Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1891

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*Hong Long……*

A thunderous explosion was triggered by the Old Emperor’s qi. An abnormal shape was formed, and gradually becoming a brutal and horrifying lion.

The surface of its body was burning with steaming flames. The energy contained in its body was ancient and immense enough to destroy a portion of the heavens. It seemed as though it had come to life. Fire was breathing out of its maw as it charged towards Jiang Chen.

In response, Jiang Chen also moved, striking out the horrifying Golden Dragon Seal. He was crystal clear of his current combat strength after his battle with the supreme elder. A Late Immortal Venerable like the Old Emperor was definitely not a match for him. No matter how powerful the enemy’s combat technique might be, it wouldn’t be able to resist the Golden Dragon Seal.


The golden dragon rolled. Both beasts collided with one another in the most ferocious way.

*Hong Long……*

The heavens and earth shook. Countless people were shaken. The scorching sun in the sky was obscured. The golden light emanated from the collision was even brighter than the sunlight. Destructive energy spread across the area.

In the eyes of countless people, the Old Emperor’s lion was destroyed by the golden dragon. Receiving incredible backlash, he was sent several dozen meters away and spurted out blood. He had lost the battle.


“Why is this bastard so powerful? Not even a late Immortal Venerable is a match for him?”

“F***! This son of a b***h is simply a deviant. His speed of growth is just too fast. Why did we not kill him back then at all costs, which had given him the room to grow, turning him into a huge bane.”

“Fortunately, we still have a half-step Sovereign in our camp, otherwise, one Jiang Chen is enough to wipe us out.”


The scene unsettled every expert of the Great Cloud Empire. By now, every one of them believed that the supreme elder had really died in the hands of Jiang Chen. The defeat of the Old Emperor was already sufficient to explain everything.

Yun Tianzun clenched his fists, his face seemed to be extremely unpleasant. This wasn’t what he wished to see. The last doubt he had about the supreme elder’s death had vanished.

Venerable Extermination couldn’t help but frown, changing the way he looked at Jiang Chen. Even though he still didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, he couldn’t help but admit that Jiang Chen was the most heaven-defying genius he had ever seen.

Undoubtedly, the Old Emperor was the one who was most taken aback. He had been denying the fact that Jiang Chen had killed the supreme elder. After losing the fight, there was nothing else he could say besides sighing, and admitting that Jiang Chen’s speed of growth was indeed way too fast.

*Hua La!*

Suddenly, the Five Elemental Sphere spread like torrents, instantly closing up the battlefield. The next moment, using the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen vanished out of sight and appeared right in front of the Old Emperor, the Heavenly Saint Sword heading towards the forehead of the Old Emperor.

“Not good.”

The Old Emperor was terrified. He had never thought that Jiang Chen would act so quickly right after he was defeated. He now understood that Jiang Chen wasn’t going to give him a chance to escape.

“No! Sir Extermination! The Old Emperor is in danger!”

Yun Tianzun was startled. If Old Emperor was killed, Great Cloud Empire’s loss would be unimaginable.

Venerable Extermination turned into a cloud of black smoke and rushed towards the battlefield. Horrifying qi of half-step Sovereign radiated from him, sealing the entire battlefield in an instant.

He also didn’t think that Jiang Chen would go for the kill so quickly, but he was still confident in saving the Old Emperor from Jiang Chen’s grip.

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. It was already too late to stop him right now.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen’s movement seemed to have gone beyond the concept of time. With Jiang Chen being at such a close distance, and under the suppression of the Five Elemental Sphere, not even a true Sovereign would be able to rescue the man from Jiang Chen’s grip. 


The icy cold sword went straight through the spot between the Old Emperor’s brows, the tip of the sword came out from the other side.

“Son of a b****!”

Furiously, Venerable Extermination brandished his walking stick, waving out a ray of black cold light.

At lightning speed, Jiang Chen withdrew his sword and dodged the attack effortlessly using the Great Void Technique. He appeared 300 meters away from his opponent, and removed his domain.

Venerable Extermination held the Old Emperor in his hands, but the Old Emperor was no longer alive.


