Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1873

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Old Man Tian Kui died despite his utmost reluctance. In fact, he was extremely regretful the instant before he lost his life. He could’ve been still alive if it wasn’t because of the misinformation and his overconfidence.

As a matter of fact, he had no idea that he was going to die in this war even if he avoided this battle. The participation of Jiang Chen, Jiu Wangye, and Yang Bufan indicated the prelude of a life-and-death battle. Not only would Old Man Tian Kui die, but also Yun Tianshuang and the peculiar triplet.

This was Jiang Chen’s intention all along. If he wasn’t able to annihilate the enemy forces, all his plan and actions would be meaningless.

Everyone below saw clearly how Yang Bufan fought and killed Old Man Tian Kui in the end. This had undoubtedly raised his prestige. Right now, he was already the next ruler of Great Qian Empire in the eyes of countless soldiers. They wouldn’t accept any other princes apart from him.

“Mighty King Fan, should we move on with our attack? The death of Old Man Tian Kui will certainly affect the morale of the enemy forces greatly,” said Liu Lang.

Yang Bufan and Jiu Wangye nodded approvingly, but their eyes were now upon Jiang Chen, waiting for him to give the order.

“As long as Yun Tianshuang doesn’t die, the morale of Great Cloud Empire will never be extinguished and could be rekindled at any moment. The death of Old Man Tian Kui isn’t something significant, but it’s the prelude of the final battle. We don’t have to attack further because that will be a waste of time and energy.” Jiang Chen waved his hand, gesturing them to drop the idea.

“Little Chen, do you have any plans?”

Yang Bufan asked. Despite his eagerness to gain more prestige, he couldn’t deny the wisdom and foresight of Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen’s plan had always been fool-proof. This was the reason Yang Yu had appointed him the commander instead of Yang Bufan.

Liu Lang and his soldiers were fixing their gaze on Jiang Chen. They didn’t understand why Jiang Chen had made such a decision. In their point of view, one must take advantage of the victories in order to achieve the best effect during war. Not only would that undermine the morale of the enemy but also lift the morale of one’s own forces to the pinnacle. They were wondering what Jiang Chen was thinking, stopping them from advancing right after Old Man Tian Kui was killed.

“The reason is very simple. Our morale has already been restored after the consecutive victories in those cities. We no longer need to rely on this to regain our cities. Next will be the time for us to display our might. Yun Tianshuang will surely know about the death of Old Man Tian Kui soon. The ultimate battle will arrive soon. As long as we kill Yun Tianshuang and the peculiar triplets, all the lost cities will be recovered on its own,” explained Jiang Chen. 

Now that the morale of the army had been restored and King Fan had established his influence, any further attack was unnecessary. 

Jiang Chen never liked to take detours, nor did he like to do useless things. He always liked to achieve his goal with the simplest and most direct way. As the previous objectives had already been achieved, his next target would be Yun Tianshuang.

Listening to Jiang Chen’s words, the soldiers and the general remained silent. They weren’t fools. They had been fighting battles all year round, hence they readily agreed to Jiang Chen’s explanation. Regardless of how many cities they reclaimed, there would be a final battle between them and Yun Tianshuang.

“Alright. Do we straightaway attack Crane Hawk City?” asked Yang Bufan.

“No. The city isn’t suitable for having a large-scale battle. After all, Crane Hawk City is the territory of Great Qian Empire. The citizens of the empire are still living in there. We have to consider their safety,” said Jiang Chen, then he turned to Liu Lang. 

“Liu Lang, is there a more desolate place here?”

“Commander, there’s one desolate mountain named Black Wind Mountain, 3000 miles away from here,” said Liu Lang.

“Okay. King Fan, produce a declaration of war at once in your name and send it to Yun Tianshuang. We’ll have the final battle at Black Wind Mountain tomorrow. He will definitely come,” said Jiang Chen. This was the best way to demonstrate the dignity of Great Qian Empire.


Yang Bufan smiled. With a flick of his hand, golden light emerged and condensed to form an illusory paper. After sliding his finger back and forth on the paper, the declaration of war was completed. 

Then, he stuck out one finger and the letter turned into a ray of golden light, vanishing out of sight, flying towards the direction of Crane Hawk City.

“We’ll stay in this city for today. Tomorrow, we’ll have the war with Yun Tianshuang,” said Jiang Chen.

“Commander, Yun Tianshuang’s cultivation base is extremely powerful. And he has three very peculiar people with him. Given our strength, I’m afraid there’s no chance of us winning in this war.”

Liu Lang spoke concernedly. It’s not just him who felt this way, every soldier had the same concern. Although Yang Bufan and Jiu Wangye had won numerous battles, they still felt fear if they were going to confront Yun Tianshuang for real. After all, even Great General Lu Sheng died in the hands of the triplets, whereas they only had two capable experts on their side, King Fan and Jiu Wangye.

As for Jiang Chen, they hadn’t seen this commander in action before. Due to them living at the borders of the empire, they had only heard about the earth-shattering incidents that Jiang Chen created and still didn’t have a clue of how powerful this young genius really was.

“General Liu, what I said are orders. I’m not discussing with you. All you have to do is to obey.”

Jiang Chen spoke to Liu Lang with a smile, but there was something unquestionable in his eyes that made Liu Lang’s soul shudder. 

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