Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1885

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It was like a hot knife cutting through butter, the army of Great Qian Empire was irresistible. It was like the end of the world to the soldiers who were guarding the conquered cities, the peace and lives of the people in the cities weren’t affected, however.

The army didn’t kill the innocent. Plus, any soldier who surrendered to them, as long as they weren’t a family member of Yun Family, would be accepted.

This time, Great Cloud Empire was completely taken aback by the attack. Not even the Emperor Yun Tianzun had expected this. In his point of view, Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan should have spent their time resting after killing Yun Tianshuang and reclaiming their cities. He never thought that they would take the initiative to launch an attack.

Furthermore, the movement of Jiang Chen’s army was just too fast for them to catch up.

The next day, Jiang Chen’s army had already conquered half of Great Cloud Empire. Everyone in Great Cloud Empire was shaken as such an event was too unprecedented.

Not just the people of Great Cloud Empire who were dumbfounded, but also the people of Great Qian Empire. No one had thought that Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan would have such audacity. Judging by their actions, they seemed determined to annihilate the entire Great Cloud Empire in one fell swoop.

However, such a dangerous act was worrisome.

Back in the main hall of the palace in Great Qian Empire!

“They have too much nerve to attack the enemy empire with just a single army! Jiu Wangye should have stopped Jiang Chen and King Fan from making such an impulsive move.”

“Yeah! This is definitely a big deal. Jiang Chen has already conquered half of the territory of Great Cloud Empire, and will soon reach the imperial palace. This is an unprecedented victory for us, but it’s incredibly dangerous to fight the empire with only a single army. I heard that there’s a formidable half-step Sovereign in Great Cloud Empire.”

“Emperor, you have to stop Jiang Chen and King Fan from making further attacks at once.”


Everyone was truly taken aback by such an astonishing feat. 

Many of them began to ask the Emperor to order Jiang Chen to withdraw the army. Of course, some of them felt that the foundation that had been laid down by Jiang Chen couldn’t be lost, or else it would severely hurt the morale of the army. And once the morale dropped, it would be hard to boost it up again. The soldiers might even begin to lose confidence in the Imperial Capital.

“I’m afraid it’s impossible for them to withdraw now, however, I believe that Jiang Chen must have his own reasons for doing so. What we have to do now is to send reinforcements to support them. There must be a conclusion between this war anyhow. It doesn’t matter if this day  arrived sooner.”

A hint of resoluteness appeared in Yang Yu’s eyes. Since Jiang Chen had started the war, he might as well go with the flow.

Just as he was about to sent experts to support Jiang Chen, a spiritual talisman flew in from the void, and landed precisely on his hand.

He opened the talisman and frowned.

“Emperor, is it news from Jiang Chen?” Someone asked.

“That’s right. It’s a spiritual talisman sent personally by Jiang Chen. He wants us to stay in the Imperial Capital and send no help to him,” said Yang Yu.

“What? No help? Isn’t Jiang Chen being overly confident?”

“I’m confident in Brother Jiang Chen. He was able to defeat Yun Tianshuang while being only a mere late Immortal Emperor. Now that he has already reached the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, his power will be even greater.”

“Be it as it may, I’m afraid Brother Jiang Chen isn’t powerful enough to deal with a half-step Sovereign.”

“Don’t decide so quickly. Do you know how many miracles Jiang Chen had created? The half-step Sovereign in Great Cloud Empire is a human devil, and Jiang Chen has the means to restrain devils, which explained why he dared to advance towards the enemy territory. I believe that Jiang Chen won’t do anything that’s completely uncertain.”


Each of these experts expressed different views. In any case, what Jiang Chen was going to do would be earth-shaking.

“Just listen to Brother Chen.” Yan Chenyu, who had been silent the whole time, spoke.

“Miss Yan, we are all worried about Jiang Chen,” one of them said.

“Don’t worry. As Brother Chen has just advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm, he needed to challenge a half-step Sovereign to test his power. Besides, he hasn’t failed any challenge he has taken up, and has even created numerous miracles. And I naturally won’t let Brother Chen suffer any harm. Should Brother Chen face any difficulty during the battle, I will go and give him a hand. It’ll only take an instant for me to reach there.”

Yan Chenyu spoke. She was indeed the person in the world who truly understood Jiang Chen, and was able to precisely guess the intention of Jiang Chen. Also, her confidence in Jiang Chen was beyond people’s imagination.

Everyone nodded in agreement, no longer worrying over Jiang Chen. They all knew Yan Chenyu’s capability pretty well. With the formidable reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin observing the war, nothing could go wrong.

Presently, everyone began to look forward to Jiang Chen bringing Yang Bufan to create another miracle.

Meanwhile, in the palace of Great Cloud Empire!


Yun Tianzun was infuriated and smashed his own dragon chair with his palm.

“That damned Jiang Chen! I wonder who has given him such courage! He has conquered nearly half of my territory in just two days, and will soon reach our capital! How can we allow that to happen?”

Yun Tianzun felt as though he was going crazy as he had never seen such a bold and arrogant person. Judging by Jiang Chen’s actions, it seemed as though they regarded Great Cloud Empire as their prey, which was a huge insult to the Emperor, Yun Tianzun.

“We can’t let that kid continue to be this arrogant. At this rate, we’ll lose all the face of Yun Family.”

A late Immortal Venerable elder stood out. He was the supreme elder of Great Cloud Empire, a senior expert that had never interfered in the affairs of the empire, but now that the empire was in a state of crisis, he felt compelled to step in.

“Elder is right. It’s time to eradicate Jiang Chen,” said Yun Tianzun through gritted teeth.

“I’ll go capture that kid and bring him back for Sir Extermination to execute.” Then, the supreme elder vanished.

Yun Tianzhun clenched his fists, and swore that he would never let Jiang Chen die a swift death if Jiang Chen was really brought back here. He must ensure that Jiang Chen was tortured till death.

He was incredibly confident in the supreme elder’s capability, and was sure that Jiang Chen would be captured. 

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