Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1896

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Currently, the Imperial Capital of Heavenly Jade Dynasty was in great chaos. All the higher-ups were standing on their feet, their face brimmed with apprehension.

This included the Emperor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty, Tian Zunyu, the Old Emperor and Supreme Elder.

“All of you, including Immortal Emperors, let’s hold the defensive grand formation together!” Tian Zunyu clamoured hastily, sounding as though the dynasty was meeting its end.

That’s right. It was indeed the end for them. Not long ago, they had learned what Jiang Chen did in Great Cloud Empire and that he had killed the Old Emperor, supreme elder, and eventually a half-step Sovereign expert. Right now, he was heading their way.

The dynasty had lost its peace after hearing the news. Even the Old Emperor and supreme elder showed a look of fear, and wasn’t willing to believe what they had just heard. They had to admit that Jiang Chen had grown to the point where they could no longer handle.

There wasn’t a mighty half-step Sovereign in Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Initially, they thought that by joining forces with Great Cloud Empire and Venerable Extermination, annihilating Great Qian Empire would be such an easy task, but now, it seemed that they were terribly mistaken. The outcome had absolutely exceeded their expectation. Jiang Chen’s terror had long exceeded their scope of imagination.

Now that Jiang Chen was heading towards them, they must be ready as soon as possible. Their only and last reliance was the grand formation used to defend the Imperial Capital. There was nowhere else they could go. After all, this was the foundation of their Dynasty. Neither the Emperor nor the Old Emperor could abandon the empire for the sake of their own safety.

Their only hope now was that the grand formation could protect them and defend against Jiang Chen.

“Dammit! Could that bastard be the reincarnation of a deity? How could he grow so quickly, and to the point where not even a half-step Sovereign is his opponent?”

“I never thought Great Cloud Empire would be finished so quickly. Even Yun Tianzun had killed himself.”

“That Jiang Chen is incomparably brutal. He definitely will come to us after destroying Great Cloud Empire. But I heard that there’s a special condition that allowed him to kill the half-step Sovereign.”


Everyone was tense and stirred, which was only natural as their dynasty would be extinguished in no time.

All the experts were already prepared and ready for the storm to come. They were out of luck this time.


The gale howled. A man that looked like a half-dragon and half-human appeared in the sky. Formidable qi was radiated from him. He was still very far away when they saw him, but after he took one step forward, he vanished and reappeared above the Imperial Capital.

“He has come. He’s Jiang Chen.”

“This bastard’s incredible progress rendered people speechless.”

“Dammit! He wants to annihilate our empire single-handedly. Let’s fight him with all we’ve got.”


The storm had finally arrived. If it was before, even if Jiang Chen came, they wouldn’t care less as they were a huge dynasty, but now, it was different. They knew that Jiang Chen had just destroyed Great Cloud Empire and killed a half-step Sovereign.

To them, Jiang Chen had become a bloodthirsty devil king.

“Tian Zunyu, it seems you are well-prepared, but do you think you can stop me with just a grand formation? Aren’t you too naïve?”

Jiang Chen didn’t seem surprised at all by their preparation as though he had already expected this.

Those experts of Heavenly Jade Dynasty present in Great Cloud Empire were now within the camp. They had witnessed the death of Venerable Extermination and the incidents that had taken place not long ago. Which was why the experts in Heavenly Jade Dynasty were informed about the news so quickly.

“Jiang Chen, I hope that you won’t be too merciless. As long as you leave Heavenly Jade Dynasty, I, in the name of the Emperor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty, vow to wipe the slate clean. Henceforth, we won’t cause you any more trouble,” said Tian Zunyu loudly despite his resentment towards Jiang Chen for he knew that their dynasty could no longer handle Jiang Chen.

“Wipe the slate clean? Haha! Tian Zunyu, you do have the brains, don’t you? You should already know my character very well. I never show mercy to my enemies. You should have thought of this day from the time you attempted to take my life. Let me ask you this, if I hadn’t grown to where I am today, to the point where you all fear me, will you be willing to wipe the slate clean? And if I fall into your hands, will you still wipe the slate clean?”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. Since he had decided to come here, he wouldn’t return empty-handed. The situation in Eastern Profound Domain would have to change sooner or later. Of the three empires, only one could remain.

Tian Zunyu’s facial expression suddenly turned unpleasant, he was made speechless by Jiang Chen’s words. What Jiang Chen said was true. If he was in Jiang Chen’s shoes now, he certainly wouldn’t let Jiang Chen live.

“Jiang Chen, what do you want?” Tian Zunyu asked, all the pride in his tone had faltered.

“Your dynasty will be treated just like Great Cloud Empire. I believe you have already heard about the situation there. I reckon I don’t need to tell you again what to do,” said Jiang Chen coldly, his body brimming with dominance. The sight of an Emperor shivering in front of him was delighting.

“You want me to commit suicide?”

Tian Zunyu’s expression darkened even more. As he had already been informed about the situation in Great Cloud Empire, he fully understood what Jiang Chen meant.

“Not just you, but also the Old Emperor and Supreme Elder, but first, take out 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones before killing yourselves. After that, I’ll leave,” said Jiang Chen loudly. These were his conditions and his bottom line. 

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