Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1894

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Venerable Extermination was completely at a loss. Jiang Chen’s unending means had helped him gain a new understanding that there was actually such a monstrous existence in the world.

In front of him were nine people who looked exactly like Jiang Chen, brandishing their swords at him. Fiery light shone brilliantly from their swords. There was also the edifying light drifting next to him. And under these heavy suppressions, he could already smell the trace of danger.


Venerable Extermination clenched his teeth. Fierce light shone from his eyes. Countless rays of black light radiated from his walking stick in all directions. He was going to launch a multidirectional attack at the nine experts.

This was exactly what Jiang Chen wanted him to do. Combined with the Great Void Technique, it had become even more unimaginable.

Under such circumstance, Venerable Extermination was unable to harm Jiang Chen. Normally, this was the time Jiang Chen would make his ultimate counter-attack.

*Pu Chi!*

With immense speed, a bone-visible gash was left precisely by the Heavenly Saint Sword on Venerable Extermination’s shoulder, blood gushing out from it.

“Bastard, how dare you injure me?!”

Venerable Extermination spoke furiously. It was a disgrace to be injured by a half-step Immortal Venerable.

“Injure you? This is only the beginning. Edifying Light!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. It was fatal to devils when a deep gash was left on their body because that was where the edifying light could enter with ease.

Just like now, the instant a gash was cut on Venerable Extermination, Jiang Chen guided the edifying light into the devil’s body through the wound.


The next moment, Venerable Extermination held his head tightly and roared. The edifying light was one of the supreme techniques of Buddha Sect that could edify all kinds of evils in the heavens and earth. Venerable Extermination still couldn’t change his fate even though he was a half-step Sovereign.

“Jiang Chen, what have you done to me?!”

Venerable Extermination’s body was shaking from head to toe. He used all his might to force the thing that had drilled itself into his body out, but to no avail. Losing control over his mind, the devil qi in his body gradually diminished.

Jiang Chen didn’t respond to Venerable Extermination’s question, but was musing upon something – whether should he kill Venerable Extermination or not. If he edified Venerable Extermination, he would have the protection of a half-step Sovereign. If he killed him, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda would be able to absorb all of his blood and qi essence, which was sufficient to condense one and a half levels of the pagoda. At least 30 000 dragon marks would also be formed, pushing his cultivation base closer to the true Immortal Venerable realm.

“Kill him!”

After a brief moment of contemplation, a firm killing intent glinted in his eyes. He had decided to eliminate this devil. Given his current strength, he didn’t require the protection of a half-step Sovereign. It might bring him unnecessary trouble if he took the human devil with him to the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain, which wouldn’t be favourable to his plan.

Moreover, protection wasn’t what he needed right now, but strength. His strength was the key to everything. In order to obtain the enormous benefits from the half-step Sovereign, he had to kill him.


A strong buzzing sound broke out from Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword as it pierced into the centre of Venerable Extermination’s forehead. By now, Venerable Extermination was utterly defenceless.

His wail came to an abrupt halt; the edifying light rushed out of his body and returned to Jiang Chen’s.

At the same time, the maw of the invisible Ancestral Dragon Pagoda opened and engulfed the corpse.

The Great Illusion Realm could only influence the people within, so everyone outside the illusion realm was able to see everything that happened on the battlefield clearly. Countless eyes were now fixed intently on the tragic scene. 

“No, no! This is impossible…this is impossible……”

Yun Tianzun’s body was shivering. Despair began to emerge on his face as he knew very well that Venerable Extermination was his biggest and last reliance. Now that Venerable Extermination was dead, who else could save Great Cloud Empire? Jiang Chen was just too powerful. He alone was enough to annihilate the whole Great Cloud Empire.

“The half-step Sovereign is dead. It’s over. Our empire is finished.”

“How can this bastard be this terrifying? Not even a half-step Sovereign is a match for him. Could there really be such a monstrous genius in the heavens and earth?”

