Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1875

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Yun Tianshuang’s eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. His brows were drawn together when he detected Jiang Chen’s cultivation base. Normally, he wouldn’t give a second glance to a figure like this, but now, he felt compelled to scrutinize Jiang Chen. The reason was simple. He saw that the well-known Jiu Wangye and even King Fan were standing behind Jiang Chen, instead of in front.

This white-robed youth was standing at the forefront of the ten-thousand army with a completely composed face. One should know that there is always a strict formation in an army especially during war. The one standing at the front most had to be the commander. If this late Immortal Emperor young man was the commander, Yun Tianshuang wouldn’t be able to believe it.

“Jiu Wangye, how have you been? I never thought that Yang Yu would send you this time. He’s really cruel to send his own brother to die.”

Yun Tianshuang no longer looked at Jiang Chen and shouted at Jiu Wangye.

“Yun Tianshuang, it’s not certain yet who will live and who will die. Plus, I’m only a back-up this time. This is our commander,” retorted Jiu Wangye.


Despite his mental preparation, he couldn’t help being astonished by what he heard. His eyes shifted to Jiang Chen once more. Was this a joke? Appointing an Immortal Emperor to be the commander?

But Jiu Wangye didn’t seem to be joking with them.

“Haha! How ridiculous! It seems Great Qian Empire is really short of talents. Aren’t they sending him to die by appointing him as the commander?”

“That’s right. This is just an insult to our commander.”

“Commander, don’t waste time talking with them anymore. Let’s kill them all now. Allow me to kill their commander first.”


The experts of Great Cloud Empire began to taunt at their enemies. One of the half-step Immortal Venerables yelled arrogantly. A combat sword materialized in his hand. With a twist of his body, he turned into a ray of light, lunging towards Jiang Chen.

Yun Tianshuang couldn’t help but frown again. In his opinion, Yang Yu and Jiu Wangye surely wouldn’t have made such a lowly mistake. This young man might really be not ordinary.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression remained indifferent even after seeing the half-step Immortal Venerable approaching him. He only acted when the combat sword of his opponent reached the top of his head.

His movement was simple. It was merely a punch.


The punch hit the combat sword, and under countless horrified eyes, the Emperor Grade Immortal Weapon broke into innumerable sharp pieces and rushed back towards its master.


The fragments of the sword pierced through every part of his body, blood was spurting out frantically, shrill cries were issued incessantly. His body was then shredded to pieces and fell from the sky.


Everyone was in commotion. Many of them were having difficulty breathing. The taunts coming from Great Cloud Empire’s army had stopped completely, each of them looked at Jiang Chen with a new kind of expression, as though they had just seen a ghost.

“My goodness!”

“This-this is too powerful. He merely used his physique to shatter an Emperor Grade Immortal Weapon and the body of a half-step Immortal Venerable. Who would believe that an Immortal Emperor would have such strength without witnessing it themselves?”

“As I’ve said, the Emperor wouldn’t simply find a person to act as the commander, I didn’t expect the commander to be this capable, however.”


Great Qian Empire’s army was stirred. The gloomy concerns in their hearts vanished. 

This was what some people called amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. Jiang Chen had established his prestige and status as a commander with just a mere punch.

The most composed ones were, of course, Yang Bufan and Jiu Wangye. They knew Jiang Chen’s strength pretty well. Not just a half-step Immortal Venerable would be killed by his punch, but also an Immortal Venerable.

“Who are you?”

Yun Tianshuang looked at Jiang Chen and asked coldly. Despite his speculation of Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen’s power was beyond his expectation. This forced him to pay a little more attention to this young man. But of course, in his opinion, killing a half-step Immortal Venerable wasn’t much of a big deal.

“Jiang Chen,” replied Jiang Chen plainly. He believed that the people of Great Cloud Empire wasn’t unfamiliar with his name.

Sure enough, after hearing Jiang Chen’s name, Yun Tianshuang’s eyes turned stern. As a commander, he knew a lot of things that had happened in Ethereal Immortal Domain. So despite Jiang Chen was only a late Immortal Emperor, he had brushed aside his underestimation for the young man. At the same time, an incomparably thick killing intent appeared on the surface of his body. Jiang Chen had been listed in the must-kill-list of Great Cloud Empire.

“You are Jiang Chen. It was you who killed the Seventh Prince.” Yun Tianshuang spoke in a gloomy tone.

“The Seventh Prince won’t be the only one that will die in my hands. You won’t be an exception, great commander,” said Jiang Chen flatly. He had already known how this war would end especially after confirming the identity of the three human devils.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, I know that you are arrogant, but there must be a limit to it. I reckon that you were the one instead of Yang Bufan who sent the declaration of war. I’ll kill you today, and avenge the people of Great Cloud Empire that died in your hands.” Yun Tianshuang laughed aloud. His qi of dominance intensified.

“What are you so confident about? Do you dare have a single combat with me?” suggested Jiang Chen with a smile.

A single combat?

Jiang Chen’s suggestion stunned Yun Tianshuang. He couldn’t have thought that this young man would suggest such a deadly way of combat. In his point of view, Jiang Chen should avoid fighting him given the young man’s low cultivation base while Jiu Wangye should be the one fighting him.

“Jiang Chen, what qualifies you, a puny Immortal Emperor, to have a single combat with our commander?” A man next to Yun Tianshuang bellowed.

“What a joke! Yun Tianshuang is your commander and Jiang Chen is our commander. Even I have to pay respect to him. Yun Tianshuang, if you are too afraid to accept the challenge, just admit it openly.”

Jiu Wangye retorted. He couldn’t bear watching their commander being looked down upon by others.  

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