Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1893

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“Jiang Chen, you think you can fight me by just dodging?!” Venerable Extermination roared.

“Why are you so angry? This only means that you aren’t capable enough.”

Jiang Chen’s mocking tone stung Venerable Extermination’s self-esteem once more. He had utterly lost his face today, from the moment Jiang Chen killed the Old Emperor in front of him until now when he still couldn’t take Jiang Chen down. Even with his composure as a half-step Sovereign, he began to find it unbearable and wanted very badly to shred Jiang Chen to pieces, however he couldn’t even touch the sleeve of Jiang Chen.

Despite already sealing the entire battlefield with his half-step Sovereign qi, Jiang Chen was still able to soar like a dragon, appearing on different location at any time. That kind of terrifying movement technique made him angry and also speechless.

An incident like this was no doubt unprecedented, and stifling to a half-step Sovereign.

“Kid, you don’t have to be arrogant. When I said I’ll kill you, I’ll surely kill you. I’m going to ensure that you die very tragically after this.”

Venerable Extermination wasted no time. Wisps of black air rushed out of his body, spreading across silently to every corner of the battlefield. He had never thought that he would need to use the Lost Illusion Technique to deal with a mere half-step Immortal Venerable.

This was the trump card he was proudest of. He had lost count of the number of experts that had lost in his illusion realm, and ended up as his prey. He believed that as long as he trapped Jiang Chen in the illusion realm, Jiang Chen would be finished.

Despite the Lost Illusion Technique being extremely stealthy, it still couldn’t escape Jiang Chen’s senses.

“You are using it at last.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smirk. Instead of feeling fearful, he appeared to be unusually excited. He had been using the guerrilla tactic against his opponent, waiting for this moment to come, because he had almost no chance of victory if Venerable Extermination didn’t use the illusion technique.

Although Jiang Chen’s Great Illusion Realm was more powerful compared to the Lost Illusion Technique, it was undoubtedly impossible to trap Venerable Extermination with it. After all, Venerable Extermination wasn’t a fool. Not only would he not be able to trap Venerable Extermination, but also receive the backlash from his illusion realm, the consequences would be severe.

But when Venerable Extermination cast the illusion realm first, the scenario would become entirely different. One should know that once one’s illusion realm failed to harm one’s opponent, it would hurt the caster instead. Once the Lost Illusion was broken and replaced by Jiang Chen’s Great Illusion, Venerable Extermination would surely suffer an incredible backlash which would severely affect his combat strength.

At that time, Jiang Chen would be able to silently gain control of the illusion realm. The injured Venerable Extermination would be trapped within the illusion. Then, Jiang Chen would launch all of his means to turn the tide.

This was Jiang Chen’s perfect plan, and everything had been moving according to his plan. From the instant Venerable Extermination cast the Lost Illusion Realm, he was bound to lose its control to Jiang Chen.

Wisps of illusory current drifted on the battlefield. Venerable Extermination was very careful in casting out the illusion technique out for fear that Jiang Chen would sense it, and escape.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, acted the way Venerable Extermination had expected. He continued to strike out the Fire Dragon Seal and didn’t seem to be aware of the qi of the illusion realm at all.

“Kid, I’m going to let you be arrogant for a while. Soon, I’ll let you taste the terror of my illusion realm and die a graveless death.” A malicious smile was plastered on Venerable Extermination’s face as if Jiang Chen had already become his prey.

Very quickly, the Lost Illusion Technique was fully cast out, turning the whole battlefield into an illusion. Within the illusion, Venerable Extermination vanished out of sight, and black paths that seemed like the passageways to death appeared. The place had turned into a dark world, boundless and gloomy.

“*Jie…* *Jie…* Jiang Chen kid, welcome to my Lost Illusion. I’m the absolute ruler in here. Your death is certain today. But since you have a very unusual movement technique, I would like to see how you can escape from here.” Venerable Extermination’s voice reverberated from different directions, and fell into Jiang Chen’s ears.

“Extermination, you think that this is enough to trap me to death? How naïve?!” Jiang Chen spoke aloud, the flames in his body soaring.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you because you don’t deserve that privilege. I’ll wait until you lose yourself, and suffer horrendous pain before killing you.”

