Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1931

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The reason they thought in such a way was very simple – Li Song not only had incredible strength, but also had strong support.

“Who’s that man? He must have too much of a nerve to fight Li Song. I’m certain that he doesn’t even know the word ‘death’.”

“Don’t underestimate that man. Didn’t you see those people lying on the ground? It could be his doing.”

“The newcomers nowadays are just too full of themselves. They even dared to put Li Song out of their eyes. They are so ignorant, just like newborn calves.”


Numerous ordinary disciples had come to watch the battle. Wherever Jiang Chen was, there wouldn’t be peace in that place. There was no doubt about it. All along, all the places that Jiang Chen visited had never been peaceful.

The dragon wings on Jiang Chen’s back fluttered, lifting him up to the sky and reached Li Song, facing him. Layers of qi waves no weaker than Li Song’s surged out Jiang Chen’s body.

“Jiang Chen, I, Li Song, will teach you a good lesson today so that you’ll learn how to behave decently next time.”

Li Song then sent a fist at Jiang Chen. The terrifying qi waves produced by the punch turned into a howling qi dragon.

Li Song’s attack was very incredible, but it didn’t concern Jiang Chen. Li Song was without a doubt powerful, but Jiang Chen wasn’t any weaker than him either. 

Jiang Chen struck out the True Dragon Palm once more. The horrifying dragon claw charged forward, ripping apart the qi dragon, causing it to explode; an enormous black vortex appeared in the void.

I didn’t expect that the combat strength of this bastard would be this terrifying despite the fact that he’s just an early Immortal Venerable. What a monstrous talent! If my cultivation base hasn’t reached the peak of Venerable realm, I might not be a match for him.

Li Song thought. He was somewhat shocked upon seeing Jiang Chen crushing his attack with one strike. He had always been proud of his abilities. No one in the young generation ever dared to disobey him. The appearance of Jiang Chen had utterly provoked him. It went without saying that if he was on the same level as Jiang Chen, he would most probably end up like Qiao Huan.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t seem to have an advantage over Jiang Chen even with his current cultivation base.

“Li Song, if this is all you have, I advise you to concede defeat to avoid shaming yourself,” shouted Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you be all-over yourself. I’m going to fulfil your death wish.”

Li Song was truly infuriated. The rippling waves of qi around his body intensified. 

“Take my Nine Heavy Waves!”

This was Li Song’s trump card. It converted all the energy in his body into nine layers of waves, each of which represented a different degree of horror. The opponent that was struck by this attack would feel as if he had been plunged into an ocean that contained no bounds and hope.

All nine waves had been cast out by him in just a matter of a few blinks. These nine waves of energy trapped Jiang Chen within like a spatial barrier.

“Good. This is how a fight should look like.”

A hint of passion appeared on Jiang Chen’s face as he saw the extraordinary waves. He longed for such battle. It would be a meaningless match if Li Song’s attack was too weak. The stronger his opponent, the more excited he was. This battle ignited his combat intent, making him go all out to test his true combat strength.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen performed a few hand seals. A moment later, horrifying dragons of five different attributes emerged, and rushed out from all directions.

These five types of dragons were going to wreak havoc on all things.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The roars of the dragons resounded in the sky. The shadows of dragons were seen colliding fiercely with Li Song’s Nine Heavy Waves, throwing the sky above in chaos. Fragments of the void were ripped apart. Such a battle was too shocking.

Countless eyes were glued on the battlefield. Right now, no one looked down on Jiang Chen anymore. All of them were completely amazed, wondering when did such a heaven-defying existence appear in Fengchi Immortal Domain.

“How could he be this terrifying?”

“That’s right. We are also early Immortal Venerables, but why is the gap so tremendous? Alas!”

“Who do you think will win?”

“It’s hard to say. I feel that Li Song has a higher chance of winning. After all, it isn’t easy to deal with the Nine Heavy Waves, which was Li Song’s famous technique. Plus, his cultivation base is about to break through to the half-step Sovereign soon. Although Jiang Chen is heaven-defying, he’s merely an early Immortal Venerable. I don’t believe he can jump so many levels of cultivation base and defeat Li Song.”


Neither one could remain calm. Qiao Huan and his comrades now realised how ignorant they were. What gave them the right to come here and ask for protection fees from Jiang Chen? They could only blame themselves for having such an outcome.

Lu Yishan and the others were feeling extremely excited. Jiang Chen’s power had renewed their perspective once more, however, they were growing numb to such changes. They might not be too surprised if Jiang Chen could defeat Li Song.

*Hong Long……*

The battle situation was extremely intense. Both the Five Elemental Dragons and the Nine Heavy Waves were still colliding with one another, determined to destroy each other.

“I’m done playing with you. Slaughter Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen’s qi changed once again, his body filling with boundless killing intent. He had mastered the Dao of Slaughter a long time ago. A blood-red slaughter dragon was then struck out into the battlefield.

*Hong Long……*

At this point, the Nine Heavy Waves could no longer resist. It began to break and then crumbled eventually.


The Nine Heavy Waves was destroyed by Jiang Chen’s slaughter dragon. Immediately, Li Song felt a tremendous backlash, and spurted out a mouthful of blood. The Nine Heavy Waves was his strongest attack and was closely linked to his body. Therefore, it was imaginable how much damage the destruction of the Nine Heavy Waves impacted him.

“How is this possible?” Li Song’s pupils contracted as he stared at Jiang Chen in shock.  

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