Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1932

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Li Song simply couldn’t accept all of these, especially the fact that an early Immortal Venerable could be this heaven-defying.

The whole scene fell silent. Their eyes and mouth were wide open. None of them had thought of such an outcome. None of them believed that Jiang Chen could defeat Li Song, after all, it was known that Li Song was powerful enough to fight any ordinary half-step Sovereign.

Almost no one dared to believe that a monstrous genius that came out of nowhere defeated Li Song while being merely an early Immortal Venerable.

This was just too startling.

“What kind of monstrous power does this bastard have? Could he be a God that was banished to this world?”

“Yeah. He’s just too heaven-defying. Is he really an early Immortal Venerable?”

“Furthermore, did you all realise that he hasn’t suffered any backlash from the technique even though he has been using it for a period of time?”

“Yes. This bastard is going to rise to fame after this battle. Even Li Song is defeated by him. I’m afraid we can’t find someone as talented as him even in the Immortal Court. This is going to draw the attention of the mighty Immortal Sovereigns and higher-ups. In any case, he’s going to be heavily trained and nurtured by the Immortal Court.”


Everyone had yet to regain their senses, but they were almost certain that Jiang Chen would become famous after this. The higher-ups of the Immortal Court would no doubt, attach great importance to him.

“Don’t feel too anxious. The battle isn’t over yet. Plus, don’t forget that the grandfather of Li Song is a Second Grade Great Sovereign. I believe that Li Song still has other means,” someone spoke to remind the crowd. 

All eyes fell upon the battlefield above once more. Apart from the shock on Li Song’s face, there was also fury. Despite the huge backlash he had received from the Nine Heavy Waves, he didn’t seem scared.

Apparently, just like the man had just said, Li Song probably still had other means.

“Jiang Chen, I never thought that you would be so powerful, but don’t you feel delighted just yet because you aren’t going to end up well after offending me.” Li Song tidied his robe, and said to Jiang Chen maliciously.

“Don’t you lie. What other means do you have?” Jiang Chen sneered.

Li Song turned his hand and a golden red pill appeared on his palm. There was a flickering shadow of a dragon inside the pill. Despite being far away, Jiang Chen could sense the horrifying energy emanated from the pill.

“I have been wanting to use this pill to break through to the half-step Sovereign realm but there was no opportunity. Although I’m heavily wounded right now, my bottleneck is unblocked, making this the precise moment for me to break through to the next realm. As long as I consume this pill, my cultivation base will instantly rise to half-step Sovereign realm. By that time, killing you is just as easy as crushing an insect,” said Li Song smugly.


However, just as Li Song’s words trailed away, a ray of golden light appeared before him unnoticeably. Li Song felt a mild pain from his arm as though he had been pulled by some force. Then, the pill on his palm was gone. When he regained his senses, the pill had already fallen into Jiang Chen’s possession.


Big Yellow laughed insidiously. Li Song glared at him. He was sure that this dog was the one who stole his pill a moment ago.

“Damned dog! How dare you steal my pill?!”

Li Song had the urge to spurt out blood. The longyang pill was incomparably precious and it was specially concocted for him. He had been keeping the pill because he hadn’t found the right time to consume it. Today, fighting Jiang Chen had benefited him enormously.

He planned to refine the pill and break through to half-step Sovereign, however he hadn’t thought that a dog would steal away his pill at lightning speed. He couldn’t help feeling infuriated.

Where did this dog came from? How could he move that fast?

“F***! What’s that dog? He also has extraordinary capability.”

“Li Song has suffered a great loss this time. Even the Longyang Pill was stolen by the dog and was now in Jiang Chen’s possession. This was like giving a luxurious gift to your opponent.”

“F*** that dog! I estimate that Li Song feels like dying now. That pill is his hope of breaking through to half-step Sovereign realm.”


The spectators didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after seeing how boastful Li Song was a moment ago. Many of them could discern that Big Yellow was also  not an ordinary figure. That kind of speed was too fast even for Li Song.

This incident had happened not because Li Song had overlooked Big Yellow, but Big Yellow was just too powerful.

As a matter of fact, even if Li Song focused all of his attention on Big Yellow, it would still be simple for Big Yellow to snatch the pill from him. Even if Li Song placed the pill in his mouth, Big Yellow could still make him spit it out. After all, the gap between them was too significant.

“Little Chen, the main effect of this pill is to help experts break through to half-step Sovereign realm. A peak Immortal Venerable will take this pill to advance to half-step Sovereign realm. It has an eighty percent chance of success. If you find the perfect moment, your advancement is basically 100 percent. That brat took out the pill because he had found the right time, but unfortunately, he had met Master Dog…Ka…Ka…”

Big Yellow was incomparably thrilled. He was always adept in stealing people’s things.

“Besides that, any Immortal Venerable expert that consumes this pill will advance one cultivation realm. By swallowing this pill, you will immediately advance to intermediate Immortal Venerable realm. At that time, not even a half-step Sovereign is your match.” Big Yellow continued.

“That’s so good.”

Upon hearing what Big Yellow had said, brilliant light shone from Jiang Chen’s eyes. Advancement was too important to him. Using the Longyang Pill to advance to intermediate Immortal Venerable realm wouldn’t bring him any side effect or affect his foundation. This was exactly what he needed.

This gift of Li Song was definitely more precious than the 4 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones. 

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