Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1903(2)

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Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan nodded, both feeling somewhat nervous. The fact that a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign showing concern about their safety indicated how terrifying the Desolate Ancient Land really was.

Subsequently, Yang Junlong lifted a finger to sketch a dark doorway before taking the two into it.

The means of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign were simply beyond the imagination of Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. 

“Senior, how dangerous Desolate Ancient Land really is?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“The horrifying beings that live there aren’t the ones making Desolate Ancient Land a dangerous place. Desolate Ancient Land had been under the control of the Barbarian World even before the formation of Sovereign Domain. According to others, the great war that happened here was much more intense compared to the war in Golden Horizon, many unparalleled Barbarian Sovereigns had fallen in that war. The existence of Sovereign Domain is mainly to hinder the Barbarian Race from entering the Immortal World through Desolate Ancient Land. That’s to say, Desolate Ancient Land is still the territory of the Barbarian World.”

Yang Junlong paused for a moment before continuing, “And due to the existence of Sovereign Domain, the situation in Desolate Ancient Land is closely monitored by the Barbarian Race. Any powerful expert from Sovereign Domain will be discovered by the moment they landed on Desolate Ancient Land. So we have to make sure that we don’t let any barbarians find out about us, otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable. Even with my strength, my chance of survival is minimal. Furthermore, the barbarians are always keeping a sharp lookout for Great Sovereigns. Thus, I must conceal my qi and enter the land unnoticeably. I won’t launch any attack unless I have no other choice. Unlike me, the cultivation base of you two are way below the Immortal Sovereign realm, so the barbarians won’t pay any attention to you at all.”

Yang Junlong felt that it was necessary to explain the situation to Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. He had accompanied them as he was concerned about their safety but he would never attack unless he had to.

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan exchanged a glance and nodded. They understood what Yang Junlong said pretty well. That was to say, Desolate Ancient Land wasn’t a deadly place. Just like the Golden Horizon, their current strength was enough to deal with the things there.

Their highest concern were the barbarians. After all, Desolate Ancient Land was under the control of the barbarians. If a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign who sneaked into Desolate Ancient Land released his qi, his presence would instantly be discovered.

“It seems we really have to be careful this time,” said Jiang Chen, at the same time feeling grateful to Yang Junlong. The fact that Yang Junlong was willing to follow them despite the situation was enough to show his sincerity.

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan understood that Yang Junglong had followed them because he was worried about their safety, and would certainly do everything he could to protect them in a moment of crisis.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

The cold waves of wind consisting the qi of Desolate Ancient Land were getting stronger. The spatial passageway was shaking constantly. Variegated spatial current flashed past them like icy knives, but these weren’t a problem at all when they had a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign supporting the passageway.

“We’re almost there. Conceal your qi. We’ll speak again when we reach there,” said Yang Junlong.

Hastily, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan concealed their qi. When they reached the end of the passageway, they took a step forward out of it.

The chilly wind that hit them sent chills down their spines. Jiang Chen looked around and saw that the environment was full of uncomfortable gloominess, and the air was brimming with the qi of death and evil. It was as if they had arrived in hell.

“This is Desolate Ancient Land.” Yang Junlong said.

As soon as Yang Junlong’s voice faded, two silhouettes appeared suddenly in the distance, and very quickly they appeared before Jiang Chen and the others. Both of them were in black clothes and seemed as young as Jiang Chen. The qi that exuded from them was entirely different from humans. Their eyes were red, their lips black and their bodies incredibly sturdy, just like the devils.


Yang Junlong frowned. He didn’t expect to encounter the barbarians right after entering the Desolate Ancient Land, but these two weren’t very strong. They were merely early Immortal Venerables. They wouldn’t be of any threat to Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan.

“You are the humans from the Immortal World.” One of the barbarians spoke in the same language as Jiang Chen and the rest.

“Kill them and drink all of their blood.” The other spoke and lunged at Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan.

“What should we do, Senior?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Junlong and asked for his opinion. They were supposed to keep a low profile here but they hadn’t thought that they would meet the barbarians so soon.

“Kill them,” said Yang Junlong coldly.


Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated. Both of his hands turned into dragon claws and were launched forth, pulling the heads of the two barbarians from their bodies.

When the blood touched him, he was surprised to find that, in their stream of blood, was a kind of evil essence that was even more powerful compared to the devils, but without further thought, he ripped open the doors of the pagoda to absorb them clean.

“The true barbarians possessed the pure bloodline of the Barbarian God, but these barbarians’ bloodline has changed completely. They are now nothing more than a savage evil spirit,” said Jiang Chen coldly. 

It seemed like these barbarians had turned into bloodthirsty creatures, which was most terrifying if their numbers continued to grow. 

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