Venerable Extermination spoke in a smug tone. He felt elated, as though all the stifled feelings he felt earlier had vanished. Now he had become the one who controlled Jiang Chen’s fate.

Jiang Chen smiled but remained silent. The situation was precisely what he had wished for. Now, he could place all his focus on the Great Illusion Realm.

Rays of light exited his body and spread across the area, however it didn’t alarm Venerable Extermination. 

In Venerable Extermination’s opinion, Jiang Chen was merely finding ways to get out of his illusion realm. As a matter of fact, even if he knew that Jiang Chen was casting out some kind of illusion technique, he wouldn’t stop him because he was very confident in his Lost Illusion Technique.

Although Jiang Chen had acquired the Illusion Heart Sutra from an insignificant figure, it had been a very mysterious and profound sutra. Even now, it still had tremendous room for advancement. He speculated that this was a supreme illusion technique that had been passed down eons ago. And the Great Illusion Realm always came in handy.

Like the other combat techniques, illusion techniques were divided by its level and quality. Take flames for example, there was no way ordinary flames could be compared to the True Dragon Fire, a type of flame that consisted of supreme Yang. If an ordinary flame like the beast fire met the True Dragon Fire, it would be a one-sided suppression.

The same goes to the illusion techniques. The Great Illusion Technique was like the True Dragon Fire, and the Lost Illusion Technique was like the beast fire. The moment the Great Illusion Realm emerged, the Lost Illusion Technique would shrink due to its inferiority, allowing the Great Illusion Realm to destroy it unnoticeably, and take its place.

The process was fast and silent. He was afraid that it would already be too late when Venerable Extermination sensed the problem.

The multi-colored brilliance grew brighter. Venerable Extermination suddenly realized that something had changed in his Lost Illusion. It had become completely different from before. Those dark paths had disappeared, and turned into colorful radiance. He felt as though he was stepping into a dreamlike world.

“What’s going on?”

He shook his head with force and to his surprise, Jiang Chen vanished. He had been trapped at the center of an illusion realm.

“Extermination, so this is just how mediocre your Lost Illusion is.” Jiang Chen’s voice made Venerable Extermination’s eardrums tremble.


Venerable Extermination spurted out a mouthful of blood. The collapse of his illusion realm inflicted him a backlash and injury. He looked around and discovered that this place was no longer his Lost Illusion, but a new illusion realm instead.

“Jiang Chen, what have you done? How could you break my Lost Illusion Technique?” Venerable Extermination was completely shocked. Such an outcome was simply unacceptable.

“Humph! Extermination, I have broken your Lost Illusion silently with my Great Illusion Realm. You are now trapped in my illusion realm. Enjoy the sensation of death.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, his voice traveling in the void like a specter. At this point in time, he had absolute certainty in dealing with Venerable Extermination.


A fire dragon appeared out of nowhere and emerged above the head of Venerable Extermination in an instant. Venerable Extermination was greatly alarmed. Everything here had changed. He had to devote a part of his energy to deal with the influence caused by the Great Illusion Realm while resisting the stealthy attacks of Jiang Chen.


Innumerable fire dragons appeared simultaneously. A ray of white light shot towards Venerable Extermination like the brightest light in the world.

“What’s that?”

Venerable Extermination exclaimed. He sensed fear as if the light was the scariest thing in the heavens and earth. 

Jiang Chen had launched out all the three means - the edifying light, the Great Illusion Realm, and the supreme flames. Under the influence of these attacks, the half-step Sovereign began to lose his composure.

In fact, Venerable Extermination’s current condition was pretty bad. Not only had his combat strength been restrained, but also his mind was disturbed and his body had been severely injured due to the backlash. He had lost all the calmness and arrogance he had at the beginning.

The edifying light, in particular, had the greatest impact on him. Its deterrent effect was even greater than the flames. He could already feel that as soon as he let his guard down, that light would enter his body.

“Nine Phantom Wolves! Die now, Venerable Extermination!”

Jiang Chen appeared and cast the Nine Phantom Wolves. For an instant, the whole spatial zone was filled with his images, giving Venerable Extermination a hard time focusing. If Venerable Extermination was in his peak form, he wouldn’t mind even if Jiang Chen used the Nine Phantom Wolves, but with his current state, he was unable to determine the true Jiang Chen at first glance. 

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