Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1939

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Li Yuan showed a bitter look. He was a Second Grade Great Sovereign with a great reputation in the Immortal Court but today, he was put to utter shame.

“So do you have any objection to what I said?” Feng Jingyang’s tone deepened.

“I dare not…”

Li Yuan felt a shiver. Feng Jingyang was someone he couldn’t afford to affront. If he showed disrespect to Feng Jingyang, even if he managed to survive today, the experts of the Dragon Hall wouldn’t let him go.

With a helpless look, he took out a spatial ring and tossed it to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen grabbed it with his hand, scanned it with divine sense, and found that there were exactly 5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones inside.

“This is the spiritual compensation given by Elder Li. Take it and divide them amongst yourselves.”

Jiang Chen hurled the spatial ring to Lu Yishan. As he already had a huge fortune with him, this amount was only trivial compared to his wealth. The reason he wanted these Immortal Meta Stones was to show his strength. Or else, it wouldn’t have drawn Feng Jingyang’s attention.

Someone like Feng Jingyang had a very sharp eyesight. A genius with just extraordinary talent might not be enough to be chosen by him. Apart from huge inner potential, one must also have great boldness and intelligence in order to become a truly powerful figure. Owing to Jiang Chen having displayed all of these traits, Feng Jingyang had emerged personally to take Jiang Chen back to the Dragon Hall.

“Very well, Elder Li. You can now take your people back. Don’t forget to teach your grandson well so that he doesn’t make such mistakes again in the future,” said Jiang Chen.

Li Yuan waved; a wave of qi rolled across the summit, sweeping Li Song and the others towards him.

Li Song now stood next to Li Yuan and cried, “Grandfather, Jiang Chen has stolen my Longyang Pill.”

“Shut up, trash! You’d better reflect on what you did when you get back later.”

Li Yuan glared at Li Song. Despite his anger, there was nothing he could do in the presence of Feng Jingyang.

“Hall Master Feng, we’re leaving.”

Yuan Cheng clasped his fists at Feng Jingyang and turned, ready to depart. He also didn’t want to stay here any longer because Li Yuan and his grandson had made him lose face as well.

“Hang on. You can leave after my announcement.”

Feng Jingyang spoke, then he looked at Jiang Chen with a rare smile on his face and said, “Jiang Chen, would you like to join Dragon Hall and become my disciple?”

Although many of them had anticipated this, they still couldn’t help but sigh. Entering the Dragon Hall was the dream of countless disciples in the Immortal Court.

“Amazing! Jiang Chen is truly lucky this time. He has been accepted by the Dragon Hall on his very first day. I heard that there are less than 30 people in the Dragon Hall even after adding the elders and the disciples together, but each of them is heaven-defying. And this hall is extremely cohesive. That’s why no one in the Immortal Court dares to bully them, and they are always the ones that oppress the others.”

“How can this be called luck? Didn’t you all see the capability of Jiang Chen? He was able to send a half-step Sovereign away with a punch when he is merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable. Do any of you have such strength?”

“Yeah. It’s normal that the Dragon Hall recruit such a monstrous genius.”

“It’s making me envious. His status will surely change after entering the Dragon Hall. It seems we have to find ways to build rapport with him. It will be a good thing if we know someone in the Dragon Hall.”


Li Song and his grandfather’s face darkened when they heard the announcement. If Jiang Chen really entered Dragon Hall, it meant that they had lost the chance to take revenge, and they could only swallow their resentment.

“I’ll join your hall.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists and said loudly. It would offend Feng Jingyang if he refused the offer at this moment. Moreover, this was what he wanted. It would be great if he could start gathering followers in the Dragon Hall.

“Good! Pack up well today and head over to Dragon Hall to register tomorrow.” Feng Jingyang nodded and vanished in a flash.

“Humph! Look at the ‘good’ things you have done.”

Yuan Cheng harrumphed coldly at Li Yuan, flicked his sleeve and left. The Leopard Hall and Dragon Hall had not gotten along well. In fact, the three halls had been fighting against each other openly and secretly ever since their establishment. Today, Li Yuan and his grandson had not only made him lose his face, but also helped the Dragon Hall recruit a heaven-defying genius.

Li Yuan’s face was gloomy when he brought Li Song away from the scene. It was already imaginable that the grandfather and grandson weren’t going to show up for a period of time. Li Song had always been behaving oppressively amongst the ordinary disciples but after the hard lesson taught by Jiang Chen today, it would be difficult for him to be arrogant again in the future.

The incident was finally over. Jiang Chen was the big winner in this whole process.

In everyone’s opinion, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have been recruited by the Dragon Hall so quickly if Li Song hadn’t come to collect the protection fees. To view this from another angle, Li Song had helped Jiang Chen achieve one of his objectives.

“Brother Jiang, I’m Wang Yun.”

“I’m Liang Miao, I have come to say hello to Brother Jiang.”


Numerous disciples came to the summit and began introducing themselves to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen greeted them humbly and kindly. Although he had been accepted by the Dragon Hall, he didn’t show any look of pride.

He was pleased to see that his prestige had been established. This was the first step in helping Heaven Sovereign regain his power in the Immortal Court.

The next day! 

Jiang Chen bid goodbye to Lu Yishan and the rest, and headed for the Dragon Hall with Big Yellow.

“Brother Jiang, what shall we do when you are gone?”

Wei Yun said in a dejected tone. Although they had only known Jiang Chen for a short period of time, they had developed a strong reliance on him.

“Don’t worry. This territory still belongs to me. You all just have to focus on your cultivation here. No one will dare to bully you. If there is, you can come to the Dragon Hall and find me.” Jiang Chen patted Wei Yun’s shoulder, turned and left with Big Yellow. 

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