Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1909

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“This formation is indeed deployed by a Great Sovereign from our world. The fact that it’s hidden in a spatial zone is beyond ordinary. I’m afraid there are only very few people in the Immortal World who knew such a mystical formation. If this is indeed a formation deployed by your friend, this explained why we were unable to find him, because not even a Great Sovereign will be able to discover such a mysterious formation. Those barbarian geniuses must have discovered the formation by accident while they were fighting.”

Yang Junlong spoke. Given his eyesight, he was able to see through the might and terror of the formation at first glance. 

“It’s Big Yellow. There’s no doubt about it. This formation belongs to him.”

Jiang Chen’s emotions were stirred. He had finally found Big Yellow after searching for so long in Desolate Ancient Land. He was very familiar with Big Yellow’s technique, and had no doubt that it was Big Yellow who created such a powerful and mysterious formation.  

*Hong Long……*

In front of them were twenty to thirty barbarian geniuses attacking the formation simultaneously, but all of their attacks were rebounded. Their attacks were unable to cause any harm despite the fact that all of them were of late Immortal Venerable realm.

“Unbelievable. It still has such powerful defensive power despite having existed for countless years.” Yang Junlong sighed and couldn’t help being impressed despite his pride.

“Big brother, what do we do now?” Zuo Ling Er looked at Jiang Chen.

“Monkey, use your Fiery Golden Eyes to see if you can find anything inside,” said Jiang Chen.


Dragon Shisan nodded and secretly cast out the Fiery Golden Eyes. As the barbarian geniuses had focused all of their attention on the mysterious formation, they didn’t notice the four of them. 

Unmistakably, the incredible Fiery Golden Eyes had seen through what was inside.

“What did you see?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There’s a spatial zone inside, and I can see Big Yellow.” Dragon Shisan began to sound somewhat excited.

“What’s going on? Please explain.” Jiang Chen prompted.

“Big Yellow is in deep slumber. Damn! There’s a young man next to him and he looked even more handsome than me. It seems Big Yellow is merging with the young man,” said Dragon Shisan.

“Young man? What does the young man look like?” Jiang Chen continued to ask.

“He seems fifteen or sixteen years old and is wearing a golden cape, with a golden horn on his head,” replied Dragon Shisan.

“He’s the young Demon Sovereign, the previous self of Big Yellow. I understand it now. Those incomplete projections in the Great Thousand Mirror also included the warzone in the Desolate Ancient Land. Big Yellow can’t be interrupted during this critical moment of integration,” said Jiang Chen, who now seemed incomparably excited. 

The truth had been uncovered. Big Yellow was the young Demon Sovereign. The Great Thousand Mirror must have taken Big Yellow back to Desolate Ancient Land. Jiang Chen had no idea what the Great Thousand Mirror actually was, and he didn’t have time to find out more about it. Now that they had already found Big Yellow, what they needed to do now was to save Big Yellow from the inside, but it wouldn’t be easy without alerting the barbarian geniuses.

“Little Chen, what should we do now? Attack them?” Dragon Shisan’s eyes had already returned to normal.

“It will take at least a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign to open this restriction, but that will immediately arouse the notice of the Barbarian Sovereigns,” said Yang Junlong.

“It’s best not to make any move until the most crucial juncture. Let’s wait and see.  I reckon that these barbarian geniuses won’t give up,” said Jiang Chen. The more critical the situation was, the more composed he became.

“Given the nature of the barbarians, they will never give up until the formation was broken. It won’t be long before the news here spread to the Barbarian World. Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns may appear at that time, which will be trouble for us,” said Zuo Ling Er.

“Then we’ll wait for their Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns to come and break the formation first. Immediately after that, I’ll rush into the formation and take Big Yellow with us,” suggested Yang Junlong.

“Are you confident in doing so, Senior?”

Jiang Chen looked over at Yang Junlong. He knew that it was just a piece of cake for Yang Junlong to kill a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, but they only had a short window of time to escape after that.

“I can only try. Could it be that you have other ways?” Yang Junlong looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen shook his head, his eyes revealed a hint of cruelty. Yang Junlong was right. They had to take the risk as there was really no other way.

*Hong Long……*

More and more barbarians had joined together to destroy the formation. The mighty force of the barbarians shattered even the void. This was usually their way of solving problems. As they weren’t good at formations, they could only use brute force to break it.

Unfortunately, even their combined effort was unable to even shake the formation. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan revealed a hint of a smile, knowing that there was only Big Yellow in the Heavens and Earth who could deploy such a powerful formation.

“No. This formation is too powerful. We can’t break it,” someone said.

“Let me try.”

At this moment, a shout was heard. A tall and sturdy man walked out from the crowd, his body was enshrouded with black waves of qi. He was actually a young half-step Sovereign.

“He’s Jiateng Ying of Jiateng Family. His cultivation base has already reached the half-step Sovereign realm,” Zuo Ling Er said.

Without saying anything , he sent out a punch with qi waves strong enough to topple mountains and overturn seas at the formation.

*Hong Long……*

The formation was bombarded by violent energy, but it didn’t move in the slightest. It seemed even a mighty half-step Sovereign was unable to cause any harm to it.

Jiateng Ying frowned. There were a dozen of half-step Sovereigns that appeared after him, and launched a joint attack at the formation but to no avail. This had turned all their faces glum.

“This is a formation deployed by a supreme expert of the Immortal World. None of us can break it. Imprint the situation here and send it back to the Barbarian World at once. We’ll wait for the Great Sovereigns to come,” Jiateng Ying said.  

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