Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1933

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“Jiang Chen, give me back the pill.” Li Song clamoured at Jiang Chen.

“Give it back to you? Now that it’s in my hand, how can I return it?”

Jiang Chen smiled. It was a joke to return the treasure to Li Song because it was similarly important to him. If he advanced to intermediate Immortal Venerable realm, he was virtually invincible amongst the ordinary disciples.

“Jiang Chen, you better not go too far. As long as you return the pill to me, I’ll wipe the slate clean.”

Li Song’s tone began to soften. Despite the hatred he had for Jiang Chen, he felt compelled to soften himself up for the sake of the Longyang Pill. The price of such a pill was too tremendous. It was in fact priceless. His grandfather had made a lot of effort to produce this pill. He wouldn’t be able to accept it if it was taken away by another person just like that.

“Do you all think Jiang Chen will return the Longyang pill to Li Song?”

“Absolutely not. Haven’t you seen that this Jiang Chen isn’t someone ordinary? Otherwise, there won’t be so many of them lying motionlessly on the ground. Normally, the likes of this monstrous genius are extremely arrogant. I’m afraid he won’t care even if Li Song is supported by someone very powerful.”

“That’s right. If I were him, I also wouldn’t hand the pill back to Li Song. After all, the hostility between the two of them is already irreconcilable. Moreover, if the pill is given back, Li Song will instantly advance to half-step Sovereign realm, and Jiang Chen will surely be in trouble at that time.”


Numerous disciples began discussing about it. There was a saying that said ‘the spectators never minded if the incident would get bigger and more serious’. The more intense it was, the more excited they became. The Immortal Court hadn’t been so noisy for a long time. Many of them wanted to see if Jiang Chen could hold until the end. Every ordinary disciple knew that the outcome of offending Li Song wouldn’t be pleasant.

Jiang Chen stared at the Longyang Pill in his hand with a contemplating look. When Li Song felt that Jiang Chen would certainly return the pill to him, Jiang Chen tossed the pill into his mouth and swallowed it.


Li Song was dumbfounded for a short moment before lunging at Jiang Chen furiously.

“Jiang Chen, you bastard! How dare you take my pill? That’s mine! That’s MINE!” 

Li Song seemed to have gone insane. All he could think of right now was to get his possession back.


Jiang Chen launched out a True Dragon Palm, sending Li Song away. Considering that Li Song had been heavily injured, and had already lost his rationality, he was no match for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t even put him in his eyes when Li Song was still on his top form.


After the Longyang Pill entered Jiang Chen’s body, rich medicinal energy exploded inside his body and rushed towards his limbs and bones like tides. Even with his composure, he couldn’t help being surprised by the immense energy.

Immediately, he circulated the dragon transformation skill, began guiding the energy towards his Qi Sea and refining it at a frantic rate.

One thousand new dragon marks were formed, then two thousand…ten thousand…twenty thousand.

The speed of the formation of dragon marks was just too fast. That refreshed feeling of comfort made Jiang Chen want to let out a loud shout.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll kill you!”

Seeing the continuous rise of Jiang Chen’s qi, both of Li Song’s eyes turned red. A combat sword had appeared in his hand before he slashed it frantically at Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen had become the mortal enemy he must shred to pieces.

The pill was supposed to belong to him. The feeling of watching his enemy consuming the energy of the pill to advance his cultivation base was unimaginably infuriating. It wouldn’t help to pacify his anger even if he spurted out a basin of blood.

To him, it was too detestable!

Unfortunately, he could no longer set off any waves in front of Jiang Chen. He was sent flying by Jiang Chen’s kick before he even reached Jiang Chen.

Presently, Jiang Chen didn’t pay much attention to Li Song. All his focus was placed on refinement and absorption, as nothing was more important than advancing his cultivation.

The number of dragon marks was increasing exponentially. In just a matter of minutes, the total number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea had already reached 1 550 000, which was exactly the number that he needed to break through to intermediate Immortal Venerable realm.

*Ka Cha!*

Then, there was a boom. It was the sound of breakthrough. A vast amount of Immortal Meta Stones were being refined by Jiang Chen. Instantly, his cultivation base reached intermediate Immortal Venerable realm.

Even so, the medicinal energy of the Longyang Pill still hadn’t been exhausted until an extra 10 000 dragon marks had been added into his Qi Sea.

“1 560 000 dragon marks. This is truly a pill that allows one to break through to half-step Sovereign realm. Its effect is extraordinary. Not only have I advanced one level, but also the foundation of my cultivation base remains stabilized and unaffected and became even stronger than before. It’s a perfect pill.”

Jiang Chen was overjoyed. It seemed like his trip to the Immortal Court wasn’t in vain after all.

“Son of a b***ch…!”

Li Song felt like crying when he saw Jiang Chen successfully advance a cultivation realm. It felt as though one of the most important people in his life had been taken away by Jiang Chen.


Without another word, Jiang Chen sent a slap to Li Song, slamming him to the ground where he lay as motionless as a dead dog.

Jiang Chen then grabbed the back of Li Song’s neck and hurled him to Qiao Huan’s side. Adding Li Song, there were five people lying on the ground now. 

“Jiang Chen, what do you want?”

Li Song gritted his teeth. He had lost all of his face and reputation today, but these losses were nothing compared to the loss of the Longyang Pill. He felt a pang of pain whenever he thought of the pill.

“What do I want? I am going to wait for people to pay the ransom for your release. If no one comes, you all will continue to lie here,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.


Li Song spurted out a mouthful of blood and almost fainted. Why would he be unlucky enough to meet such a rascal who wanted payment for their freedom even after taking away his very precious Longyang Pill? Jiang Chen was definitely the most shameless person he had ever encountered.

“Damn it! This bastard must be crazy. Doesn’t he know what situation he’s in right now?”

“This is getting interesting. I would like to see how this bastard will end up if this continues.”


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