Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1872

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Old Man Tian Kui was struck dumb, his face full of astonishment. All the disdain he had for Yang Bufan vanished from his eyes. After just one exchange, he knew that he was probably not a match for this genius.

This had greatly hurt his self-esteem and made him resentful.

“Haha! Did you see that? Old Man Tian Kui isn’t an opponent of King Fan. He has lost the upper hand in their first exchange.”

“Well, that’s great! King Fan surely is amazing. No wonder the Emperor sent him over to save our city. He is powerful enough to handle his opponents.”

“Old Man Tian Kui must be in shock right now. He has come to kill King Fan, but found that he’s no match for King Fan. What a shame!”


Every soldier of Great Qian Empire was thrilled to see Yang Bufan in control of the situation, and all their concerns about Yang Bufan being injured by his opponent vanished.

“Good! He’s going to be a very promising king!”

Jiu Wangye sounded emotional. The rise of Yang Bufan was indeed a blessing to Great Qian Empire.

In the sky, Old Man Tian Kui still didn’t flee despite his astonishment. Someone as powerful as him viewed face more important than anything else. As he guaranteed Yun Tianshuang the head of Yang Bufan, he couldn’t return empty handed, or else he would lose not only his face but also the face of Heavenly Jade Dynasty.

Immense killing intent surged out from Old Man Tian Kui’s body. Adjusting his state of mind to the perfect condition, he launched another strike. Given his strength, he wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t even fight a young early Immortal Venerable.

On the other side, the corner of Yang Bufan’s mouth curled into a smile as his combat intent rose. This was his first time fighting an intermediate Immortal Venerable ever since he stepped into the Venerable realm. This was the battle that he had longed for.

*Hong Long……*

Old Man Tian Kui also moved. This time, he struck out both of his palms. Two giant eagle claws materialized, radiating qi waves that was even more terrifying than before, enshrouding the entire battlefield, trapping Yang Bufan. 

In response, Yang Bufan also raised both of his palms, a small universe bearing the force of a miniature world formed above the palms. It was his trump card. Both combatants launched out their most powerful attacks as they didn’t want to waste any time. The battle was coming to an end. 

*Hong Long……

The impact of both unparalleled attacks was incredible. The destructive force of Yang Bufan’s attack was beyond imagination.

The soldiers below became tensed, looking attentively at the battle scene. Naturally, they hoped that Yang Bufan would triumph.

Eventually, the eagle claws could no longer withstand the force of the miniature universe and shattered. Feeling a tremendous impact, Old Man Tian Kui was sent flying. A trace of blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. After all, he was just an ordinary Immortal Venerable and had exhausted almost all his potential which made it extremely difficult for him to advance any further.

The difference between him and Yang Bufan in terms of potential and talent was certainly day and night.

“Dammit! Why is this bastard so powerful? It seems impossible to kill him today. I may lose my life if I continue at this rate.”

Despite his resentment, there was nothing he could do and he was certain of one thing – he absolutely wasn’t a match for Yang Bufan, let alone beheading Yang Bufan. Face was no longer as important to him now.

“Yang Bufan, your date of death will be the next time we meet.”

Old Man Tian Kui left these final malicious words as he wheeled around and fled. With his abilities, even if he couldn’t fight Yang Bufan, he wouldn’t have a problem escaping.

Unfortunately, as soon as he made the move, a silhouette also moved. With immense speed, Jiu Wangye emerged in front of Old Man Tian Kui, blocking his escaping route.

“Old Man Tian Kui, since you have come, why hasten to leave?”

Jiu Wangye had been observing the changes on the battlefield. Although he was pleasantly surprised by Yang Bufan’s power, he knew that Yang Bufan wouldn’t be able to stop Old Man Tian Kui from leaving.

So he had acted the instant Old Man Tian Kui intended to leave.

“Ninth Royal Highness of Great Qian Empire!”

Old Man Tian Kui almost spurted out a mouthful of blood at the sight of Jiu Wangye, and then secretly began cursing the two who brought them the news. Why didn’t they tell him about the presence of Jiu Wangye? If he knew that Jiu Wangye was here, he wouldn’t have come alone since there’s no doubt that he wasn’t a match for him.

Now that he had been besieged by Jiu Wangye and Yang Bufan, escaping had become an extravagant wish.

“Old Man Tian Kui, I really have no idea who gave you the courage to come here alone.”

Jiu Wangye spoke with a smile. Originally, he wouldn’t put Old Man Tian Kui in his eyes and knowing that Old Man Tian Kui was severely injured, killing him would be even more effortless.

Old Man Tian Kui displayed a face of indignation, but no words came out of his mouth. He had received the wrong information and knew that he would die today. 

“Jiu Wangye, please spare my life! I, Old Man Tian Kui, am willing to withdraw from this war,” said Old Man Tian Kui. He didn’t want to die yet. In his opinion, death was supposed to be a very far away destination.

*Pu Chi!*

While his focus was placed on Jiu Wangye, he didn’t expect that Yang Bufan would attack from behind.

It was already too late when he realized it. Yang Bufan’s sharp sword had already pierced through his body. He was defenseless and had no way of stopping the attack.

“When you lose, you lose. Victory and defeat is equivalent to life and death in war. You should have thought of such end before taking the initiative to attack.”

Yang Bufan’s cold voice resounded into his ears. Sensing the constant loss of vital force, he was in utter despair.

Just like what Yang Bufan said, this was war. If Yang Bufan was the one who fell into his hands, he also wouldn’t show Yang Bufan mercy. 

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