Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1898

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The colour in the sky above the imperial capital seemed to have changed. The atmosphere was filled with despair and reluctance. The faces of Tian Zunyu, the Old Emperor, and supreme elder were looking incomparably unpleasant.

“We have lost.”

The Old Emperor shook his head. They knew that Heavenly Jade Dynasty was finished the instant the grand formation was broken. The only thing they could do was to fulfill the mentioned condition. The three of them had to commit suicide, just like Yun Tianzun, if they wished to preserve the imperial capital.

“Jiang Chen, the three of us will kill ourselves. I hope you keep your word.” Tian Zunyu said. He was smart enough to know that any further conversation was pointless.

Jiang Chen remained silent. The people wouldn’t be able to guess what he was thinking from his expressionless face.

Tian Zunyu shook his head, turned and headed back to the Imperial Capital and returned after a short while, his hand holding a spatial ring which he then tossed to Jiang Chen. “Here’s 1 billion Venerable Immortal Meta Stones.”

Then, Tian Zunyu, the Old Emperor and supreme elder glanced at one another before killing themselves simultaneously. They had the same opinion as Yun Tianzun, this was probably the most dignified way to die.


The experts of Heavenly Jade Dynasty shrieked with grief. Jiang Chen didn’t have time to enjoy the moment. He wheeled around and departed in a ray of light.

This is the real Immortal World, a world of cruelty, a world where the winner became the king. What happened today reminded Jiang Chen of how important strength was, and that he had to advance as fast as possible. He was afraid that there wouldn’t be peace in the Immortal World anymore. Putting aside the disaster that Wu Ningzhu had said, the Immortal Courts were already enough to keep him occupied.

Two great empires had fallen in a day’s time. The Emperor and Old Emperor of these two empires were dead. The news was spread across Eastern Profound Domain quickly. This huge change had undoubtedly shaken everyone in the domain.

Jiang Chen’s fame rose even higher after the war. Countless people couldn’t stop sighing whenever they mentioned his name.

“What a huge event! What a huge event! Jiang Chen has annihilated Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty single-handedly. He’s undoubtedly too monstrous.”

“Is that bastard still human? He must be the reincarnation of some deity. Otherwise, he won’t be this heaven-defying!”

“Who would have thought that the influential Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty would be annihilated so suddenly? It seems offending Jiang Chen isn’t a good thing. A while ago, Corpse Yin Sect had been annihilated by him. Now, another two major powers are gone. That is to say, Jiang Chen has already taken down three major powers in Eastern Profound Domain. I dare say this has never happened before in the history of Eastern Profound Domain.”

“How sad! This only means that the world is going to be plunged into chaos. The rise of this twisted devil king will start a new era.”


Right now, everyone was discussing about Jiang Chen. Although the foundation of Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty still remained, they had ceased to exist except in name, because these two empires were going to be engulfed by Great Qian Empire slowly over time. There was no doubt about it.

The pitiful sight of the two empires put those major powers who were at odds with Jiang Chen in jeopardy. All of them began to feel tense, fearing that Jiang Chen might appear on their doorstep because none of them were capable enough to deal with him.

The people of Great Qian Empire were in a jubilant mood. Even Yang Yu and the Old Emperor hadn’t dared to think of such an outcome at the beginning.

“Who would believe that he has destroyed two empires with his sole strength?”

“Despite the high hopes we have for Jiang Chen, the facts proved that we still underestimated him again. The surprise he brought to our empire is so sudden, and tremendous that I haven’t even regained my senses.”

“It’s like a dream. Who would believe that this is true if no one witnessed it?”

“The Emperor does have a brilliant foresight. Jiang Chen is no doubt, the lucky star of Great Qian Empire. I thought we were going to have a long war with those two empires, but I never thought that Jiang Chen could get rid of them so quickly.”


Each of those Immortal Venerable experts was too excited to remain on their seat.

“Jiang Chen truly has given us another major surprise.” Yang Yu nodded, choking back the excitement inside him.

“Emperor, Brother Jiang Chen seems to have returned not long ago, but he has gone straight into seclusion in King Fan Prefecture,” someone said.

“En, I reckon Brother Jiang must have gotten enormous benefits from this war. Don’t disturb him,” said Yang Yu.

The others nodded secretly. Jiang Chen had now become the most important figure in their empire.

“Currently, the Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty are just nominal existences. We’re going to start our next plan to gradually annex those two empires.”

Yang Yu’s qi fluctuated as he gave the order. Jiang Chen had already laid down the foundation for them. They would only appear to be cowardly if they still didn’t act further.

At the present moment, Jiang Chen was in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. As Yang Yu had said, he had obtained tremendous benefits and needed time to digest them, and stabilize his foundation.

Eastern Profound Domain hadn’t been peaceful in the next few days. Great Qian Empire had executed their plans in devouring the two great empires.

Three days later, which was equivalent to three months in the pagoda, Jiang Chen walked out from the pagoda. He was brimming over with vigour and indescribable comfort.

“Brother Chen, congratulations on your advancement!” Yan Chenyu came to Jiang Chen’s side and smiled.

“En, the things here are almost resolved. I’m going to Fengchi Immortal Domain,” said Jiang Chen. He must get to Fengchi Immortal Domain as soon as possible as Nangong Wentian was still in crisis.

“En, there’s still time before the promised time.”

Yan Chenyu nodded. She always gave her unconditional support in whatever Jiang Chen decided to do. Besides, she knew the strong relationship between Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian. As Nangong Wentian was still in trouble, Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t sit idly by.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, an explosion was heard from the void outside the Imperial Capital. Then, boundless pressure spread across like torrential waves, enshrouding the Imperial Capital in just a matter of a few blinks.

“What would come, would come,” said Jiang Chen. 

If he wasn’t mistaken, it could only be the ancient ancestors of Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty who had come all the way from the Immortal Court. 

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