A wave of fury surged out from his body as he hovered in the sky. He was full of anger right now, and felt that all his face was lost. Although he didn’t care about the death of the Old Emperor, he had guaranteed the safety of Old Emperor. 

“Old Emperor!”

The people of Great Cloud Empire bellowed, their eyes turned unusually red. The Old Emperor had been killed before them. They had lost two late Immortal Venerables just like that. 

“Kill him! Jiang Chen must be killed in revenge for the Old Emperor’s death!”

“This son of a b**** made us lose so much! As long as he isn’t killed, those dead comrades of ours won’t be able to rest in peace.”


Their resentment towards Jiang Chen rose to the maximum, but at the same time, there was also a thick fear at the bottom of their hearts. Jiang Chen’s might had frightened them despite their determination to kill Jiang Chen. They knew very well that there was only Venerable Extermination who could kill Jiang Chen.

“Sir Extermination. Please eliminate him!”

Yun Tianzun shouted aloud. He didn’t blame Venerable Extermination for the death of Old Emperor as the situation happened too quickly. No one thought that Jiang Chen would launch an attack at that moment, and his speed was unbelievably fast. Not even Venerable Extermination was fast enough to stop him.

Venerable Extermination wasn’t going to let Jiang Chen live even without the urge of Yun Tianzun. He must let Jiang Chen die an extremely miserable way. He had innumerable means that could make Jiang Chen suffer endless pain before his death. In short, he wouldn’t let Jiang Chen die easily.

“Kid, how would you like to die?”

Venerable Extermination looked over at Jiang Chen, a gloomy light shone continuously from his walking stick which was clearly an unusual Immortal Weapon or a Devil Weapon.

“Die? Isn’t it too soon to decide who will die now?”

Jiang Chen smiled. Apart from combat intent, he showed no sign of fear and tension.

The army of Great Qian Empire suddenly fell into silence. Normally, they should be cheering after the Old Emperor was killed. Instead of feeling delighted, each of them was wearing a tensed look. They were all worried if Jiang Chen could really fight the half-step Sovereign.

“Kid, you aren’t thinking about having a fight with me, are you?”

Venerable Extermination stared at Jiang Chen, somewhat surprised. He could hear it from Jiang Chen’s tone that Jiang Chen wanted to fight him. He simply couldn’t figure out where Jiang Chen had gotten such confidence to fight a formidable half-step Sovereign.

“You’re right. I want to fight you, a half-step Sovereign. Did you ever think about what if you’re the one who dies?”

Jiang Chen began to adjust his qi. In his opinion, fighting a half-step Sovereign was a tremendously challenging thing.


Venerable Extermination burst into wild laughter as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Go ahead and try it then, kid. I really would like to know where you have gotten your confidence from.”

Despite the fact that battling a half-step Immortal Venerable wasn’t an honourable thing, he was eager to know how this arrogant kid was going to fight him.

“Very well.”

Jiang Chen moved, striking out the powerful Fire Dragon Seal. Its horrifying flames caused the temperature around to rise.


The fire dragon roared and charged at Venerable Extermination.


Finally, there was a slight change of expression in the face of Venerable Extermination. As Jiang Chen didn’t display his flames while fighting the Old Emperor, he had no idea that Jiang Chen possessed such powerful flames. As the fire dragon rushed in his direction, he could feel the devil qi in his body stirring, as if they had encountered their natural enemy.

“Dammit! How did he have such an incredible flame? I can only exert half of my combat strength in front of such flame.”

Venerable Extermination couldn’t help but curse. He wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen actually had the means to restrain his power.

“Humph! Kid, you think you can fight me just because you have the flame that can suppress me? What a joke! Even though I can only exert half of my strength, it’s still sufficient to kill you.”

Venerable Extermination harrumphed coldly. He was taken aback by the flame but that didn’t arouse his fear. He was still very confident in his half-step Sovereign cultivation base.

As a matter of fact, just like what Venerable Extermination had said, a half-step Sovereign that could only exert half of his strength was enough to deal with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had thought of this before, but the reason he still chose to fight this opponent was because of the illusion technique.

What he needed to do now was to force his opponent to use his Lost Illusion Technique. 

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