Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1869

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As soon as he saw the flags that belonged to the Great Cloud Empire, King Fan was ready to strike even before Jiang Chen’s command. As the most famous young king of Great Qian Empire and the only prince, his sense of honor exceeded everyone’s. He would resist anything that humiliated the dignity of the empire.

With a twist of his body, he appeared in the void right above the city wall, grabbed the biggest flag and crushed it.

“Who is it? How dare you come to Huang City and behave atrociously?”

A loud yell was heard, followed by the appearance of the leader of the guards of the gate tower. He was an Immortal Emperor. Due to the fact that Great Cloud Empire had been winning every battle, each of their faces was filled with pride. 


Unfortunately, as soon as he appeared, one of his arms was torn by Yang Bufan from the shoulder, blood gushing out wildly, and he let out a shrill cry.

“I was thinking of sparing your life and asking you to inform the generals, but since you are shouting so loudly, I reckon you don’t have to inform them anymore.”

Yang Bufan shook his head. With a flick of his finger, a sharp beam of light shot through the Immortal Emperor’s glabella. His wailing stopped abruptly as he died on the spot.

Hearing what Yang Bufan said a fraction of a second before he died, he regretted it deeply. Just like what Yang Bufan had said, if he didn’t shout at Yang Bufan, he might still be alive now, because his bellow was loud enough to draw all the experts of the city, saving him the effort to go and inform his generals.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Sure enough, the harsh wailing just now had drawn the attention of the experts. The said experts were flying out from the interior of the city. The gate of the city opened, numerous soldiers poured out.

Three people were in the lead. All of them were dressed in military uniform, each of which were half-step Immortal Venerable. One of them was precisely Xu Mao, the one who had surrendered to the enemy beforehand.

When Xu Mao saw Yang Bufan, his expression changed drastically. Being a half-step Immortal Venerable, he had been to the Imperial Capital many times. So he recognized at once who this young man was.

“Generals, this man is King Fan,” said Xu Mao.

“Oh? I didn’t expect the widely known King Fan to come. It seems the Emperor of Great Qian Empire does attach huge importance to this war, isn’t it?” One of the generals spoke. 

Despite feeling somewhat surprised, there wasn’t the slightest bit of fear in their expression. After all, they only knew King Fan’s special position. They didn’t know a thing about King Fan’s strength. Moreover, their recent victories had greatly boosted their confidence level to the point where they no longer put any person of Great Qian Empire in their eyes. With General Yun Tianshuang guarding Crane Hawk City, anyone who came to confront them would have the same outcome, death.

“Invading my soil and killing the soldiers of my empire…you all must die one way or the other.”

Yang Bufan wasted no time since apart from Huang City, there were still a lot of cities that needed to be recovered. A terrifying sword appeared in his hand. With lightning speed, he brandished the sword at one of the generals.

The smug-looking general changed his countenance instantly after sensing the terror of the attack. He could feel the true threat of death from this strike, making him realize that Yang Bufan had reached the true Immortal Venerable realm.

As a matter of fact, he knew very well that even an Immortal Venerable was no match for a genius like King Fan. They were powerless against such an opponent. In addition, they didn’t expect Yang Bufan to reach such a terrifying level not long after coming out of Golden Horizon.

*Pu Chi!*

The half-step Immortal Venerable was given no room to resist. He was slashed in half, blood sprinkling from the sky above.

Upon seeing this, the other generals turned and fled. Unfortunately for him, there was no way he could run away from Yang Bufan’s grip.


Yang Bufan made another slash. The sword qi emitted from it cut the void in half.


The general was killed by the slash as well after uttering his final cry.

“Withdraw! Withdraw!”

The remaining soldiers were scared to death. They knew that a true expert had arrived. Two of their generals, who were both half-step Immortal Venerables, were killed in an instant. If they continued to stay here, they would die for sure.

“Brothers, slaughter them all!”

Liu Lang barked loudly at his soldiers, who then yelled aggressively as though they had been given a shot of adrenaline.

Yang Bufan, holding his sword, looked at the shivering Xu Mao standing opposite of him. The current Xu Mao seemed pale, cold sweat trickling down from his forehead.

“Why aren’t you fleeing?” Yang Bufan said.


Xu Mao fell to his knees with a puff and pounded the ground with his head. “Please forgive me, King Fan! I had to surrender so that I can stay alive and act as a spy for our men.”

Even his tone was quavering. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to flee. He wasn’t an idiot. From the moment he saw how Yang Bufan killed the first general with just one strike, he knew that fleeing was no longer possible. Anyone who ran first would die.

The death of another general confirmed his inference.

“Since I have come here personally to fight the war, I don’t need a spy like you. A traitor is most distasteful. And I think you aren’t really good at lying.”

Yang Bufan looked disgustedly at the kneeling Xu Mao and beheaded the traitor with his sword.

One simply couldn’t be soft-hearted to traitors. Only by killing the traitor would the deterrent effect be significant. If the punishment was light, people would think that the cost of betrayal was low and more and more would go astray into this path. 

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