Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1924

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They were instantly refreshed and their mood was improved by the rich immortal qi of the environment. 

“What a strong immortal qi! The immortal qi here is at least three times stronger compared to Fengchi Immortal Domain. This is indeed the spatial zone of the Immortal Court.”

“That’s right. This place is the true place of cultivation. It’s a paradise for cultivators. I’m very honoured to be able to cultivate here.”

“That’s right. We must cultivate well.”  


Several people spoke with excitement and longing for the future.

There was only Jiang Chen who looked composed. He might be a little excited if he hadn’t been to Sovereign Domain before. But right now, he felt nothing. It was no doubt that the immortal qi here was strong, but compared to the immortal qi in Sovereign Domain, the difference was significant.

Scanning the surroundings with his divine sense, he found out that the spatial zone was boundlessly vast. At the centre, he saw lots of golden buildings and rows of ornate palaces. There were also other palaces and mountains with buildings of all sorts of shapes suspended in the air, and towering ancient towers with immeasurable height.

These buildings had been connected together in a unique way, spreading across thousands of miles. The magnificence of these structures filled people with awe, and the noble qi emanated from them was incomparable to any major power.

“Let’s go. We can enter the Immortal Court now,” Han Feng said, then flew forward.

Each of them followed suit, feeling thrilled, except for Jiang Chen who still looked as composed, and Big Yellow who looked bored as if nothing here interested him.

In front of the gates of the Immortal Court stood five or six soldiers in golden armour. Their eyes gave people the feeling that their souls were suppressed. More importantly, the lowest cultivation base amongst them was at the early Immortal Venerable realm, which was the lowest cultivation realm in the Immortal Court, just like the First Grade Great Sovereign realm in Sovereign Domain.

The nine of them couldn’t help but sigh. At last, they decided to brush all their arrogance away because an Immortal Venerable was nothing in the Immortal Court. An early Immortal Venerable might only be able to guard the gates of the Immortal Court.

“Elder Han, so they are the newly-recruited disciples?”

One of the guards spoke hastily when he saw Han Feng. He, too, was an intermediate Immortal Venerable youth. He should be the leader of this lot.

“That’s right. I’m going to assign them to their accommodation now.”

Han Feng replied with a smile, then strode towards the interior of the Immortal Court. The geniuses behind him followed suit in silence, being as unfamiliar as they were with everything around here. Anyone here could give them a trace of pressure.

“It seems the Immortal Domain is no longer as good as the last time. These is just how powerful the new disciples are.”

“Yeah. There are just ten of them. And our Immortal Court doesn’t seem to lack geniuses like them.”

“I heard that this recruitment was the idea of Heaven Sovereign. Elder Han was merely following the orders of Heaven Sovereign.”

“Heaven Sovereign is behind the times. The Immortal Court is currently ruled by Star Sovereign. It won’t benefit us at all by following Heaven Sovereign. This explained why Heaven Sovereign wanted to recruit these so-called geniuses, but I’m afraid none of them is a capable one.”


The guards began gossiping after they left, their words full of contempt.

Their thoughts were logical because the Immortal Court didn’t lack Immortal Venerables. In their point of view, it was no use even if Heaven Sovereign recruited all ten of them because it’s unknown when these so-called geniuses were going to become capable enough.

At the outermost of the Immortal Court was a desolate mountain peak. There were courtyards built on top of the summit. Han Feng led all of them here.

“This place will be your residence and place of cultivation from today onwards. This is a mountain peak specially created for you all to save unnecessary trouble that will arise if you live with the other ordinary disciples.” Han Feng said.

“It’s good that we have our private place,” said Wei Yun.

All of them were quite satisfied with such a cultivation environment. In any case, here was a lot better than their cultivation place before.

“Alright. Go and have some rest then. Jiang Chen, come with me.”

After a quick arrangement, Han Feng left with Jiang Chen. It wasn’t his concern that the other nine geniuses had been recruited to the Immortal Court, because they were only here because of Jiang Chen. Without Jiang Chen, he was afraid that they might not have the chance to come here in their lifetime.

“Brother Jiang Chen, I’ll bring you to meet Heaven Sovereign now,” said Han Feng.

“Won’t it arouse the notice of Star Sovereign if I go visit Heaven Sovereign now?” Jiang Chen said with a frown.

“Suspicion? The people of the Immortal Court aren’t fools. It was the idea of Heaven Sovereign to recruit you all. Star Sovereign didn’t object it because he wouldn’t put any of you in his eyes. Everyone, including the guards, knew that you all are recruited by Heaven Sovereign because Heaven Sovereign is short-handed. No one will care about you all because all of you are too weak. To put it in another way, what storm can you set off even if you are loyal to Heaven Sovereign?”

Han Feng continued with a smile, “Of course, by visiting Heaven Sovereign now, you will arouse the notice of others. Those who caught Heaven Sovereign’s attention must have extraordinary talent. I believe that some genius disciples will come and challenge you not long after this, which will be a good chance for you to train and grow. With your capability, what else do you have to worry about?”


Jiang Chen showed a middle-finger to Han Feng because he felt as though he had been deceived by this old bastard. It seemed like his life here wasn’t going to be peaceful.

However, he was already mentally prepared for this. In the first place, he never expected a serene life in the Immortal Court, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come.

Furthermore, what Han Feng said was correct. There won’t be improvement without fierce fighting. With his current strength, it was unrealistic to provide any real help to Nangong Wentian. It was most important to constantly improve his strength now.

“We are about to reach Heaven Sovereign Palace,” said Han Feng.

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. He was thrilled at the thought of meeting his brother again, however he hadn’t thought that this was how he would meet Nangong Wentian again. 

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