Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1929

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Jiang Chen darted Wei Yun a glare and spoke in a cold tone, “I don’t need your advice on the things I do. You can quit if you are scared. I don’t like people who are timid.”

A jolt went down Wei Yun’s spine, and he fell silent instantly. The cold and piercing eyes of Jiang Chen made him feel as though his soul had been plunged into an icy cave.

“Brother Jiang, Wei Yun is just worried about our safety.”

“Don’t speak as you please in front of Brother Jiang, Wei Yun.”

“That’s right. Brother Jiang knows how to handle things. What are you worried about?”


The others immediately went forth to pacify Jiang Chen. Cold sweat was trickling down Wei Yun’s face. 

At the same time, Wei Yun felt that he was being too timid, which wasn’t really his character; he was beginning to admire Jiang Chen’s boldness.

Jie…Jie…the Immortal Court is going to lose its peace after your arrival.”

Big Yellow displayed an insidious smile. He had been standing at one side, watching Jiang Chen fight the battles quietly.

“This has always been our style. Sometimes, resources have to be robbed, and battles have to be fought in order to grow,” said Jiang Chen. 

It was his fearlessness that had brought him to where he was today, and it would continue to bring him further.

Five minutes later, a strong qi appeared in the sky. In a matter of a few blinks, six people materialised on the summit. Apart from the two, there were four stronger experts. The two of the four were intermediate Immortal Venerables like Qiao Huan. The other two were mighty late Immortal Venerables.

The leader wore a black robe. Aside from the fact that he had slightly dark skin, he also had a striking appearance. He was standing at the forefront which clearly indicated his position amongst his peers. Needless to say, this man was Li Song.

“Cultivation base of peak late Immortal Venerable realm. Which means he’s only a step away from the half-step Sovereign realm. Little Chen, I’m afraid you will need your dragon form to deal with him.” Big Yellow whispered.

“There’s no harm in doing so.”

Jiang Chen smiled unconcernedly. His dragon form was never a secret. It was his common battle form. The appearance of Li Song had ignited his combat spirit. He hadn’t fought a true battle since his advancement to the Venerable realm. This was a good time for him to test his powers.

“Brother Li, it’s him.” One of the followers of Qiao Huan pointed to Jiang Chen and said.

Li Song’s gaze had already fallen unto Jiang Chen. Fury boiled inside him when he saw his three underlings lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

“Preposterous! How dare you wound the people of Brother Li?!” One man behind Li Song bellowed.

“Why has the lapdog barked before his master?” Jiang Chen mocked.

“Jiang Chen, who are you calling a lapdog?”

The disciple snapped. Given his status, no one had ever dared to insult him.

“What’s the matter? You aren’t convinced? Let’s have a battle then.” Jiang Chen provoked.


The disciple was at a loss for words. Like Qiao Huan, he was also merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable. Considering that even Qiao Huan was trampled under Jiang Chen’s foot, he would probably face the same outcome if he confronted Jiang Chen. Initially, he intended to show off his abilities in front of Brother Li Song, however the opponent didn’t seem the slightest bit intimidated by Li Song.

Li Song waved, gesturing the disciple to calm down, while his eyes were sizing up Jiang Chen as though trying to see through Jiang Chen, but what he got was only disappointment.

“You are Jiang Chen?” Li Song asked.

“What’s the point of asking something you already know?” Jiang Chen blurted out disrespectfully.

Li Song’s eyes were blazing with fury. Given his status and identity in the Immortal Court, he was respected wherever he went. He found it unacceptable when he detected the hint of contempt from Jiang Chen’s response.

“Save us, Brother Li.”

Qiao Huan yelled faintly and shamefully. He saw hope once more when he saw the arrival of Li Song.

“Let go of them, Jiang Chen.” Li Song ordered.

Jiang Chen extended his arm. “4.2 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones. You cannot give me any less than that.”

“Son of a b**ch!”

The late Immortal Venerable next to Li Song bellowed as he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Who the hell are you?” Jiang Chen darted an unconcerned glance at the man.

“Jiang Chen, as a newcomer, aren’t you being overly arrogant? It seems like you aren’t going to realize your own limitations unless I teach you a hard lesson,” the disciple said sternly.

“You’d better not attack, otherwise, the ransom of one person will be added to the total,” Jiang Chen reminded kindly.

“What a conceited bastard! I’m Wei Hui, do you dare to fight me?”

As a late Immortal Venerable, he had never been challenged by another person. In any case, he was going to teach this ignorant kid a good lesson to regain his dignity.

“A fight? Bring it on.”

Jiang Chen was fearless. It was his wish to be able to fight a late Immortal Venerable genius. Given his current combat strength, he could kill any ordinary late Immortal Venerable with a single blow. If he used his dragon form, only late Immortal Venerable geniuses had the right to fight him.

“Okay. I’ll beat you until you are begging on the ground like a dog.” Wu Hui announced proudly.

“You do have a big mouth, but I wonder if you really have the abilities.”

Jiang Chen said. Powerful waves of qi rolled around his body as his body began to transform, turning into a half-dragon-half-human in an instant.

“What on earth is this?”

Many of them were surprised by what they saw. No one had never met Jiang Chen, so none of them had any idea how strong Jiang Chen was. This was also Lu Yishan and his comrades’ first time seeing Jiang Chen’s dragon form. Their eyes were full of amazement.

“This is a powerful transformation technique. I can feel that Brother Jiang’s strength has increased by tenfold.”

“That’s correct. Tenfold increase in combat strength. That’s too scary.”

“It seems like we have underestimated Brother Jiang once more. He’s really a remarkable genius of his generation. I’m afraid that he’s capable enough to fight even a late Immortal Venerable opponent.”


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