“That is not the case. Jiang Chen naturally is monstrous, but he hasn’t reached the extent where he can kill a half-step Sovereign. It’s just that this bastard is too intelligent. He had led Venerable Extermination into his trap step by step. Plus, he possesses the flames that can suppress half of Venerable Extermination’s strength, but this isn’t the main factor of Venerable Extermination’s defeat. The truly scary thing is that Jiang Chen has an illusion technique even stronger compared to the Lost Illusion Technique, which caused Venerable Extermination to fall into his illusion. Otherwise, even if Venerable Extermination couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have ended in such a way. After all, he’s a half-step Sovereign.”

“Ai! It’s too late to say anything now. Extermination is killed. We’re all screwed.”


The heart of every expert of Great Cloud Empire sank. There was nothing they could do except to wait for Jiang Chen’s judgment.

This was no doubt, a sad situation for an empire.

The camp of Great Qian Empire was the total opposite. Countless soldiers broke ranks, cheered and lept in delight. The generals didn’t stop them because even their own emotions were stirring uncontrollably.

“It’s a success! Commander has succeeded! He has created another miracle. He has created history.”

“That’s right! He’s able to kill a half-step Sovereign while being only a half-step Immortal Venerable. This battle is bound to be recorded in the annals of history. Great Cloud Empire is finished.”

“I have never felt so passionate in all the battles that I have fought. Although I’m not the one who fought this battle, I’m utterly thrilled just by watching it.”


None of them could restrain their excitement. Even Jiu Wangye himself was beaming heartily. The only person who still remained calm was Yang Bufan. After all, he had seen too many miracles of Jiang Chen. The degree of confidence he had in Jiang Chen exceeded everyone’s. He believed that Jiang Chen would be able to create a miracle the moment Jiang Chen decided to fight this war.

Reality proved once more that Jiang Chen was a creator of miracles and a true monstrous genius.

In the sky, the Great Illusion Realm had already been removed by Jiang Chen, and the corpse of Venerable Extermination had disappeared from the view.

Just like Jiang Chen had expected, after absorbing the half-step Sovereign, one and a half level of the pagoda was condensed. Before, the pagoda only had fifty-five levels, now it’s level was fifty-six and a half. In fact, it had exceeded fifty-six and a half because it only needed a bit more for the fifty-seventh level to be condensed.

After obtaining the pure energy from the pagoda, 30 000 new dragon marks had been formed in his Qi Sea, pushing the number of dragon marks in his body to 1 480 000. Which meant he only needed 20 000 more to reach 1 500 000, the threshold to advance to early Immortal Venerable realm, and become a true Immortal Venerable.

Although he wasn’t a true Immortal Venerable yet, his combat strength was already a lot scarier than before. Under the dragon form, he could kill opponents like the Old Emperor in just a matter of seconds.


Jiang Chen made a step forward, and appeared to the front of Great Cloud Empire’s camp. The enormous qi radiating from him was startling.

“Yun Tianzun, do you have anything else to say?” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“Jiang Chen, are you really going to annihilate our empire?”

Yun Tianzun spoke through gritted teeth. Despite his extreme reluctance, he couldn’t deny that they had lost to Jiang Chen, and was now at his mercy.

“What do you think? Given my habits, do you think I will give chances to my enemies?” replied Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Jiang Chen, let me tell you this. We still have a half-step Sovereign currently in seclusion. If you annihilate our empire, the ancient ancestor won’t let you live. Although you have killed Venerable Extermination, you know most clearly how you did it. With your current strength, you will die for sure if you encounter our ancient ancestor.”

Yun Tianzun spoke aloud. At this point, he had no choice but to threaten Jiang Chen using the ancient ancestor.

“Yun Tianzun, you’d better not threaten me as I can’t be threatened. So what if your ancient ancestor is in the Immortal Court? You should know the conflict between me and the Immortal Court very well. You think I’m afraid of him? Now, I’m going to extinguish your imperial capital. Do you think your ancient ancestor will come to the rescue at once?”

Jiang Chen’s face turned cold. Yun Tianzun had made a mistake by using the ancient ancestor from the Immortal Court to deter Jiang Chen, because the relationship between Jiang Chen and the Immortal Court had long been irreconcilable. 

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