Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1881

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The entire army rushed forward. The windstorm created by their collective combat and killing intent blew away all the lingering black air above the mountain. The soldiers in the enemy force were startled by the aggression of the army, and felt compelled to back away.

“Retreat! Now!”

Yun Tianshuang cried in alarm. As a commander who had fought hundreds of wars, he had discerned that it was no longer possible to turn the tables on their favor. The only thing they could do in the face of the tigerish army was to back away so that they could minimize their casualties, or else they would be wiped out.

Unfortunately, it was already too late to retreat at this time. Jiang Chen had already enshrouded the whole place with the massive Five Elemental Sphere. Thousands of soldiers of Great Cloud Empire were now trapped in his domain.

“Ninth Uncle, leave Yun Tianshuang to me. You go and deal with the other Immortal Venerables. We’ll eradicate every one of them today.”

Yang Bufan’s strands of hair fluttered in the air, his combat sword was aimed at Yun Tianshuang before he lunged forward.


Jiu Wangye took Yang Bufan’s order without another word as he knew how much this would impact Yang Bufan’s prestige. This was also why Jiang Chen didn’t kill Yun Tianshuang straightaway after eradicating the three human devils.

Yang Bufan’s combat strength had obtained his recognition when Yang Bufan killed Old Man Tian Kui. Now that Yun Tianshuang was severely injured which greatly reduced his combat strength, Jiu Wangye wouldn’t worry letting Yang Bufan fight Yun Tianshuang.


Screams were issued consecutively. The well-trained army of Great Cloud Empire broke ranks and was in shambles. Due to their faltering morale, they simply couldn’t handle such a large-scale battle.

Although there were plenty of Immortal Venerables in the enemy camp, none of them was a match for Jiu Wangye except for Yun Tianshuang. Currently, Yang Bufan was tangled with Yun Tianshuang while Jiu Wangye was fighting those Immortal Venerables.

Jiang Chen had returned to his human form, and was hovering in the sky. His face was cold and detached as he looked down at the fierce battles.

This was war and reality. There wasn’t victory or defeat, only life or death. He didn’t have the slightest pity for the enemies because he knew very well that if he were to die in the hands of the three human devils, Yun Tianshuang certainly wouldn’t let the soldiers of Great Qian Empire go.

He didn’t have to make any move except standing here because his presence radiated a kind of pressure that suppresed the spirits of every soldier of Great Cloud Empire, and increase the morale of the army of Great Qian Empire.

However this didn’t mean he was idle. His qi was still rising towards the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. When the number of dragon marks was about to hit 1.45 million to break through to the next realm, he suddenly realised that he didn’t have sufficient Immortal Meta Stones.


He couldn’t help but curse. His Immortal Meta Stones were almost exhausted while he was still in Monarch Mountain, but he had forgotten about this matter after that. Without enough Immortal Meta Stones, his advancement would end up in failure.

“Jiu Wangye, King Fan, give me all your Immortal Meta Stones now!”

Jiang Chen’s divine sense reached Jiu Wangye and King Fan’s ears in an instant. Although stunned, they immediately understood why Jiang Chen needed those stones, and each of them hurled up one storage ring without hesitation at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen hastily opened the rings and discovered mountainous Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones in it, which relieved him.

“These Immortal Meta Stones are enough.”

Jiang Chen wiped the cold sweat off his face. He had truly made a mistake this time. Fortunately, he had rich experts like Jiu Wangye and King Fan this time. If he were with someone else, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get enough Immortal Meta Stones.

The Immortal Meta Stones given by the two were even enough to help him break through to the Immortal Venerable realm.

*Hong Long Long……*

The Qi Sea of Jiang Chen was rolling like a thunderstorm. The cultivation realm was broken through with the large supply of Immortal Meta Stones.

At this moment, the number of dragon marks in his body reached 1 450 000, the threshold to break through to the next realm. The process of advancing from the Immortal Emperor realm to half-step Immortal Venerable realm was extremely difficult due to the bottleneck that existed between the two realms, but Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill allowed him to leap over this barrier fluently.

His white robe was fluttering freely as he stood leisurely in the sky, wearing an indistinct smile, and looking relatively delighted. This had been one of his purposes in coming here. Now that he had killed the three human devils and had advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, he would be able to provide greater help to Nangong Wentian when he arrived at Fengchi Immortal Domain.

The situation below was incomparably intense. As the massive battlefield had been covered by Jiang Chen’s domain, he had become the master of this space and could eradicate all the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire with a wave of Eternal Immortal Wind at will.

However, he didn’t choose to do so because he didn’t have to. This situation would continue to strengthen the morale of the army of Great Qian Empire. As long as he didn’t remove the Five Elemental Sphere, none of the enemies would be able to escape.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Shrill cries continued to resound. This desolate mountain had been turned into a land of death. The soldiers of Great Cloud Empire were too vulnerable to resist.


On the other side, Yang Bufan slashed his sword, cutting off an arm of Yun Tianshuang.

“Yun Tianshuang, you have nowhere to run.”

Yang Bufan spoke coldly. For a figure like Yun Tianshuang, Yang Bufan was supposed to apprehend him and take him back to the Imperial Capital to be judged by the Emperor, but now, he had decided to kill Yun Tianshuang for a simple reason – because Lu Sheng was also killed in the battlefield. It was only fair to Lu Sheng that Yun Tianshuang also died in battle.

Yun Tianshuang was ashen-faced. He had never thought that he would lose so thoroughly. He had lost his reputation, army, and eventually, he would lose his life. He knew that there was no way he could run away from this predicament.   

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