Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1912

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However, instead of absorbing the remaining energy, Jiang Chen integrated it into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, allowing the full formation of the fifty-ninth level.

“What a terrifying energy! Unfortunately, I can only absorb half of it. I wonder what the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda will become if all the energy is absorbed, but I can’t absorb too much of it as it will have a certain impact on my disposition. Early Immortal Venerable realm is just the right level.”

Jiang Chen’s face was brimming with excitement. He didn’t expect his cultivation base to advance to the Immortal Venerable realm in this rescue mission.

Given his current strength, he was powerful enough to fight a mighty half-step Sovereign in his dragon-form. No one below the Great Sovereign realm would be a threat to him. Of course, he was still far from being capable to deal with a Great Sovereign as it was a whole new level. It was already considered not bad if he could fight a Great Sovereign with a cultivation base of only late Immortal Venerable realm. After all, Sovereign realm wasn’t the same as the other cultivation realms and couldn’t be easily overcome.

The death of the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign was a huge deterrent to the four Great Sovereigns. They no longer dared to stop Yang Junlong as they were certain that they would end up in the same way if they provoked him.

Yang Junlong sent out two waves of qi that enveloped Zuo Ling Er and Dragon Shisan, then ripped an enormous hole in the void with his bare hands.

*Hong Long……*

At this critical moment, Yang Junlong and the rest of them felt an inconceivably strong pressure from above.

“Not good. An expert of the Barbarian World has come.”

Yang Junlong’s facial expression changed slightly because not even he, a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, could resist that kind of momentum.

*Hong Long……*

An explosion was heard from above. Then a silhouette appeared out of nowhere like a ghost. He was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his thirties or forties, with a tall and sturdy body. He was so tall that Jiang Chen’s height didn’t even reach his shoulder. 

He was a peerless Barbarian Sovereign. The qi emitted from him was frightening.

Both Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan’s faces turned unpleasant. The worst-case scenario had happened eventually.

“A peak Eight Grade Great Sovereign. I’m certainly no match for him.” Yang Junlong shook his head, and sounded slightly dejected.

“He’s the patriarch of Wuke Family, Wuke Manjun,” Zuo Ling Er spoke. “Abduct me. Wuke Manjun attaches great importance to me because someone powerful in Wuke Family wants my bloodline, thus he absolutely won’t let anyone harm me. You all may have a chance to live by abducting me.”

She immediately thought of a way to deal with the situation when she saw the patriarch of Wuke Family.

“You insects do have the nerve to intrude into Desolate Ancient Land!”

Wuke Manjun bellowed, his eyes immediately fell upon Jiang Chen. “Kid, hand over what you got inside the formation now, and I’ll grant you a swift death!”

*Hua La!*

Yang Junlong’s reaction was incredibly fast. He grabbed Zuo Ling Er in his huge palm and enshrouded Zuo Ling Er with terrifying qi waves.

“I’ll kill your saintess right now if you dare to attack,” said Yang Junlong coldly.

This was the last move he had, however the success would depend on how important Zuo Ling Er really was to Wuke Manjun.

“Let her go, or else you all will be doomed eternally.”

Wuke Manjun was clearly infuriated, but he remained where he stood. The sight of Zuo Ling Er being taken hostage stirred his emotions. Although the changes in his expression were indistinct, Yang Junlong detected the slight changes sharply which temporarily relieved his worries. This indicated that Zuo Ling Er was really extremely important to the Barbarian World or it should be said that her bloodline was too important to them.

“I’m going to die either way. So I might as well make someone a scapegoat. I would like to know whose life will be more valuable, ours or your saintess’?”

Yang Junlong shouted aloud. Undoubtedly, he was a ferocious man with extraordinary disposition. He showed no sign of fear even in the face of the formidable Eighth Grade Great Sovereign. 

“How dare you, a puny Sixth Grade Great Sovereign speak to me in such a manner?! Let me tell you that no one can ever threaten me. Even though you are controlling the saintness right now, I guarantee that you won’t even have the ability to kill her in front of me.”

Wuke Manjun’s qi waves dashed to the sky. As the patriarch of Wuke Family and an incomparably distinguished Eighth Grade Great Sovereign, he could always go to any place at will. He was an ancient figure as he had already been in existence since the great war. He had long forgotten what it felt like to be blackmailed until now. His inside was boiling with fury.

“I would like to see you try,” Yang Junlong spoke sharply. 

The key in this gamble was one’s temperament. Admittedly, Wuke Manjun was horrifying, but Yang Junlong was certain that Wuke Manjun wouldn’t dare to gamble the life of their saintess.

After all, Zuo Ling Er was now under the control of Yang Junlong who had the absolute capability of ending her life even in the presence of an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign.

Of course, this was merely an assumption. Yang Junlong would never kill Zuo Ling Er. This was the only way that could help them escape.


Wuke Manjun’s fury rose to its peak. No one had ever dared to threaten him but at the same time, he couldn’t deny the fact that he couldn’t afford to lose Zuo Ling Er.

“Let the saintess go and I’ll let you all go,” said Wuke Manjun helplessly.

“Patriarch Wuke, we can’t let them go. They have obtained the treasure inside the formation,” one of the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign shouted.

“Keep your mouth shut! Who gave you the right to speak in front of me?”

Wuke Manjun darted a glare at the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign whose remark made his mood even worse.

In the eyes of Wuke Manjun, no treasure was more valuable than the bloodline of Zuo Ling Er as that was related to the future of Wuke Family or even the future of the entire Barbarian Race. Compared to other treasures, her bloodline was the greatest treasure. As long as the bloodline of Zuo Ling Er was preserved, the Barbarian World would rise soon.  

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