Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1879

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Jiang Chen’s eyes were blazing. These three human devils were akin to nourishment to him. They were all intermediate Immortal Venerable human devils that had devil souls formed in their bodies. If he absorbed these three devil souls, his cultivation base would certainly advance to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm.

“What an arrogant kid! Don’t think you can defeat us as well just because you have defeated Yun Tianshuang. Brothers, let’s show this kid our abilities. We’ll torture him slowly. We’ll make him suffer.”

The human devil was full of cold killing intent. Like a true devil, a human devil was one of the most savage kind.

Cold and gloomy devil waves began to rush out of their bodies like torrents, enshrouding the battlefield and Jiang Chen.

One had to admit that the trio had already reached the point of seamless cooperation, which vastly improved their combat strength. This explained why they could kill a late Immortal Venerable. 

Unfortunately, such advantage was nothing in front of Jiang Chen.

“Kid, go to hell now!”

One of them bellowed. With a swoosh, he appeared before Jiang Chen and thrust a vicious devil claw at Jiang Chen.

The composed smile on Jiang Chen’s face indicated that he didn’t put his opponent in his eyes. Fiercely, he struck out a flaming fist comprised of four types of flames, which was the greatest deterrent to human devils.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

The instant the flames emerged, the surrounding devil qi began to burn away. The human devil that attacked just now could sense the terror of the flames, his facial expression changed dramatically. The qi of his gruesome devil claw diminished by half the moment it touched the flames.


Jiang Chen’s fist of flame smashed at the human devil with the speed of lightning. A wail was issued from the human devil before he was sent flying away, a mouthful of black blood was spewed out.

“How is this possible?”

“No good. This bastard possesses a flame that can suppress our strength. The power of the flame even made my soul tremble.”

“Dammit! This bastard can severely restrain our origin. There’s no way we can fight him.”

The countenance of the three human devils changed completely. They didn’t know the origin of the flame, but they could distinctly feel that under the suppression of the flame, they could only exert half of their combat strength.

“That’s awesome, Commander Jiang! I can’t believe that you have actually wounded one of them!”

The army of Great Qian Empire was filled with commotion. Jiang Chen brought them another visual shock. These triplets were their biggest concerns until they witnessed how Jiang Chen was able to restrain them.

Yang Bufan sighed on the other hand. He had grown numb to the surprise brought by Jiang Chen’s abilities. After being with him for a period of time, he had realised that nothing was impossible to Jiang Chen.

“Don’t waste time with this man. His power is beyond ordinary,” said Yun Tianshuang gloomily.

“Haha! The three of you are merely insects in front of me. Just show me whatever you got.” Jiang Chen laughed sneeringly.

The three of them exchanged a glance with one another and saw the concern in each other’s eyes. Indeed, they couldn’t ignore the power of Jiang Chen’s flame. Perhaps this battle would be even harder compared to their fight against a late Immortal Venerable. They must use their ultimate technique.

“The Lost Illusion!”

They shouted and twisted their bodies. All of a sudden, the void was filled with their afterimages. A wave of dark qi had obscured the battlefield. 

In just a matter of a few blinks, the battlefield became an enclosed zone filled with variegated brilliance as though one had entered a different world.

“This is a powerful illusion technique. Anyone who enters it will certainly lose oneself. Which also made the attacks of the human devils extremely hard to deal with. It seems this was what caused Great General Lu Sheng to lose his life.”

A grim expression was immediately displayed on Jiu Wangye’s face when he saw the illusion. With his eyesight, he naturally could discern the scariness of this illusion. He was certain that he would die the instant he was trapped in such a technique.

The corner of Yun Tianshuang’s mouth curled into a smirk. He knew all too well how terrifying this illusion was. He had basically confirmed Jiang Chen’s death the moment Jiang Chen was enveloped by the illusion. This was also the illusion where Lu Sheng died.

Inside the Lost Illusion, Jiang Chen looked around and saw the constant flashing of lights, and his favorite paths that seemed to have no end. He could feel his heart gaining weight in this new world.

“*Jie…* *Jie…*”

The gruesome laughter of the three human devils was issued from different directions and their images could be seen everywhere, but most of these images were fake except for three.

“Kid, you will soon be lost in here, and that’s when you will die.”

One of their voices sank deep into Jiang Chen’s soul.

“Trying to delude me with your illusion? You all are still far from capable of doing that. Your mere Lost Illusion is no match for my Great Illusion Realm.”

Jiang Chen showed a face of contempt. Although this illusion seemed pretty formidable, it could be broken as easily as a paper by Jiang Chen’s Great Illusion Realm.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

Multi-coloured qis were flowing out of Jiang Chen’s body continuously. Very quickly, these qis combined with the Lost Illusion to form a new illusion.

Soon, the Great Illusion Realm was fully formed and enshrouded the Lost Illusion, causing tremendous changes to take place. The Lost Illusion began to collapse. Only now did the human devils realized that the illusion had changed and that they had lost control of their own illusion.

“Impossible! How is this bastard able to control the Lost Illusion without arousing our notice?”

One of the human devils was shocked as though he had seen the scariest thing in the world.

“This isn’t right Big Brother. The Lost Illusion is gone. We have entered his illusion, instead. What an incredible technique! He has broken our illusion stealthily.”

Another one of the trio exclaimed. They absolutely couldn’t accept this fact.

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