Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1901(2)

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Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a trace of coldness at the mention of his mortal enemy. “During the battle in Monarch Mountain, both you and Nanbei Chao suffered heavy injuries. Now that your injuries are almost healed, needless to say, Nanbei Chao must have also regained his strength. I know him all too well. Something huge is going to happen, and the world will surely lose its peace once his power is restored. If I’m not mistaken, it’s very likely that he will return to Eastern Profound Domain soon. Given how he always acts, he will dominate Eastern Profound Domain. At that time, Nanbei Family will rise in revolt; the other major powers will also be in danger. Only you are capable of fighting Nanbei Chao. If you leave with me, Great Qian Empire will be plunged into crisis at any time.”

Nanbei Chao was the opponent Jiang Chen attached most importance to. The hostility between them began while they were still in Saint Origin World, but now that Nanbei Chao had integrated with the Sovereign body of Great Sovereign Batian, there was only Empress Nine Yin who could fight him. 

Upon hearing this, Yan Chenyu couldn’t help but nod secretly. What Jiang Chen said was right. Given Nanbei Chao’s means, his injuries must have also been healed. If she left with Jiang Chen, there would be no one else who could face Nanbei Chao.

“But, I’m a little worried about letting you go there alone,” said Yan Chenyu.

“There’s nothing to worry about because Senior Yang Junlong is with me. Besides, I’m not going there alone. Later, I’ll find monkey and bring him along too. I reckon their sweet period is already over by now.”

Jiang Chen said. Of course, he intended to bring Dragon Shisan along not because of his bloodline but because of his eyes. Nothing could hide under the monkey’s Fiery Golden Eyes

Jiang Chen had predicted that even if they arrived at Desolate Ancient Land, it wouldn’t be easy to locate Big Yellow, but with the help of the Fiery Golden Eyes, the task would become much easier.

“En, I’m much more relieved that you will take Dragon Shisan along. That bastard has extraordinary abilities, his Fiery Golden Eyes can also do things Yang Junlong can’t do. He’s going to be of great help when the time comes. Brother Chen, I also hope that Big Yellow is fine.”

Yan Chenyu nodded. Dragon Shisan was indeed a very good candidate, and the best candidate given the current circumstances. Her concern for Big Yellow didn’t weigh any lesser compared to Jiang Chen’s. Therefore, she didn’t have any objection to Jiang Chen venturing in Desolate Ancient Land to save Big Yellow.

“Don’t worry. That bastard’s life is full of fortune. He’s going to be fine.” Jiang Chen smiled, feeling very confident in that unusual dog.

“Xiao Yu, you can return to the Imperial Capital. I’ll go find monkey.” 

Finished speaking, he vanished with a twist of his body.

Exquisite Paradise!

The newly-wed snuggled up to each other, sitting on top of the highest building as though they were sitting on the clouds.

The couple was enjoying their romantic moments despite the huge incidents that had happened outside.

“Brother Shisan, I heard that Jiang Chen has exterminated the other two empires by himself. I really didn’t expect Jiang Chen to grow so fast.”

Lan Lingji couldn’t help but sigh. Although they had been in Exquisite Paradise these past few days, they knew what had happened outside.

“Of course. That bastard is an abnormal being. Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty should have thought of such an end the moment they offended him. They should know that some people can never be offended, like that abnormal bastard and Master Monkey.” Dragon Shisan spoke conceitedly.

“Speaking ill of people behind their backs. You have made quite a progress in just a few days, monkey.”

A voice rang from behind. Jiang Chen had appeared next to them before they could turn their heads.

“You stealthy and traceless bastard. Are you a ghost? You have frightened me.” Monkey darted a glare at Jiang Chen.

“Can you two be more considerate? Is it really okay to show how much you two love each other in front of me?”

Jiang Chen showed a hateful face when he saw that Lan Lingji was showing no sign of leaving the embrace of Dragon Shisan.

“You are just envious of us,” said Dragon Shisan.

“Stop it. I’m not here to joke around with you today. I need to talk to you.” Jiang Chen’s tone turned serious all of a sudden.

Sensing the tone of Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan immediately withdrew his playful look; Lan Lingji left with a twist of her body. She was an intelligent person, and knew that Jiang Chen wanted a personal space with Dragon Shisan.

“Sorry, Miss Lan,” said Jiang Chen at where Lan Lingji had disappeared.

Lan Lingji wouldn’t put this in her heart as she knew that Jiang Chen must have something important to tell Dragon Shisan, so important that not even she couldn’t be told about it. Sometimes, some things could only be discussed between men.

“Little Chen, what’s wrong?” Dragon Shisan asked.

“Monkey, did you know that Big Yellow has entered the Desolate Ancient Land?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Yes, but we do not know where the Desolate Ancient Land is.” Dragon Shisan nodded.

“I have already found the location of the Desolate Ancient Land. Tomorrow, you and I will head over there to rescue Big Yellow,” said Jiang Chen.

“Okay.” Dragon Shisan accepted it without hesitation.

“Good. Then, I will now tell you the secrets that you don’t know about and the location of Desolate Ancient Land,” said Jiang Chen. 

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