Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1903(1)

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Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan chose to remain silent after listening to Yang Junlong’s words, despite their curiosity about the situation in Sovereign Domain. But from the conversation just now, they learned that the city ahead was called Quicksand City, and that Yang Junlong had a very unusual position in the city.

Sovereign Domain was completely different from their imagination. From the size of Quicksand City, it wasn’t difficult to guess that there were many other cities of similar size in the domain where regions might even be divided by major powers. But since Yang Junlong didn’t want to tell them, they didn’t dare ask again. As Yang Junlong said, they didn’t have the right to know more than what they knew about the Sovereign Domain.

They didn’t have any hard feelings about it as their purpose of coming here was to find Big Yellow. As soon as they found Big Yellow, they would leave this place and would only return here when they reached a strong cultivation base.

The two continued to follow Yang Junlong silently towards Quicksand City.

The scale of Quicksand City wasn’t considered enormous but decently huge given the population of the city. The city was far from bustling. There were only a few people could be found on the ancient streets. Jiang Chen felt that the population of a similar city in the Immortal World was at least ten thousand times of the population here.

After all, most of them were of the Great Sovereign realm. Although the remaining ones hadn’t reached the Great Sovereign realm yet, they couldn’t leave this domain either because they were born here. 

The number of Great Sovereigns in Sovereign Domain had far exceeded Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan’s expectation. This domain had long become a world of its own. Some of those Great Sovereigns who came here had produced their own offsprings. Due to the incredible bloodline of Great Sovereign and the excellent cultivation environment, many of them had successfully advanced to the Great Sovereign realm.

To put it another way, civilization had been formed in Sovereign Domain, but as to how large this civilization was, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan had no idea and didn’t dare imagine it. They weren’t in a hurry to know because all of these would be revealed to them once they had the right to enter Sovereign Domain.

The true Yang Junlong was standing on a low hillside behind Quicksand City, seeming to be expecting their arrival.


Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan clasped their fists and bowed to Yang Junlong. Despite their mental preparation, they still felt tremendous pressure in the face of a formidable Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

One should know that there was a huge gap between a clone and the true body. The clone could never display the dignity and superiority radiated from the true body.

“You two sure you want to go to Desolate Ancient Land? It’s still not too late to pull back now. I’ll send you back at once if you don’t want to go there,” said Yang Junlong.

“Senior, we are absolutely sure that we are going there,” said Jiang Chen firmly.

“Very well then, let me take you two there.”

Yang Junlong nodded. He knew Jiang Chen’s character. He knew that Jiang Chen would never go back on his words or change his original intention just because there were dangers ahead because he and Jiang Chen had a similar character.

“Thank you, Senior, for helping us.”

Jiang Chen spoke from the bottom of his heart. Without the help of Yang Junlong, he didn’t know when he would be able to arrive at Sovereign Domain and meet Big Yellow.

“En, you two can’t stay too long in Sovereign Domain. I have already violated the rules of Sovereign Domain by secretly bringing you two here. We’ll head towards Desolate Ancient Land now. I would like to remind you that I can’t simply display my power in Desolate Ancient Land, so be extra careful when we reach there,” reminded Yang Junlong in a solemn tone. 

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