Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1901(1)

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Despite the composure of Yang Junlong, his facial expression still changed slightly when he heard of the Desolate Ancient Land. This indicated how dangerous that place was.

“Jiang Chen, that isn’t a place you can simply go to. You should know that there’s only a ten percent chance of survival.” Yang Junlong reminded in a solemn tone.

“Junior knows the risk very well. My brother is now trapped in that place and I have to save him.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incredibly firm. He wouldn’t hesitate at all even if it was the most dangerous place. Furthermore, it was precisely the danger in Desolate Ancient Land that made him worry over Big Yellow even more.

“With all due respect, how could your brother be trapped in Desolate Ancient Land? According to what I know, one must go through the Sovereign Domain before arriving at that place. Sovereign Domain is the pinnacle of the Immortal World. Just as the name implies, the domain is full of Immortal Sovereigns. First Grade Immortal Sovereign is the lowest cultivation base amongst them. Anyone who reached the Immortal Sovereign realm knew about the catastrophe and the Barbarian Race, so plenty of them volunteered to enter the Sovereign Domain. The domain has also stipulated that even Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns and higher are required to go there. So how did your friend end up in there?”

Yang Junlong stared at Jiang Chen with a puzzled look. He had nothing to hide about the secrets of the Immortal World and the Barbarian Race. After all, Empress Nine Yin was just standing next to Jiang Chen.

“To tell you the truth, my brother is a reincarnation of a Sovereign who has fallen in the catastrophe. Although I don’t know how he ended up in Desolate Ancient Land, the fact remains that he’s trapped there, and he needs my help. I must go there to rescue him.”

The resoluteness in Jiang Chen’s tone greatly surprised and impressed Yang Junlong. He couldn’t help admiring someone who was willing to risk his life just to save his brother.

“I see. That war was indeed earth-shattering. Unfortunately, I wasn’t even born yet at that time. Countless experts have fallen during that war. The fact that your friend was able to reincarnate shows how strong he really is. I have full respect for the experts who fought that war. Since you want to go, I’ll take you there.”

Yang Junlong’s qi fluctuated and he granted Jiang Chen’s request. He was also a hot-blooded man. As a guide, there was nothing else he could say because Jiang Chen was willing to sacrifice even his life for his brother.

“Thank you, Senior.”

Jiang Chen was delighted. He knew very well that being an Immortal Sovereign was the minimum requirement to enter the Sovereign Domain. Without the help of Yang Junlong, he could only wait until he truly became an Immortal Sovereign, or had the strength of an Immortal Sovereign. This would surely take a long time, but he couldn’t afford to wait.

He was worried about Big Yellow. His life became so boring without that dog as if that dog had been a vital element in his life.

“You don’t have to thank me. I always do things my way. When I have decided to do something, not even the Lord of the Heavens can stop me. I will leap forward even if there’s a fiery pit ahead. Conversely, when I refuse to do something, I won’t do it even if you are to put a knife in my throat. Besides, I have taken quite a liking to you, kid. So, I’m going to intrude into Desolate Ancient Land as well.” Yang Junlong said.

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. He could see that Yang Junlong was a passionate man. He was incredibly delighted to befriend such a person because he himself was also such a type of person.

“Jiang Chen, then get ready. We’ll depart for Sovereign Domain tomorrow.” Yang Junlong patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

“Very well. We’ll meet here tomorrow.” Jiang Chen nodded and departed with Yan Chenyu.

“Brother Chen, that place is full of dangers. Let me go with you,” said Yan Chenyu.

“No, you can’t go.” Jiang Chen urged.

“Why?” Yan Chenyu sounded somewhat unhappy.

“If you go too, Great Qian Empire will be in danger,” explained Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty are about to perish. Their ancient ancestors were killed by Yang Junlong. What danger can there still be?” inquired Yan Chenyu, confused.

“You have overlooked one man, Nanbei Chao,” said Jiang Chen. 

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