Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1922

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Jiang Zhenhai greeted back with a smile and got to his feet, saying, “Chen Er, you and Elder Han can have a chat. I’ll make a move first.”

Jiang Zhenhai was incredibly clear that Jiang Chen was the reason Han Feng was showing respect to him. He also knew that Han Feng had come at this time because the man had something to speak to Jiang Chen. Knowing that his presence was inappropriate, he made the decision to leave.

“Elder Han, what brings you to my place so late at night?” Jiang Chen looked over at Han Feng.

“Can’t I come here just to have a chat with Brother Jiang?”

Han Feng smiled, his eyes brimming with admiration. “I’m afraid you can even fight me now, given your current strength. I had already known the outcome of the selection beforehand.”

“Can Elder Han tell me about the things in the Immortal Court first?”

Jiang Chen asked. To him, the Immortal Court was merely a high and mighty major power, unlike the Sovereign Domain whose existence was to protect the whole Immortal World from the Barbarian World.

As he would be going to the Immortal Court soon, it was necessary to have a certain understanding of the place beforehand.

“The present Immortal Court is basically under the full control of Star Sovereign. After all, he’s the lord of the Immortal Court during Heaven Sovereign’s absence. Not long after Heaven Sovereign returned, Heaven Sovereign was able to stay in the Heaven Sovereign Palace, which is the representation of the lord of Immortal Court, despite the powerful restrictions deployed there. Even if Star Sovereign wants to eliminate Heaven Sovereign, he won’t dare break into the palace because the consequences are too great,” Han Feng spoke. Knowing what Jiang Chen was asking, he went straight to the point.

“Star Sovereign naturally won’t step into Heaven Sovereign Palace to attack Ah Nan, but he can send others to kill Ah Nan,” said Jiang Chen.

“Heaven Sovereign Palace may not be as simple as you think, Brother Jiang. In the past, before Heaven Sovereign died, he had made sufficient preparations. The defensive barrier of Heaven Sovereign Palace can withstand the attacks of an average Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. If Star Sovereign tries to attack the restriction, it will cause a huge commotion and arouse the notice of the others. Furthermore, due to his lack of knowledge of Heaven Sovereign Palace, he didn’t know how powerful the force rebounded by the restrictions. So, no one will dare to break into Heaven Sovereign Palace to kill Heaven Sovereign. That’s to say, as long as Heaven Sovereign doesn’t leave Heaven Sovereign Palace, his life won’t be in danger.”

Han Feng said with a smile, feeling quite confident in Heaven Sovereign Palace.

“There’s also an important thing. Heaven Sovereign’s strength isn’t fully restored yet. He still needs some time before achieving full recovery. For the time being, he won’t pose any threat to Star Sovereign. Although everything in the Immortal Court is still within the control of Star Sovereign, Star Sovereign won’t do anything that will put Heaven Sovereign’s life in jeopardy, but the moment Heaven Sovereign left Heaven Sovereign Palace or the Immortal Court, it becomes hard to tell.” Han Feng said.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly. After hearing Han Feng’s words, he had gained a better understanding of Nangong Wentian’s current situation—which was really bad.

However, he also had no idea how he could help Nangong Wentian after arriving at the Immortal Court, because given his current strength, he virtually could do nothing to help.

“By the way, what are the cultivation bases of Heaven Sovereign and Star Sovereign?” asked Jiang Chen with curiosity.

“Star Sovereign is a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. In the Great Sovereign realm, the first three grades are categorised as low-ranking Great Sovereigns, the next three grades are middle-ranking Great Sovereigns, and the last three grades are the high-ranking Great Sovereigns. As for Heaven Sovereign, I was unable to see through his cultivation base,” Han Feng said. 

Although he didn’t know the cultivation base of Nangong Wentian, he was certain that Nangong Wentian’s cultivation base had exceeded the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

Despite the fact that Jiang Chen had no idea on how he could help Nangong Wentian, he knew that Nangong Wentian was short handed at the moment. Even though some of the elders like Han Feng would be willing to follow him, those experts were still carefully watched by the people of Star Sovereign.

This had to be the reason Nangong Wentian needed Jiang Chen.

In any case, he was going to the Immortal Court. He was duty-bound to help his brother when his brother was in a pinch.

The morning of the next day! 

Han Feng had gone to Monarch Mountain early in the morning. When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived there, they discovered that nine of the selected geniuses had arrived. Each of their faces was full of excitement. Their condition was tremendously better compared to the day before. They had almost recovered from their injuries. After all, those kind of injuries were nothing to an Immortal Venerable, given their speed of recovery.

“Elder Han Feng.”

All of them bowed to Han Feng in unison. Each of them was eager to leave a good impression in Han Feng’s head by displaying their humble side.

Then, they looked at Jiang Chen and smiled slightly. All of them knew Jiang Chen’s power, and that they couldn’t afford to affront this person. They had to regard him like a friend because even with their talent, they were nothing in the Immortal Court. They were too weak if they were compared to the geniuses in the Immortal Court. They might even be bullied by the seniors. Which was why they needed to stay united, and Jiang Chen was probably the only one that could stand up for them if they got into trouble. 

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