Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1876

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The killing intent radiating from Yun Tianshuang became even thicker.


They must be kidding with him. Didn’t they know who he was? He’s the dignified commander of Great Cloud Empire, a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable, and one of the famous icons in Eastern Profound Domain. How could he be afraid of a puny Immortal Emperor? No matter how talented Jiang Chen was, he could never be powerful enough to fight him.

“Jiang Chen, I really have no idea why you’re rushing your death, but since you dare to challenge me, I’m going to accept it. Killing you is akin to eliminating a huge threat. After that, I’ll kill Jiu Wangye and Yang Bufan. Then, Great Qian Empire will fall into an irrecoverable state.” Yun Tianshuang shouted.

“Commander Yun, you talk too much. I’m afraid that you are merely fantasizing things that you won’t be able to see in your life.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. A wave of immense ancient force was emanated as his body trembled. Then, he turned into his dragon form, flew skywards and created a new battlefield with a flick of his arm.

Numerous people were still slightly shocked by Jiang Chen’s half-man-half-dragon form despite knowing it already. After all, hearing from others and witnessing with your own eyes was entirely different.

“What an incredible transformation technique! I can feel commander Jiang’s strength increasing by at least several times.”

“I’m afraid the increase is about tenfold. I have long heard that Jiang Chen had an incredible transformation technique that can boost his strength instantaneously. Finally, I’m able to witness it today, and right enough, it’s extraordinarily powerful. But the fact remains that our commander is just a late Immortal Emperor. I’m afraid that he’s still not a match for Yun Tianshuang.”

“Let’s not make such an early conclusion. I feel that commander Jiang must have a certain degree of confidence since he’s the one who initiated the single combat. At least, he must have some powerful trump card. Plus, do you all see that there isn’t the slightest bit of concern on the face of Jiu Wangye and King Fan?”

“Yes. The Emperor will never send a good-for-nothing commander. We just have to watch the battle. Perhaps, a miracle will happen.”


Although the soldiers of Great Qian Empire were still filled with concern, the composed look on Jiu Wangye’s and King Fan’s face relieved a portion of their worries. After all, the scene of Jiang Chen shattering a half-step Immortal Venerable just now had left a very deep impression in them, and made a part of them look forward to the battle with Yun Tianshuang.

“Yun Tianshuang, come up and fight me.”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed like thunder but the sound waves were quickly dispersed by the black wind blowing in the sky. Currently, he seemed as though he had become an imposing war god.

“Very well. I would like to see what gave you, a puny Immortal Emperor, the courage to fight me.”

Yun Tianshuang appeared opposite of Jiang Chen in a flash. He knew that even the Immortal Court wanted to kill Jiang Chen, so if he managed to get rid of Jiang Chen today, his reputation would surely skyrocket.


Jiang Chen wasted no time and attacked using the Azure Dragon Five Steps. This was the first True Dragon Combat Technique that he had gotten. As his cultivation base improved, the power of this technique also became stronger. One step was sufficient to amaze the Heavens and Earth and shatter the spatial law.

The first step was made, and an enormous crater was created in the void. Although he was merely a late Immortal Emperor, under the strength of his dragon form, he was enough to eradicate any ordinary intermediate Immortal Venerables and fight late Immortal Venerables.

“What a powerful step!”

Yun Tianshuang’s facial expression changed slightly. It seemed Jiang Chen’s strength was a lot more powerful than what he had imagined.


Jiang Chen made the second step, and another huge crater was produced in the void. When he reached the fourth step, he had arrived above the head of Yun Tianshuang.

“Scorching Sun Fist!”

Sensing the immense pressure from Jiang Chen, he was forced to launch out a powerful strike to defend himself.

*Hong Long……*

A golden punch as huge as the sun was thrust forward to meet Jiang Chen’s attack. The strong aura from the Scorching Sun Fist caused all the black wind above the mountain to disperse, allowing the true sunlight to shine at the mountain for the first time.

This was a combat technique Yun Tianshuang was proud of, a technique that had killed plenty of his opponents.

*Hong Long……*

However, Jiang Chen didn’t seem to put this scorching fist in his eyes. As the fourth step of Azure Dragon Five Steps landed violently on the scorching fist, terrifying energy immediately burst out. The void was torn apart, and a giant hole was formed. 

The sight of the two was enshrouded by the turbulent air current. Despite the raging waves of qi coming from all directions, they stood steadily like two giant mountains.

“Fifth step.”

After shattering the Scorching Sun Fist, Jiang Chen made the last step of Azure Dragon Five Steps. Every step was stronger than the previous, and the last step bore the total strength of all four steps.


Yun Tianshuang’s facial expression changed completely. He didn’t think that his horrifying Scorching Sun Fist couldn’t have any impact on Jiang Chen. This was too terrifying. How could there be such a heaven-defying bastard in the world? How was an Immortal Emperor able to exert such horrifying strength?

However, this wasn’t the time for him to feel surprised, because Jiang Chen’s attack was about to hit him. And this time, he could feel a distinct shudder in his soul. All along, Immortal Emperors were like insects to him, but now, he, a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable and a commander, was feeling a sense of threat from an Immortal Emperor.

*Hong Long……*

There wasn’t time for contemplation. With incredible speed, Yun Tianshuang struck out the powerful Scorching Sun Fist once more. The sun-like fist rushed forward and collided viciously with Jiang Chen’s fifth step.

*Hong Long……

This time, earth-shattering was no longer the appropriate word to describe the scene because even the sky seemed to be cracking. Under the gaze of countless people, Yun Tianshuang began to fall from the sky, came to a halt after falling 300 meters from above. He stood shakily with a pale face. 

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, drifted gently into their view. His qi was even greater than before. That was to say, not only was he not affected by Yun Tianshuang’s attack in the battle, but also gained the advantage over his opponent.

The crowd fell into silence when they took in the scene. Whether it was the army of Great Cloud Empire or Great Qian Empire, none of them could believe what they saw. 

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