Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1895

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Listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Yun Tianzun immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. Having witnessed the terror of Jiang Chen. Only now did he realized that this young man was immune to any kinds of threats. Jiang Chen didn’t even put the Immortal Court in his eyes, let alone a half-step Sovereign of Great Cloud Empire. More importantly, no one knew how long the ancient ancestor had been away from Great Cloud Empire. According to the rules of the Immortal Court, once one had entered the Immortal Court, one wasn’t allowed to have any dealings with one’s previous major power anymore.

Yun Tianzun wasn’t naïve enough to think that Jiang Chen was kidding with him. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, if Jiang Chen really levelled the imperial capital now, it was an unknown if their ancient ancestor would show up. This was something he couldn’t afford to risk.

“Does that mean you are going to destroy my Imperial Capital?” Yun Tianzun looked over at Jiang Chen.

“If I really wanted to, I would have already done it instead of standing here talking to you.”

Jiang Chen had returned to his human form. He put both hands behind his back and looked at Yun Tianzun. “On two conditions. If you accept them, I’ll withdrew my army.”

“What conditions?” asked Yun Tianzun. 

He probably never imagined that he would have such a day, but there was nothing else he could do despite being the Emperor. He knew that these two conditions would certainly be harsh, but in any case, he had to preserve the Imperial Capital and protect his people because they were the last foundation of Great Cloud Empire.

“First, Great Cloud Empire must give away 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones,” said Jiang Chen. 

He had no real intention of destroying the Imperial Capital of Great Cloud Empire as they no longer posed any threat to Great Qian Empire. After this war, Great Qian Empire was going to devour Great Cloud Empire bit by bit. So it was only a matter of time before Great Cloud Empire vanished from the domain. This sort of annihilation was much better than direct destruction.

That being the case, he couldn’t just return empty handed. He would feel sorry for himself if he didn’t gain something extravagant from them. Immortal Meta Stones was what he lacked the most. Without those stones, his future cultivation would become incomparably difficult.

“What? 1 billion of Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones?”

“This is daylight robbery!”


Many experts of the Great Cloud Empire rolled their eyes, almost coughing up blood. Today they finally saw how daylight robbery was like. 

“Yun Tianzun, you have no room to bargain with me,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

“Alright, I accept your first condition.”

Yun Tianzun gritted his teeth. Great Cloud Empire did have 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones, but it was an extravagant amount even to a super sect like them.

“Second condition, Yun Tianzun, go and kill yourself. You should know very well that I won’t let you live. You will use your life and 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones in exchange for your Imperial Capital.” Jiang Chen said.

“Jiang Chen, you are going too far!”

“Emperor, this bastard has no intention of letting us go. Let’s fight him!”


The people of Great Cloud Empire was infuriated as they had never been so humiliated. Asking their Emperor to kill himself in front of the gates of the Imperial Capital was a disgrace to the dignity of the empire.

Yun Tianzun raised his hand, gesturing the others to be quiet. His face was surprisingly calm. Perhaps he had already guessed it long ago.

He knew what kind of man Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen was a man who had his own principle in life and would never be merciful to those who wanted him dead. Yun Tianzun also knew that if Jiang Chen was the one who lost the war, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even give Jiang Chen the chance to kill himself.

“Yun Tianzun, this is the greatest dignity I can give you,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

That’s right. It was the last dignity Jiang Chen gave Yun Tianzun, because if Jiang Chen really wanted Yun Tianzun dead first, he would have made the move. And of all the executions he could choose from, he chose to give Yun Tianzun the chance of committing suicide.

“Alright. I accept it,” said Yun Tianzun.

“Emperor……” The crowd was stirred.

“Quiet. It’s worth to sacrifice my life to save the empire.”

Yun Tianzun’s tone was solemn. He knew his situation pretty well. Even if he didn’t choose to commit suicide, he would still die in the end, since Jiang Chen would never let him live. But if he chose death instead, he would be able to protect the whole empire.

He had no doubts about Jiang Chen’s character. Although Jiang Chen was merciless and cruel, he was a credible man.

“Yun Tianzun, you are a good Emperor.”

