Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1937

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“Who are you?” Li Yuan looked at Big Yellow and asked in an incomparably cold tone.

“Li Yuan, this has nothing to do with you. You can continue fighting if you want to shame yourself even more. Or else, take out 5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta stones and take this bunch of trash away from here. Never cause me any more trouble in the future, because the price won’t be as simple as a ransom,” Jiang Chen spoke plainly. 

The fact that Li Song had come to collect protection fees from them had crossed Jiang Chen’s line. In order to establish his prestige, he wanted them to pay a hefty price.

“Jiang Chen, kid! You are too conceited! You think you can act at will by relying solely on a Demon Sovereign? Don’t forget that this is the Immortal Court.” Li Yuan was infuriated. Finished speaking, he turned and left.

Although Li Yuan was gone, everyone knew that the matter was far from over. Given Li Yuan’s identity and status, he would surely take his dignity back. He would be looked down upon if everyone found out that he had been shamed by a newly-arrived disciple.

“Are you calling for someone again?”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a hint of a smile. The greater the incident, the more favourable it was to him. It would be beneficial to him in the future by becoming famous now.

Given his competent divination skill, he had calculated that a powerful expert had been watching him secretly. Therefore, he wouldn’t stop confronting the opponents until that said expert emerged.

His thinking was incredibly simple – he would continue to influence the disciples to rally to Nangong Wentian’s side as Nangong Wentian’s influence in the Immortal Court was very weak at the moment.

Not long after that, Li Yuan returned. This time, he was followed by an elder whose qi was even stronger than him. The elder’s cultivation base had reached the peak of Third Grade Great Sovereign. A figure as such was considered extraordinary even in the Immortal Court.

“Goodness! It’s Elder Yuan Cheng from the Leopard Hall, a good friend of Elder Li Yuan. Jiang Chen will be asking for death if he affronted Leopard Hall.”

“There are three different halls in the Immortal Court, namely Dragon Hall, Tiger Hall, and Leopard Hall. Neither of the people from these three halls can be easily messed with.”

“Yes. Elder Yuan Cheng is an official of Leopard Hall. Given his identity, status, and qualification, he can execute Jiang Chen and that dog straightaway.”


Hearing the discussion, Jiang Chen discovered that Han Feng didn’t tell him everything. 

Of course, he knew why Han Feng hadn’t told him everything about the Immortal Court. As a new disciple, it would take time to get used to the things in this place, but Han Feng hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would stir up such a huge incident on his very first day. If he hadn’t been in seclusion at this moment, he would be having a hard time controlling his emotions.

“Audacious! Lawless! Such disciple can be straightaway crippled.”

Yuan Cheng cast a glance to Jiang Chen and spoke before enveloping Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with his enormous palm that bore strong killing intent.

This was true dominance. It was a strike to kill. Such a situation infuriated Jiang Chen, but he didn’t say another word because this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.


Big Yellow let out a frenzied roar. His current combat strength was sufficient to confront a mighty Third Grade Great Sovereign. So it was impossible for Yuan Cheng to kill them.


But just as Big Yellow was about to defend, a cold harrumph resounded from a distance.

*Hua La……*

Under the cold harrumph, the tide of energy from the attack clattered and crumbled.

The scene made everyone suck in a breath of cold air. The power of this newcomer had to be unimaginable because he was able to destroy the attack of a peak Third Grade Great Sovereign with just a grunt.

A ray of golden light appeared in the sky, which later turned into a roughly forty-year-old man.

He wore a golden robe with gussets embroidered with spiralling dragons. His dark hair fluttered in the air. He had a regal and majestic face. His eyes was already sufficient to give palpitations to people.

A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. That’s right. Such a cultivation base was considered one of the best in the Immortal Court. This elder’s status and identity was beyond imagination.

Jiang Chen hastily stood up from the chair. This had been the person that had been watching him in secret.

Countless eyes fell upon the middle-aged man. When they got a clear view of his face, they almost exclaimed.

“The hall master of the Dragon Hall, Feng Jingyang. Goodness! Even such a figure has appeared!”

“What? He’s Feng Jingyang. While being in the Immortal Court for many years, I have never seen such a legendary figure before. Of the three halls, Dragon Hall is the strongest. Although it has fewer experts, each of them is incredibly powerful, especially the hall master who is second only to the ruler of the Immortal Court, Star Sovereign.”

“Even the hall master of the Dragon Hall is attracted here. I won’t dare to believe this.”

“He probably has come for Jiang Chen. I have long heard that the hall master of the Dragon Hall values talents very much, which is why there is only one condition to become a disciple of Dragon Hall – that is to catch Feng Jingyang’s attention. This explained why there are fewer experts in Dragon Hall, however each of them is a heaven-defying existence.”

“That’s right. He must have come for Jiang Chen. Dammit! This Jiang Chen is really lucky! He has attracted the attention of the Dragon Hall’s hall master on the first day. If he is accepted by the Dragon Hall, he will rise to fame. How admirable!”


Some of them were sighing with disbelief. The emergence of Feng Jingyang had caused a huge commotion. It was already apparent to them that Feng Jingyang had come for Jiang Chen. 

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