Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1904

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Seeing Jiang Chen absorbing the blood and qi essence of those barbarians so easily, Yang Junlong’s eyes revealed a hint of astonishment. Even he hadn’t seen such an ability before. After all, there were essential differences between a human and a barbarian, especially when the Barbarian Race mutated into bloodthirsty creatures. Even he, a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, couldn’t absorb their essence directly without it being rejected by his body.

Jiang Chen however, didn’t seem affected at all and his qi seemed to have improved a little after absorbing the essence of the two barbarians. Although it wasn’t obvious, Yang Junlong could sense it really well.

But he didn’t inquire further. After all, this was Jiang Chen’s secret and hidden ability.

Moreover, this had very much delighted him because he knew better than anyone that there would be a war between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World sooner or later. Since the catastrophe, both sides had experienced endless years of rest and recuperation. The Barbarian Race certainly couldn’t wait much longer due to their bloodthirsty and warlike nature.

“Something isn’t right here.” Yang Junlong said.

“Senior, I have scanned the surroundings with my soul power and discover from the barbarians’ qi that most of them do not have strong cultivation base,” said Jiang Chen with a frown. 

Despite the fact that Desolate Ancient Land was a strange space that connected the Immortal World to the Barbarian World, and the territory of the barbarians, there shouldn’t be many of them here under normal circumstances. After all, this place was virtually equivalent to a place of death after the great war, just like the Golden Horizon in the Immortal World.

“If I’m not mistaken, the barbarians must have treated this land as a training ground and a land of fortune for the barbarian geniuses, just like how you people regarded the Golden Horizon. It’s very unfortunate that they are having an expedition during this time because the experts are going to pay even closer attention to the situation here, which will be very disadvantageous for us,” said Yang Junlong with slight concern. They had never expected this kind of situation in advance.

“Senior, on the contrary, I think that this is a good thing.” Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled, his mouth wore a faint smile.

“Why do you say so?” Yang Junlong looked over at Jiang Chen.

“Like Senior said, as long as Senior doesn’t attack, there shouldn’t be any problem. Monkey and I were only Immortal Venerables. Our bodies don’t have Great Sovereign qi and we won’t be able to display the Great Sovereign Law. So we won’t draw the attention of the Barbarian Sovereigns even if we launched our attacks here. After all, they won’t put anyone below the Great Sovereign realm in their eyes. Plus, they understand very well that there are only very few people in Sovereign Domain who are below the Great Sovereign realm, and that those people won’t have the nerve to intrude into Desolate Ancient Land before reaching the Great Sovereign realm,” said Jiang Chen.

“You are right, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. After all, a large number of geniuses have come to this land, which will hinder us from finding your friend.” Yang Junlong said. 

“Let me explain, Senior. I have a cultivation law that can especially restrain these barbarians. I can even absorb all their blood and qi essence and convert them into energy after killing them. These barbarian geniuses will be enough for me to break through to the Immortal Venerable realm. Furthermore, killing one barbarian genius is equivalent to eliminating one potential threat,” explained Jiang Chen. 

He felt a rush of thrill after examining the bloodline of the barbarians. Although it was very unwise to fight the barbarians, it was definitely a good opportunity for Jiang Chen. As the saying goes, dangers and opportunities always coexisted. Plus, Jiang Chen was never a timid person. The harder the challenge, the more vigorous he would become.

Moreover, he began to look forward to the war between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World. These barbarians were his nourishment. He needed these nourishment to expedite the cultivation of his pagoda.

“You are really audacious to think of using the barbarian geniuses to improve your cultivation base. Although I like your idea, we should avoid meeting those geniuses, and getting ourselves exposed. Don’t forget our objective of coming here.”

Yang Junlong spoke with full admiration. He could see the shadow of his younger self in Jiang Chen as he was also bold and audacious in his youth.

“Of course. Finding Big Yellow is the most important of all.”

Jiang Chen nodded. There was nothing more important than finding Big Yellow in Desolate Ancient Land, but he would never show mercy if he encountered any barbarian along the way.

“Monkey, use your Fiery Golden Eyes to see if you can find any traces of Big Yellow.” Jiang Chen looked over at Dragon Shisan.


Dragon Shisan nodded. Two brilliant golden light shone from his eyes which immediately turned into two fiery miniature suns. Nothing could hide under the gaze of Dragon Shisan’s Fiery Golden Eyes but no sign of Big Yellow was found even after scanning the surroundings.

“I can’t find any traces of Big Yellow. Maybe we’re not deep enough. Let’s go deeper,” said Dragon Shsian.


Jiang Chen nodded. This situation was within his expectations. Given Big Yellow’s divine abilities, he must have enshrouded himself with a protective barrier, which made it harder for people to locate him.

Next, the three of them flew slowly towards the depths of Desolate Ancient Land. The area of this ancient land was even more extensive than the Golden Horizon. It definitely wouldn’t be easy to find a person here.

Yang Junlong didn’t forget to conceal his qi along the way. On the surface, he seemed like an ordinary person, no one would think that this ordinary man would be a mighty Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

The further they went, the thicker the qi of the barbarians became. From time to time, they could sense a wave of formidable qi from the barbarians. It indicated that the number of barbarian geniuses were increasing. So the three of them tried their best to avoid the portal where the barbarian geniuses came from, but there were some barbarian geniuses whom they couldn’t avoid, and were killed and turned into Jiang Chen’s nourishment.

What made Jiang Chen a little depressed was that they still found no trace of Big Yellow after traveling a certain amount of distance. 

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