Jiang Chen nodded and spoke. The decisions Yun Tianzun made at this critical moment was quite admirable, but this wouldn’t stop Jiang Chen’s determination from killing him. In Jiang Chen’s opinion, any enemy of his must be destroyed.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll go and prepare the Immortal Meta Stones for you,” said Yun Tianzun. 

One billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones wasn’t a small sum. Only the Emperor could open the vault and retrieve the fortune in it. This was the last thing Yun Tianzun could do for Great Cloud Empire.


Jiang Chen nodded. He didn’t fear Yun Tianzun escaping because he knew that the Emperor wouldn’t put the lives of thousands of people at risk.

Yun Tianzun vanished with a twist. The face of his people darkened. They were all glaring at Jiang Chen, but that was the most they could do. They all knew that Yun Tianzun had no choice but to obey in order to save their lives. Otherwise, Great Cloud Empire would face a real disaster.

Reluctance, anger, and hate were boiling inside them but what else they could do? This was a world where only the strong was revered. They had to accept such an outcome.

They also knew that if Jiang Chen were to fall into their hands, they would surely torture him horrendously before he died.

And if Great Cloud Empire had won the war, it would be a major disaster to the soldiers of Great Qian Empire.

From this point of view, they should thank Jiang Chen for giving them the chance to live. 

Not long after that, Yun Tianzun returned, holding a storage ring which he then tossed to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen stowed the ring without checking the content. He was sure that Yun Tianzun wouldn’t dare to play tricks on him with a small matter like this because Yun Tianzun couldn’t afford to bear the consequences.

“Jiang Chen, I hope you can keep your word.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Tianzun drew out a sword and slit his throat in a flash, fresh blood rushing out of the opening.   


Countless people of Great Cloud Empire howled and fell to their knees. Many of them began to cry sadly.

Jiang Chen displayed a cold face. He wasn’t a cold-blooded person, but he needed to be cold-blooded at times.

He turned and came to the camp of Great Qian Empire. Tens of thousands of pairs of admiring eyes fell upon him as though he had become the brightest star.

Taking down an empire single-handedly… they were afraid that only Jiang Chen could do such a feat.

“Little Chen, Great Cloud Empire is finished. What should we do next?” asked Yang Bufan.

“The belief of its people is deeply rooted in its land. This is also why I didn’t choose to conquer the Imperial Capital today. It’s only a matter of time before Great Cloud Empire is conquered by Great Qian Empire, but this will be a gradual process. You and Jiu Wangye will return to the cities we have dominated to influence the people there and alter their belief. This is what Great Qian Empire has to focus on after this, otherwise, there are going to be endless troubles,” said Jiang Chen solemnly.

Yang Bufan and Jiu Wangye both nodded secretly, totally agreeing to what Jiang Chen had said. An empire couldn’t be annihilated in one fell swoop, or else it would give rise to resentment. But the process of changing the beliefs of the citizens was easy but would take time.

“What about you, Brother Jiang?” Jiu Wangye asked. Judging by Jiang Chen’s tone, he didn’t intend to join them.

“I’ll go and eradicate the Emperor and Old Emperor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty. This war is started by both Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. They must pay a price for what they did. In this war, we must establish a thorough prestige for Great Qian Empire. Henceforth, there won’t be three empires, but one.”

Jiang Chen’s qi shook. From the moment he headed to Crane Hawk City, he never intended to let Heavenly Jade Dynasty go as well. In his opinion, these two empires must receive equal treatment. Heavenly Jade Dynasty couldn’t be excluded from the war.

Hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Jiu Wangye felt a jolt down his body. The eyes of the soldiers below were blazing even more. Jiu Wangye didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be so decisive and determined.

A figure like Jiang Chen was too terrifying. He couldn’t help feeling grateful that Great Qian Empire had befriended Jiang Chen. 

“Very well. Be careful, Brother Jiang.”

Jiu Wangye reminded, even though knowing it was pointless, he then departed with the army. With Jiang Chen’s current capability, none of the expert in Heavenly Jade Dynasty would be able to put up any resistance against him. Even a half-step Sovereign like Venerable Extermination had died in Jiang Chen’s hands, let alone those late Immortal Venerable experts. 

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