Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1921

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After that, Jiang Chen cast a disdainful glance at Yu Liang who was not far away, then walked down from the battle platform. According to the rules, the combatants would have to step down from the platform after the match and wait for the second drawing of lots.

Countless gazes fell upon Jiang Chen. That simple punch had earned Jiang Chen instant fame. Those geniuses who had yet to fight changed their view of Jiang Chen. All of them now prayed that they wouldn’t face this monstrous genius in the next round because the outcome was imaginable. Even a genius like Yu Liang was finished by just a strike of his. 

The following battles appeared more intense than the first, especially those battles where the combatants had the same cultivation base. The fierceness of these battles had no doubt ignited their passion.

Soon, the first round of battles ended, and it was time for the second drawing of lots. This time, the opponent of Jiang Chen conceded defeat even before going up to the platform.

Jiang Chen’s opponent, besides feeling sorry for himself, had no other feelings. He could only blame his fate, but having a bad fate and losing one’s life on purpose were two different things. One could live even without a good fate. It was already considered not bad that he’s still live. It was just that he had lost an opportunity, but if he confronted Jiang Chen in the battle platform, he was just asking for death. 

After witnessing the strength of Jiang Chen, no one dared to fight him because doing so would only be humiliating themselves in the end.

The fierce battles lasted for most of the day. Jiang Chen hadn’t had the chance to attack except for the punch he sent to Yu Liang earlier. All the geniuses who picked him conceded defeat even before the battle began.

Finally, Han Feng came forward to announce the ten selected geniuses. Apart from Jiang Chen, the other nine geniuses didn’t seem to be in good condition. Although they were all Immortal Venerables, they were physically and mentally exhausted. Some had even sustained heavy injuries from their fight.

In Jiang Chen’s opinion, these geniuses were worth nurturing. The fact that they could outlast about a hundred geniuses was enough to show their talent and perseverance. Plus, their performances in their respective battles were outstanding.

However, it would certainly take a long process to nurture these people. It was virtually impossible for them to be of any help to Nangong Wentian within a short period of time.

“The ten of you will return to your respective sects to get ready and recuperate. I’ll be waiting for you all tomorrow morning and take you to the Immortal Court.”

Han Feng spoke to the ten people, then gave highly valuable treasures to the major powers of those selected geniuses. This selection had not only boosted the fame of the geniuses but also the prestige of their respective major powers, especially Fengluo Sect. It was already considered excellent even though only one of the three geniuses they sent was selected. Besides, Jiang Chen’s performance was just too eye-catching, making it impossible for Fengluo Sect to stay low-profile. Fenghua Zi couldn’t stop smiling after receiving the reward from Han Feng.

Han Feng then flew away from the mountain but everyone knew that he would reappear again tomorrow.

The chosen geniuses were jubilant despite their injuries and exhaustion. A new door had been opened in their path. Not only would their future be inestimable, their status would also begin to grow.

Right after the departure of Han Feng, not feeling either excited nor bored, Jiang Chen left with Big Yellow back to the residence in Fengluo Sect. 

Things would become dull when one’s horizons had been broadened. In those geniuses’ eyes, the Immortal Court was a high and mighty existence. It was the highest institution in the Immortal World where many Great Sovereigns and cultivation resources could be found. It was undoubtedly a bliss to be able to become one of them.

But to Jiang Chen who had been to Sovereign Domain and Ancient Desolate Land, the Immortal Court was no longer attractive to him. Furthermore, he had already affronted three Immortal Courts. If it wasn’t to help Nangong Wentian, he didn’t have any intention of going to the Immortal Court at all.

Of course, given his current cultivation base and situation, he would benefit tremendously by going to the Immortal Court. After all, the normal places in the Immortal World were no longer challenging to him and he wasn’t qualified yet to step into the Sovereign Domain. Hence, the Immortal Court was the best option.

After returning to Fengluo Sect, Jiang Chen came to Jiang Zhenhai’s residence to bade farewell.

“Chen Er, just go and do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to worry about me here.”

Jiang Zhenhai was a very understanding person. He knew that Jiang Chen was a person who wanted to do great things. So he never interfered in his son’s matters, nor did he ask what his son did. He was very confident in his son. Sooner or later, the Immortal World would be turned into the world of Jiang Chen just like Saint Origin World.

Late at night, Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhenhai were sitting in the courtyard, chatting and drinking wine while Big Yellow was squatting at one side, looking completely bored. 

At this moment, a silhouette appeared all of a sudden. He was precisely Han Feng.

“It’s been a while, Brother Jiang. It’s great to see that your cultivation base has advanced once more,” Han Feng said with a smile. 

He had already discerned Jiang Chen’s cultivation base during the battles. A  month ago, Jiang Chen was still a late Immortal Emperor. Such speed of growth was too terrifying. Han Feng was still skeptical about the decision of Heaven Sovereign at first. Now, it seemed he was wrong.

“How’s everything, Elder Han.” Jiang Chen stretched out his hand, gesturing Han Feng to sit down.

Without hesitation, Han Feng sat on a chair. When his eyes fell upon Big Yellow, he was astonished because he couldn’t detect the true cultivation base of the dog even with his eyesight. Moreover, he could also sense pressure from Big Yellow. He was sure that the pressure of a Great Sovereign.

That was to say, this dog was a mighty Demon Sovereign! How astounding!

“What are you looking at old man? Have you never seen such a handsome dog before?!” Big Yellow cast a glare to Han Feng.

Han Feng quickly smiled at Big Yellow and recovered his senses.

“Chen Er, this is?” Jiang Zhenhai asked.

“Dad, this is Han Feng. He’s from the Immortal Court,” replied Jiang Chen.

When he heard Jiang Chen call the middle-aged man ‘father’, his attitude changed drastically, and immediately, he held his fists at Jiang Zhenhai. “So you are the father of Brother Jiang. Forgive my disrespect.”

Jiang Zhenhai was merely an expert who had advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. Given Han Feng’s status, he would never put Jiang Zhenhai in his eyes, however his identity as Jiang Chen’s father had changed everything. Han Feng couldn’t help but respect him.

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