Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1941

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“Junior Brother Jiang, my name is Duan Ren. After seeing you withstanding Senior Brother Yu Feng’s attack so easily, my hands are itching for a fight. Will you accept my challenge?”

A youth walked up to Jiang Chen. The fact that he mounted a challenge on Jiang Chen on their first meeting indicated that he was a warlike person.

“Since Brother Duan is eager for a fight, junior brother naturally won’t refuse it,” replied Jiang Chen. 

He was also a person who liked to do battle. The combat intent inside him boiled the moment he saw these disciples. Being able to have a battle with them was precisely in line with his interest.

As a matter of fact, the one he truly wanted to fight wasn’t Duan Ren but the one who attacked him just now, Yu Feng. No matter how powerful Duan Ren was, he was only a peak Immortal Venerable. He was no match for the intermediate Immortal Venerable Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Great!”

Duan Ren laughed loudly, then flew skywards. Incredible qi waves surged out of his body, immediately, he created a vast battlefield.

“Bring it on, Junior Brother Jiang.”

Duan Ren’s body was overflowing with combat intent. It seemed like he hadn’t had an intense battle for a long time. He couldn’t bear the excitement that was boiling inside him right now. 

“Duan Ren, be careful not to hurt Junior Brother Jiang.”

The red-clad girl spoke. Aside from her unparalleled beauty, her strength had already reached the terrifying half-step Sovereign realm. She was called Hong Ying, a famous senior sister in the Dragon Hall. Although she always displayed her kind side, she became a truly capable expert when it came to a real fight.

“Sister Hong, we are jealous seeing you care about Junior Brother Jiang so much,” Duan Ren teased.

“Watch your mouth.”

Hong Ying darted a glare at Duan Ren. In fact, she wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen being hurt.

Turning into his dragon-form, Jiang Chen came forward to the battlefield, stood opposite of Duan Ren, and clasped his fists. “Senior Brother, I apologise in advance if there’s something I do that will offend you later.”

“Junior Brother, your transformation technique seems pretty domineering but I advise you not to use it so often. After all, such a technique has tremendous side effect. It will affect your future cultivation and foundation if you use it frequently,” Duan Ren reminded.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Duan, for your kind reminder, but this is how I always look like during a fight. It will never have any side effects on me,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. 

He knew that Duan Ren was worried for him. This had built a pretty good impression in him. As a matter of fact, everyone in the Dragon Hall gave him a good impression. Although this was his first time coming to the Dragon Hall, he could feel the lively vibe here. None of them treated him as an outsider.

In a sense, this indirectly indicated that Feng Jingyang’s vision was beyond ordinary. Apart from the talent of the person, he also looked at the person’s character.

“Alright, Junior Brother Jiang. I won’t be lenient in my attacks later,” said Duan Ren with a smile.

“Give out the best you have, because I’m also not going to hold back.” Jiang Chen smiled back.

“Very well, then receive my Slash the Horizon!”

Duan Ren let out a yell, and his qi began to rise, an ocean of energy converging at one spot, instantly forming an earth-shattering golden blade, slashing at Jiang Chen.

The seemingly corporeal gigantic blade slashed the void in half.

“Why is this bastard using his ultimate attack? What if he hurt Junior Brother Jiang?”

“Don’t worry. He knows what the limits are. Moreover, don’t look down on Junior Brother Jiang. He must be a very competent person given the fact that he was personally recruited by Master.”

“I hope this won’t inflict any injuries on Junior Brother Jiang. After all, we are all a family.”


The facial expression of the others changed slightly when they saw the attack. They didn’t know how strong Jiang Chen was but they understood how powerful Duan Ren was, especially this attack. No ordinary half-step Sovereign was a match for this. Jiang Chen was merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable no matter how heaven-defying he was.

“Golden Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen was fearless. He raised his head and gazed at the oncoming golden blade, then sent out the Golden Dragon Seal. Amongst the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals, the Golden Dragon Seal was the most destructive, so it was most suitable to be used to attack. This attack from Duan Ren was of the purest Yang. Jiang Chen had to use the technique with a similar attribute so that the opponent would utterly be convinced of his defeat.


The frenzied dragon roared. Under the horrified gaze of all, the golden dragon suddenly opened its maw and swallowed the enormous blade, and with unwavering qi, it rushed towards Duan Ren.


Duan Ren exclaimed, his facial expression changed in an instant. In this split second, he knew that he had lost the battle. He was no match for Jiang Chen.


The moment it hit Duan Ren’s body, the golden dragon disappeared automatically. Clearly, Jiang Chen had withdrawn the attack at that time. Such control was really impressive.

Jiang Chen held out his fists. 

Duan Ren shook his head helplessly, but there wasn’t any dejection on his face.

“Brother Jiang is truly a rare genius. I’m impressed,” Duan Ren spoke. 

It was extremely hard to impress him, but the battle just now had undoubtedly convinced him of his defeat.

Hong Yin and the rest displayed a look of astonishment, changing their views on Jiang Chen once more. They were worried that Duan Ren would hurt Jiang Chen at first. But now, it seemed like all their worries were unnecessary. It was Duan Ren that they should’ve worried about at that time.

“It seems a true monstrous genius has come to our hall. Given Brother Jiang’s talent, I’m afraid that he will become even more terrifying than Big Senior Brother in the future.”

“That’s right. Big Senior Brother, Yu Hua, has already reached the horrifying Second Grade Great Sovereign realm at such a young age. He’s one of the favourite disciples of Master. Judging from the performance of Junior Brother Jiang, it’s possible that he will surpass Big Senior Brother in the future.”

“Master’s eyesight is as sharp as always.”


All the disciples couldn’t help sighing and praising generously, which was an extremely rare thing. 

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