Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1871

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The dark clouds soon reached the sky right above them. A skinny elder emerged from it. Of course, one couldn’t judge a book by its cover. The qi radiating from this elder was frightening and discomforting.

The instant he appeared, his eyes fell upon Yang Bufan.

“This is Old Man Tian Kui of Heavenly Jade Dynasty. I didn’t expect him to join forces with Yun Tian Shuang. He’s an intermediate Immortal Venerable, surely not an easy opponent to deal with. King Fan isn’t a match for him. Let me fight him.”

Recognizing who the elder was, battle intent surged from out of Jiu Wangye.


Jiang Chen stretched out his hand to stop Jiu Wangye. “There’s no need to rush. We’ll only know if King Fan can beat that elder after the battle. I reckon he isn’t a match for King Fan.”

Jiang Chen spoke confidently, displaying his high confidence in King Fan. A genius figure like Yang Bufan could also jump cultivation base. After absorbing the Great Sovereign qi essence, King Fan had become an early Immortal Venerable, which made him more than capable of fighting an intermediate Immortal Venerable like Old Man Tian Kui.

Although Jiu Wangye only half-believed what Jiang Chen said, he kept his battle intent, he might as well let Yang Bufan fight first since he was present anyway, which was enough to ensure Yang Bufan’s safety. Moreover, just like what Jiang Chen had said, if Yang Bufan could really defeat Old Man Tian Kui, it would definitely be a great help to Great Qian Empire. That would also tremendously increase Yang Bufan’s influence and prestige.

“Kid, you are King Fan of Great Qian Empire, aren’t you?”

Old Man Tian Kui asked in an icy cold tone. He had placed all his attention on Yang Bufan, thus failing to notice that Jiang Chen and Jiu Wangye were watching them at a distance. After all, the information he received was only about Yang Bufan. If he knew that Jiu Wangye was present, he certainly wouldn’t come without Yun Tianshuang and the strange triplets.

After all, Jiu Wangye was well-known. The man had long reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Venerable, with strength on par with the Great General Lu Sheng and was a major influence in Great Qian Empire.

“That’s correct. That’s me. Who are you? Tell me your name.”

Yang Bufan’s qi stirred. In the face of an intermediate Immortal Venerable, his face revealed no sign of fear. With his current cultivation base, he was confident that he could deal with any ordinary intermediate Immortal Venerable.

“Considering that you have the status of ‘King’, I’ll tell you the name of the person that’s going to kill you. My name is Old Man Tian Kui of Heavenly Jade Dynasty. But before I kill you, I want to give you a chance to live. As long as you kneel and kowtow, surrendering to our dynasty, I can spare your life. What do you think?” Old Man Tian Kui offered. 

He had already planned it in advance. If even the famous prince of Great Qian Empire submitted himself to them, the impact to Great Qian Empire would surely be inconceivable.

“Old Man Tian Kui, it seems like you aren’t aware of the situation at all. The time for your conquest is over. Considering that you are an important figure in your dynasty, I’ll give you a chance as well. A chance to surrender, I might consider accepting you.”

Yang Bufan retorted with the same kind of words. He knew that Old Man Tian Kui had come to kill him. Surrendering was just some kind of joke the enemy had made up. But since the enemy was trying to humiliate him, he naturally wouldn’t forget to return the favor.

“Humph! What an arrogant kid! Since you don’t cherish the chance, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Old Man Tian Kui harrumphed coldly. Killing intent rushed out his body like a tide, cold and solidifying, filling the sky rapidly.


In return, a similar degree of momentum rushed out from Yang Bufan’s body. With a shake, his body soared skywards and halted opposite of Old Man Tian Kui. The sword in his hand was stowed away. His incomparable qi had astounded his opponent.

What a powerful kid! Although he’s only at the early Immortal Venerable realm, his qi isn’t inferior to mine. But this doesn’t matter because it’s extremely hard to make up for the gap in cultivation base, especially in the Venerable realm. It will still be as effortless for me to kill him.

Old Man Tian Kui was surprised by Yang Bufan’s qi, but he’s still full of confidence. After all, the gap between them was huge.

“Great! Sure enough, King Fan doesn’t seem weaker than this old bastard.”

“Amazing! I didn’t expect King Fan’s strength to have reached such an extent. He’s worthy of being called the number one genius in Great Qian Empire.”

“That old man is surely here to die. I’m afraid he can’t even fight King Fan. He should know that a genius like King Fan can’t be judged using common sense. Furthermore, the formidable Jiu Wangye is watching from behind.”

The soldiers’ were full of confidence. Given the strength of their force, they didn’t fear one intermediate Immortal Venerable. Jiu Wangye’s presence had given them an absolute sense of security. As for Jiang Chen, no one had considered him. Although Jiang Chen had a great reputation, he was after all still an Immortal Emperor.

“Kid, die now! Heavenly Hawk Hand!”

Old Man Tian Kui wasted no time and launched a decisive palm attack at Yang Bufan. A giant golden eagle’s claw formed, enshrouding a portion of the void. The force of this claw was powerful enough to tear apart a mountain.

“Nine Heavenly Silver Rivers.”

Yang Bufan also moved. It seemed like he wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible as he had sent out his most powerful attack. Brilliance shone from his body. Each silver river looked like a sword, sharp enough to destroy anything. Immense qi spread across the battlefield.

*Hong Long……*

The two mighty attacks collided with one another. The impact created was unimaginable. The battlefield was completely destroyed. The nine powerful silver rivers shattered the giant eagle claw.

Feeling great shock, Old Man Tian Kui was forced five steps backwards. Yang Bufan, on the other hand, still seemed as domineering as before, his dark hair fluttering in the air. 

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