Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1934

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Numerous disciples thought that Jiang Chen should stop what he was doing because it wouldn’t be favourable to him. After all, he had already gotten the Longyang Pill. Everyone knew that Li Song was supported by someone very powerful. His grandfather was the one that Jiang Chen couldn’t afford to offend.

“Wei Yun, go and get a chair for me,” Jiang Chen said to Wei Yun.


Wei Yun turned, then went to the courtyard and returned with a chair engraved with the drawings of tigers and placed it behind Jiang Chen. Wei Yun and his comrades were utterly impressed by Jiang Chen. The incidents that happened today made their blood boil. Not only would they be loyal to Jiang Chen, but also regard Jiang Chen as their idol.

Jiang Chen sat down on the chair in a relaxed manner, and crossed his leg.

He was an intelligent man. He knew what he was doing and that there was someone powerful supporting Li Song. In fact, this was the reason he hadn’t let them go yet. His objective of coming to the Immortal Court was to help Nangong Wentian, but after arriving here, he found out that the matters were more complex than what he had imagined.

Currently, almost everyone in the Immortal Court had regarded Star Sovereign the ruler as Heaven Sovereign had disappeared for too long. Not many people acknowledged the latter as their leader even though he had returned.

Jiang Chen was very clear that even if he found the Ancient Shape Bloodline in the Miniature Fengchi World, which would then help Heaven Sovereign recover to his peak state, it still wouldn’t guarantee that Heaven Sovereign could rule the Immortal Court.

This wouldn’t be an easy process. In order to regain power in the Immortal Court, one must start by crumbling the enemy forces indirectly, and gradually establish one’s own forces.

This was why he wanted to cause more trouble for these disciples. He wanted the entire Immortal Court to be thrown into chaos. Only then could he have the chance to recruit potential allies.

All along, he had now no idea when this chance would come. But at the present moment, it seemed the chance had presented itself, hence he absolutely couldn’t let go of it.

“Jiang Chen, you ignorant piece of s**t! You will pay a hefty price for what you did!”

Li Song bellowed continuously on the ground, but was unable to get up due to the pressure of Jiang Chen’s qi.

“What a loser! If I were you, I would remain silent and pray for someone to save me,” said Jiang Chen plainly as he stretched out his hand to pat Li Song’s head.


Li Song spurted out another mouthful of blood. It was too suffocating. Given his identity and status, he had always been respected and admired by the other ordinary disciples. Today, he had encountered an audacious bastard who dared to pat his head like a dog. This was a grievance he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life.

“Brother Jiang, isn’t this going a little too far?”

Lu Yishan, who was standing beside Jiang Chen, spoke carefully. Taking into account that this was their first day arriving at the Immortal Court, they shouldn’t continue causing more troubles.

“Not to worry. Someone will surely come to redeem them. Later, we’ll divide the ransom equally.”

Jiang Chen spoke with composure. Given the status of Li Song in the Immortal Court, he was certain that someone would come in no time.  

Lu Yishan shook his head, admitting to himself that he didn’t have the nerve to demand such a ransom.

Just as Jiang Chen had expected. A few minutes had merely passed before a strong qi came rushing from the depths of the Immortal Court, reaching the summit in the blink of an eye. It was an elder with a cultivation base of half-step Sovereign. He must have a certain status in the Immortal Court just like Elder Han Feng.

His facial expression changed dramatically when he saw the scene on the summit, especially after seeing that Li Song was lying motionless on the ground.

“Son of a b****! What did you do to Li Song?” The elder snarled at Jiang Chen.

“Help me, Elder Kong.” Li Song turned to the elder and begged.

“Jiang Chen has gotten himself into trouble this time. Elder Kong has always been a close follower ofLi Song’s grandfather. He must have been informed of the news of Li Song. It seems like he isn’t going to let this matter rest.”

“That’s right. Elder Kong is a mighty half-step Sovereign. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen is, he’s no match for a half-step Sovereign. Of course, even though he has advanced a cultivation realm, I’m afraid that he doesn’t have the nerve to do so. After all, his opponent is an elder.”

“We’ll see. This is getting more and more interesting. I’m eager to know the outcome of this.”


The emergence of Elder Kong made the atmosphere tense. They all knew who Elder Kong was. He was an elder who was in charge of some of the daily matters of ordinary disciples. Although his status was neither too high nor too low like Han Feng, he was one of the representatives of the Immortal Court.

“What an ignorant kid! Release Li Song at once. I’m going to teach you a hard lesson today,” said Elder Kong, fiercely.

“Stop giving out orders, old man…if you want them released, where’s the ransom?” Jiang Chen stretched out his hand.

“What the f***!”

Numerous people were startled by Jiang Chen’s action. Was this youth blinded by fortune? Although everyone was attracted to fortune, it was the elder of Immortal Court they were talking about. Didn’t he know that he had gotten himself into a huge predicament?

Putting all other things aside, the disrespect he displayed to the elder would cost him a heavy sentence.

Not just the others, even Elder Kong himself was dumbfounded. Ransom? This bastard was demanding a fortune from him? Was he out of his mind?

“There are eight people in total, which cost 5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones. You can redeem them if you have the amount. If you don’t, scram and get someone who has that fortune here.” Jiang Chen waved at Elder Kong with an impatient look.

Elder Kong rolled his eyes crazily.

“Kid, it seems like I must teach you a lesson today so that you know what the rules are.”

Elder Kong was enraged. Without another word, he thrust an enormous palm at Jiang Chen.

Seeing Elder Kong’s attack, Jiang Chen leapt from the chair, instantly turning into his dragon form and sent out a palm fiercely.


An appalling scene happened. The half-step Sovereign Elder Kong was sent out of the summit by Jiang Chen’s palm. 

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