Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1923

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Jiang Chen smiled back. Naturally, he was glad that the nine of them had chosen to be on the same side. In any case, these geniuses could be useful to him and Heaven Sovereign.

“These are your identity jade tokens. You can store a part of your divine sense in it. From now on, all of you are members of the Immortal Court.”

Han Feng waved; tokens emitting green light rushed out and landed on each of their hands.

Hurriedly, they instilled their divine sense into it. They cherished this token very much as it represented their identity. With this token, they were now officially an expert of the Immortal Court, and had stepped into the legendary holy land.

This was an unforgettable moment to them and the turning point in their fate.

Afterwards, Han Feng took out a golden spiritual talisman which gave off a buzzing sound and consisted of extremely strong spatial energy.

Han Feng waved, striking out a ray of light. The spiritual talisman then burst, turning into a spatial door connected to a long passageway. All their eyes fell upon it. They knew very well that it was the path that led to the Immortal Court.

“Let’s go.” Han Feng was the first to step into the spatial door. 

“What are your names?”

When they were inside the passageway, Han Feng turned to the nine of them and asked, his hand holding a list which he didn’t pay attention to. After all, he had focused all his attention on Jiang Chen.

“Elder Han, I’m called Lu Yishan.”

“My name is Yang Ming.”

“I’m Wei Yun.”


The nine of them spoke out their names without delay, eagerly hoping that Han Feng would remember them. It would be a major advantage to them if they were remembered by a half-step Sovereign.

“En, not bad. The fact you all are selected is sufficient to show that your talent and perseverance are first-rate, but don’t be too proud. Although you are now the top geniuses amongst the various major powers, given your cultivation base, you are merely at the bottom rank in the Immortal Court. There are even young Great Sovereigns in the Immortal Court. You all still have a very long path to go. Moreover, the competition amongst geniuses is incredibly fierce. So I suggest that the few of you should stick together, otherwise, your life in the Immortal Court is going to be really tough.” Han Feng reminded with goodwill.

“Thank you, elder.”

The nine of them replied in unison, and immediately after that, their eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. One of the youths in black sackcloth walked towards Jiang Chen and said, “Brother Jiang, I, Yang Ming, will be your follower from now on.”

Seeing Yang Ming’s action, the others hastily moved forth and expressed the same intention.

They weren’t idiots. Especially after hearing Han Feng’s words, they knew that they needed to stay united if they wished to have a smooth-sailing life in the Immortal Court. However, they must find a backer to establish cohesion. Jiang Chen was undoubtedly the right person for the position. After all, they had all witnessed the power of Jiang Chen.

Their actions made Han Feng smile. This was what he had wished to see. In any case, these geniuses were recruited by him, and he naturally hoped that Jiang Chen could lead them all.

“Good. As long as we stay united, not even the senior disciples in the Immortal Court could bully us,” said Jiang Chen.

“Well, from now on, Brother Jiang is our boss,” Lu Yishan said with a smile.

The others responded positively and felt bonded in an instant. All of them had intended to bear the struggle in the Immortal Court individually before this, but given the situation, they had to redefine the relationship amongst them, wiping away all the grudges in the past. They needed to start a new life now that they had reached the Immortal Court.

“Elder Han, what kind of title is given to us when we reach the Immortal Court?” Wei Yun asked. 

It would be beneficial to them if they knew a little more about the Immortal Court.

“Title? Of course, you will start as ordinary disciples. There isn’t much division amongst the disciples of the Immortal Court. There are only two types of disciples—ordinary disciples and core disciples. All disciples below Great Sovereign realm, including those with half-step Sovereign cultivation base are all ordinary disciples. One can only be called a core disciple when one has reached the mighty Sovereign realm, but there aren’t many core disciples. Those who have reached the Immortal Sovereign realm aren’t young anymore. However, the ordinary disciples are divided into groups by their cultivation base. Although all of them are ordinary disciples, the difference in cultivation base creates the difference in status.” Han Feng explained.

The rest of them nodded. What Han Feng said was right. This was a world where only the strong were respected, strength was the most important. There was still a large gap between the ordinary disciples. For instance, none of them was a match for Jiang Chen.

At the same time, Han Feng’s words had broadened their horizons. Before that, they felt that they were incredible to have achieved the Immortal Venerable realm at such a young age. Only when they came into contact with the Immortal Court did they know that their knowledge was extremely limited, just like a frog in the bottom of a well. There were too many geniuses in the Immortal Court. There were even young Great Sovereigns, a level that was too far-fetched to them.

“Don’t feel dispirited. The Great Sovereigns were also once Immortal Venerables like you. They persevered in cultivating and achieved their goal eventually. The resources in the Immortal Court will be very helpful to your cultivation. Moreover, there are many training environments and fights in the Immortal Court that will stimulate your growth.” Han Feng said. He definitely couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm at this moment.

Jiang Chen, who was listening at the side, suddenly felt that the Immortal Court was even more complicated than what he had imagined. There were nine Immortal Domains in the Immortal World, each of which was governed by an Immortal Court. And like any of the major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, each of these Immortal Courts consisted of internal strife.

This was normal, however. There would be conflicts if there were different forces. The larger the number of forces, the more intense the conflict. It was unavoidable even in the Immortal Court.

Soon, they reached the end of the passageway. A dazzling light shone ahead of them. In front of them was a high and mighty spatial zone called the Immortal Court.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

A gust of wind howled. As the spatial passageway was more stable than usual, they landed with no difficulty. 

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