Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1936

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The rays of reddish-golden light turned into terrifying golden swords, piercing large holes in the void.

Li Yuan was badly startled. He didn’t think that there would be someone who could resist his attack here. 

*Hong Long……*

The palm sent by Li Yuan exploded after being pierced through by Big Yellow’s attack. Feeling a powerful shock, he was forced a dozen steps back before regaining balance.


He exclaimed and looked at Big Yellow just like the way one would look at a ghost. He couldn’t believe that his attack was destroyed by a dog. 

“My goodness! Where has this dog come from? Why is he so powerful?”

“This dog may possibly be a Demon Sovereign, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to destroy Elder Li Yuan’s attack so easily. This Jiang Chen is just too heaven-defying. He even has a Demon Sovereign following by his side. This is making me so envious of him.”

“I knew that this dog must have extraordinary power when he snatched the Longyang Pill right from Li Song’s hand, but I didn’t think he would be this powerful. No wonder Jiang Chen didn’t seem concerned at all even in the face of a Great Sovereign. It turns out that he has such a powerful Demon Sovereign by his side.”


Everyone was astonished by the turn of events. At first, they all thought that this matter would be over the moment Li Yuan arrived. They imagined that Jiang Chen would definitely be punished severely or even crippled entirely, but neither of them had thought that this dog would be so powerful that not even a Second Grade Great Sovereign was a match for him.

Li Song was round-eyed. Anyone could imagine how what he was feeling right now. As a matter of fact, he deeply regretted causing troubles for Jiang Chen.

He had not only lost his face and the Longyang Pill, but also the face of his grandfather. His life would be full of hardship from today onwards.

Li Yuan narrowed his eyes and saw through Big Yellow’s cultivation base in an instant. “So you’re a First Grade Demon Sovereign. No wonder you are so arrogant, kid, but do you think you can do what you please when you have a First Grade Demon Sovereign beside you? Don’t forget that this is the Immortal Court. I’m going to execute you for offending me.”

Li Yuan bellowed and his qi soared once more when he noticed that Big Yellow was merely a First Grade Demon Sovereign. After all, he was a Second Grade Great Sovereign, a cultivation realm higher than Big Yellow’s. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat a First Grade Great Sovereign.

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to execute me but if you want to take Li Song away, you will have to take out 5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones.” Jiang Chen was crossing his legs, definitely not putting Li Yuan in his eyes.

Given Big Yellow’s capability, not even ten experts as powerful as Li Yuan would be a match for him. He was powerful enough to fight even an ordinary Third Grade Great Sovereign.

“After slaughtering this dog, I’m going to cripple you entirely!”

Li Yuan was utterly angered, the qi of Second Grade Great Sovereign spreading across the summit. He flew skywards and created a sealed battlefield, otherwise, the shock waves emitted from the battle would be unbearable to the ordinary disciples.

“Dammit! You wanna slaughter Master Dog?” Big Yellow sniffed and rushed to the battlefield in a flash of light.

“Just teach him a lesson. Don’t kill him,” warned Jiang Chen. 

He was really afraid that Big Yellow would kill the old man out of impulsiveness because the opponent was a Second Grade Great Sovereign elder of Immortal Court.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Li Yuan felt the urge to spurt out blood. It was a total insult to him.

“Go and die, stupid dog!”

Li Yuan immediately launched a frenzied attack. Boundless energy gathered to form a seal, charging at Big Yellow violently. The spectators were shocked by the full-fledged attack of a Second Grade Great Sovereign.

Just as everyone was thinking how Big Yellow was going to deal with this attack, Big Yellow rushed forward with his sparkling golden head first. 

In everyone’s opinion, it was insane, a suicide attempt.

*Bang…* *Bang…*

Under the gaze of countless people, Li Yuan’s attack was shattered by Big Yellow’s head. What the others found unacceptable was that the attack, that was powerful enough to destroy the Heavens, didn’t even inflict any harm on Big Yellow’s head in the slightest.

Big Yellow moved like a flash of lightning. His indestructible head slammed ferociously at Li Yuan’s chest right after eliminating Li Yuan’s attack.


A shrill cry was heard. Many people could hear the sound of broken bones. Some even saw Li Yuan spurting out a mouthful of blood while flying away like a kite that was cut off from its string. A large portion of his chest was badly dented.

Everyone was stunned. No one had thought of such an outcome. It was just like a dream. All along, Li Song’s grandfather had been invincible in everyone’s heart. That was why Li Song was so arrogant and dared to bully the newly-arrived disciples.

Now, it seemed like these new disciples weren’t the ones to be trifled with, because there was a heaven-defying dog that was even more powerful than Li Song’s grandfather. 

“Kaka! Can’t even stand a single blow of mine!”

Big Yellow shook his head and laughed heartily. A Second Grade Great Sovereign was simply no match for him.

“My goodness! How can this dog be this incredible?”

Some people were unable to accept the truth, but what happened today was absolutely a major event.

Subsequently, Big Yellow returned to Jiang Chen’s side. Li Yuan also flew back to where he was. As he was a Second Grade Great Sovereign, his speed of recovery was extraordinary even though he had just been slammed by Big Yellow’s head. Furthermore, his injury wasn’t serious. However, all the arrogance on his face was now nowhere to be seen. 

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