came out of the Golden Horizon?”

Liu Lang sounded surprised. The same went to his underlings. Each pair of their eyes examined Jiang Chen repeatedly from top to bottom, determined to see clearly how this legendary genius look like.

“So he’s the Jiang Chen. However he hasn’t even reached the Immortal Venerable realm. Why has the Emperor made him the commander instead of Jiu Wangye?”

“I have no idea. Even Jiu Wangye has such respect for him. I don’t think he’s an ordinary person.”

“It’s just that he’s slightly weaker in strength. I hope that he can lead us in winning the war. I can’t stand being suppressed by the enemy force all the time.”


Many of them felt uneasy about the newly-appointed commander. Despite the great reputation of Jiang Chen, the enemies they were facing were too strong. They would feel more assured if Jiu Wangye were to be their general. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was too low for them. At least, this was how it looked like from the surface. 

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