Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1887

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“No way! How could this youth be so powerful?”

The supreme elder was unable to calm down. He hadn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes since the beginning. Although Jiang Chen’s growth was a concern, he didn’t expect that Jiang Chen had grown to the extent where he was powerful enough to influence the fate of Great Cloud Empire, and that he, who was a senior expert, wasn’t even a match for Jiang Chen.

No, he still didn’t think that he wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen. His mighty confidence told him that it was merely an accident since he had taken his enemy lightly.

“So, this is just how powerful the supreme elder of Great Cloud Empire is. Since you have come here to die, I’ll send you to accompany Yun Tianshuang. I have said that I will kill whoever that comes to confront me. You won’t be lonely after you die. More of your comrades will join you after that,” said Jiang Chen coolly. 

Although he had just advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm, he had gained a better understanding of his combat strength after the match. He knew that he wouldn’t have a problem at all dealing with this late Immortal Venerable.

“Jiang Chen, you are being too proud. I will show you how terrifying the true strength of a late Immortal Venerable is.”

Killing intent soared from the supreme elder. He was still at his peak form. That exchange just now didn’t have any impact on him.

He launched out both palms, dazzling brilliance shone from them. A giant golden palm appeared all of a sudden in the sky. The power it bore this time was so much greater.

“Boundless Palm, the unique combat technique of Great Cloud Empire?”

Recognizing the attack of the supreme elder, Jiang Chen spoke with a smile. He didn’t seem concerned at all despite the power of his opponent.

“You know the Boundless Palm?” The supreme elder obviously didn’t expect Jiang Chen to  know the technique at first glance.

“Yun Zhangxiao had once used it in front of me, but it’s a pity that he still died in the end.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Back in Golden Horizon, Yun Zhangxiao had used this same technique to fight him, but due to Yun Zhangxiao being too weak, the technique wasn’t able to harm Jiang Chen in the slightest.

“Kid, go to hell now! It’s your honour that you are able to die under the Boundless Palm!”

The mention of Yun Zhangxiao infuriated the supreme elder. His killing intent escalated. Jiang Chen’s hands had been stained with the blood of Yun Family and he must eliminate Jiang Chen in revenge of those who died.

*Hong Long……*

Combined with fury and murderous intent, the power of the Boundless Palm intensified. The palm grew so big that it obscured a part of the sky. After sealing off the battlefield and locking on Jiang Chen’s qi, it flew right towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly. Despite his indifference to the attack, he couldn’t deny the difference between the supreme elder’s and Yun Zhangxiao’s attacks.

This was the real Boundless Palm.

*Hua La!*

Jiang Chen performed a gesture with both palms. A dazzling golden dragon seal spiraled out into view in an instant.

It was the Golden Dragon Seal, the most powerful seal among the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals. The power of the Golden Dragon Seal became stronger every time his cultivation base advanced. 

Immediately after casting the skill, the dragon grew to more than 300 meters in size, turning into a lifelike golden dragon. Its roar rumbled across the sky. The golden light emanated from it outshone all the light in the world. Even the light from the Boundless Palm had become inconspicuous in front of the Golden Dragon Seal.

The dragon opened its maw and charged at the Boundless Palm, and at the same time, enormous qi waves spread across the area.

As the body of the dragon was completely condensed out of horrifying energy, any energy that spilled out of it was immensely destructive. 

*Hong Long……*  

Under countless gazes, the Golden Dragon Seal collided violently with the Boundless Palm, setting off infinite waves of qi and golden brilliance so blinding that many of them had to cover their eyes with their hands to prevent them from being hurt.

It was too powerful and astounding. Whether it was the Golden Dragon Seal or the Boundless Palm, both were formidable and fatal attacks, but when comparing the two, one skill clearly fell behind to the other and the power of the skill was directly linked to the one who launched it.

The collision in this round was much fiercer than the previous. Any ordinary battlefield would have collapsed at this point, but because Jiang Chen had enveloped the battlefield with the Five Elemental Sphere, the battlefield became relatively sturdier. At least, it had yet to break.


The supreme elder clearly wasn’t as lucky this time. He was rebounded by the Golden Dragon Seal several dozen meters away before he could stabilize himself. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, his breathing and qi became unsteady. In other words, the strike had inflicted an injury on him.

Jiang Chen on the other side was still looking as robust, his qi was even stronger than before.

As he was a combat fanatic, he would only get more excited the more he fought.

“Haha! Again!”

Jiang Chen laughed wildly and made a step forward using the Great Void Technique. In a flash, he appeared in front of the supreme elder. Before the supreme elder regained his senses from the previous shock, another Golden Dragon Seal was thrust forward.

*Hong Long……*

The immense energy produced by the Golden Dragon Seal slammed heavily against the supreme elder’s body. Despite the supreme elder’s quick reaction, he still wasn’t able to dodge the strike. Given the injuries he had just suffered, it was imaginable that his condition would worsen even if he didn’t die; he wouldn’t be capable of fighting anymore.  

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