Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1877

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“My Goodness! How could he be so powerful? How could a late Immortal Emperor have such tremendous combat strength? That’s the prominent Yun Tianshuang that he’s fighting.”

“He just suppressed Yun Tianshuang…this is a dream, isn’t it?”

“Haha! I didn’t expect commander Jiang to be this powerful. I finally understand why the Emperor appointed him as our commander. He’s a miracle to our empire. Not even Yun Tianshuang is a match for him. I’m now confident in winning this war.”

“It seems we have all underestimated the commander. He’s actually the most powerful of all even though he rarely fought any battle.”


The soldiers of Great Qian Empire were filled with delight. Some of them were even bouncing up and down due to excitement. In fact, they weren’t overreacting as they had been oppressed by Yun Tianshuang all this while. They all regarded him as a war-god-like figure because even their Great General Lu Sheng died in his hands, however none of them had thought that their belief would be broken by an Immortal Emperor.

It caused the overall morale of Great Qian Empire’s army to soar completely. This kind of boost was flawless. The power of the commander could often stimulate the fighting spirit of his underlings.

“How could this happen? Who exactly is that Jiang Chen? Why is he so horrifying? Even our commander isn’t a match for him.”

“This isn’t possible. Commander must have underestimated his opponent. It’s just an accident that Jiang Chen defeated commander.”

“That’s right. It has to be an accident. Look, the commander is furious now. Jiang Chen is finished. There’s a limit to the power of an Immortal Emperor.”


The reaction from the army of Great Cloud Empire was in contrast to the army of Great Qian Empire. Their faces had turned incomparably ugly. All along, they had regarded Yun Tianshuang as an invincible deity.

Such a situation had shocked even Jiu Wangye. As a matter of fact, he was filled with concerns the moment Jiang Chen began fighting Yun Tianshuang. After all, there was a significant gap between the two, and he knew how powerful Yun Tianshuang was.

In his opinion, it was already considered not bad if Jiang Chen could fight Yun Tianshuang to a draw. He didn’t expect Jiang Chen to defeat his opponent.

“Awesome! It seems I have underestimated Jiang Chen.” Jiu Wangye sighed.

“Ninth Uncle, Little Chen’s terror isn’t something you can imagine. That strike of his isn’t his most powerful attack.”

Yang Bufan said with a smile. As the Evil Lord, he rarely admired anyone. He was certain that there’s no other person that he admired beside Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen returned to the battlefield and stood opposite of Yun Tianshuang once more.

“So this is just how powerful the commander of Great Cloud Empire is. Given your strength, you think you are capable enough of avenging the death of your Seventh Prince? I have no idea where you have gotten your confidence from.”

Jiang Chen chided. He didn’t care even if his opponent was widely regarded as the war god in the army.

“Jiang Chen, I have indeed underestimated you. I have to admit that it’s a miracle that a late Immortal Emperor has such strength, but do you really think that this is just how powerful I am?”

Yun Tianshuang said coldly. After adjusting his state, powerful qi surged out of his body once again. As the commander, he couldn’t retreat. Once he did that, his reputation would be tarnished. He must regain the face he had lost. Only then could his position in the army remain unshakable.

“What else do you got? Display all of them.”

Jiang Chen spoke arrogantly. He gave Yun Tianshuang the chance to use his most powerful attack so that he could defeat him in front of everyone, and then crumble the overall morale of Great Cloud Empire’s army.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll show you my Great Slaughter Dragon Technique!”

Yun Tianshuang’s qi began to intensify. Countless rays of golden light rushed out of his body, forming a corporeal golden dragon. He grabbed the neck of the dragon and uttered incantations to it.

This was Yun Tianshuang’s unique technique, also his most powerful attack. It carried all the energy that was sufficient to destroy the Heavens and Earth.


Rumbling roars were issued from the dragon as it lunged in Jiang Chen’s direction.

“Yun Tianshuang, how dare you name this insignificant technique the Great Slaughter Dragon Techinique! You are tarnishing the name of the dragons. Today, I’ll show you what a true dragon technique is, Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen’s qi skyrocketed. Showing such a technique in front of Jiang Chen was akin to showing a low-level skill in front of an expert. There was no comparison between such a lowly technique and Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Combat Technique.


A violent slaughter dragon was struck out by Jiang Chen. Endless killing intent carrying formidable heavenly might was emanated from the dragon. Everyone could feel their heart trembling.

The Slaughter Dragon was too powerful. It was a dragon that had experienced the lightning tribulation and bore the strength of the heavenly Dao. With a gulp, it devoured the incorporeal golden dragon. 


Yun Tianshuang couldn’t help but exclaim. His eyes looked so red as though blood was seeping out of them. The combat technique that he was proud of was pulverised so effortlessly by Jiang Chen. This was too much of a blow for him to take.

*Hong Long……*

Nevertheless, the Slaughter Dragon Seal had yet to falter and collided into Yun Tianshuang while he was still in a state of shock.


A mouthful of blood was spurted out. Like a flying kite that had been detached from its string, Yun Tianshuang was sent flying away. Two Immortal Venerables of Great Cloud Empire hurried forward to hold their commander.

“Are you alright, Great Commander?”

Both of them looked at Yun Tianshuang with great concern. If something were to happen to him, they were afraid that they might have to retreat.

“It’s fine.”

Yun Tianshuang spurted out another mouthful of blood. He shook his head, his facial expression turning unpleasant. Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal had inflicted a severe injury on him, making him unable to continue the battle. He was utterly defeated. There was no way he could make a turnaround.

Countless gazes fell upon Jiang Chen. The defeat of Yun Tianshuang was definitely another miracle.

“Commander, commander, commander…….”

Thousands of soldiers of Great Qian Empire broke into a chant. They were so stirred that this was the only way they could express their excitement. 

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