Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1911

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Yang Junlong appeared in front of the doorway, sealing the door with his formidable qi waves before the Great Sovereigns of the Barbarian World could enter the spatial zone. 

“How dare a Great Sovereign from the Immortal World make trouble in Desolate Ancient Land?” bellowed the Great Sovereign of Jiateng Family.

“Don’t do anything if you don’t wish to die. We’ll leave in a minute.”

Yang Junlong said coldly, his body radiating the aura of dominance. At this time, he had completely unleashed the qi of a Six Grade Great Sovereign. He was once the pinnacle figure in the Immortal World. His attacks could cause havoc to the surroundings.

“What now? He’s a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. We’re no match for him even if we join forces. Are we really going to let them take away the things in the formation?” One of the Great Sovereigns spoke indignantly.

“The experts of our world should have already sensed the qi of this Great Sovereign and will be here in no time. As neither of us is able to fight him, we shouldn’t get ourselves entangled in this battle.”

The Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family spoke. They were intelligent enough to discern the current situation – they could only wait for the stronger expert from the Barbarian World to deal with this Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

For a moment, both sides were in a stalemate, the atmosphere became incomparably tense. Countless eyes were now on Yang Junlong. They had never thought that a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign would appear during their expedition from the fact that the relationship between their world and the Immortal World had been hostile. Likewise, they were powerless in the face of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

Yang Junlong just stood in front of the doorway. He knew the objective of coming to Desolate Ancient Land. They hadn’t come to slaughter the barbarians, but to rescue someone. Now, the situation had escalated to the most critical moment.

There was nothing more important than time. Yang Junlong could only pray that Jiang Chen could take Big Yellow out before the arrival of the mighty Great Sovereigns from the Barbarian World, then they could leave right after that. They would be safe once they reached Sovereign Domain.

Yang Junlong might seem pretty domineering at the moment, but the truth was that they were now in a tremendous crisis.

Jiang Chen rushed towards Big Yellow the instant he reached inside. Those densely arranged seals made way for him automatically, which saved him lots of time.

Although Big Yellow was in deep slumber, he was still able to sense the qi of Jiang Chen. This explained why the seals didn’t hinder Jiang Chen from moving forth.

“Big Yellow, I have come to save you. I’m going to put you in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Don’t put up any resistance.”

Jiang Chen expressed his intention via divine sense. Presently, Big Yellow was lying on a big rock with a young Demon Sovereign sitting on top of his body. Half of their bodies had already successfully merged with one another.

Knowing that time was running out, Jiang Chen tossed out the pagoda right after his words. An enormous suction force fell upon Big Yellow and the young Demon Sovereign, and they disappeared into the pagoda in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s go.”

Then with a swish, Jiang Chen exited the spatial zone and appeared next to Yang Junlong.

“Senior, it’s done.”

Yang Junlong heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed Jiang Chen was even faster than what he had imagined.

His qi surged out and enveloped Jiang Chen. 

“Stop him. Don’t let him escape!”

The Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family yelled hastily. The five Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns had locked the void around. It seemed like they weren’t going to let Yang Junlong go so easily.

“You all must be courting death to think that you can stop me!”

Yang Junlong bellowed. As he thrust his hand forth, an enormous palm was formed, immediately enveloping the Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family.

*Hong Long……*

The Fourth Grade Great Sovereign defended with all his might but there was no way he could make up for the gap in cultivation base especially in the Great Sovereign realm.


He let out a miserable shriek and died instantly.

Jiang Chen was astounded by Yang Junlong’s power and how he easily killed a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. He wouldn’t have believed this if he didn’t see this with his own eyes. The battle between Great Sovereigns was too unimaginable.

“Whoever tries to block my path will die!”

Yang Junlong bellowed. Someone like him had his own temper. Once he decided to attack, he wouldn’t let his opponent live. This was the dignity of a Great Sovereign. It couldn’t be violated.

How could Jiang Chen miss such a good opportunity? Even though he was in the midst of crisis, he still wouldn’t forget about his progress. As soon as the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign was killed, he ripped open the door of the pagoda to absorb the enormous amount of blood and qi essence frantically.

It was already considered not bad if he could absorb half of them. After all, it was a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign.

With immense energy pouring into the pagoda, the fifty-eighth level of the pagoda was fully condensed. Not only that, but half of the fifty-ninth level was also beginning to form. Jiang Chen himself had also benefited tremendously. 10 000 dragon marks were created in the blink of an eye, pushing the total number of dragon marks in his body to 1 500 000, and his cultivation base to early Immortal Venerable realm.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Strong waves of wind escaped Jiang Chen’s body. A large amount of Immortal Meta Stones were consumed extravagantly. At last, he had reached the Venerable realm.

However, the energy from the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign wasn’t exhausted yet.  

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