Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1942

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“It seems another monstrous genius has joined our hall. I don’t think Junior Brother Jiang had enough just now, so let’s fight.”

A green-clad youth spoke. He seemed much more powerful than Duan Ren. He was Yu Feng, the half-step Sovereign who attacked Jiang Chen at the beginning.

“Don’t make a mess, Senior Brother Yu Feng.”

Hong Ying glanced at Yu Feng and tried to stop him. The others, on the other hand, smiled as though they had already anticipated this. If Duan Ren wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen, Yu Feng would feel compelled to fight. Although everyone in the Dragon Hall loved to battle, Yu Feng was undoubtedly the one they called a battle fanatic.

Moreover, if Yu Feng didn’t fight this battle, he wouldn’t have a good sleep tonight.

“This is exactly what Junior Brother wishes for.”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen accepted the challenge readily. From the qi Yu Feng emitted, he could already sense that Yu Feng was a mighty half-step Sovereign. Only such an opponent could allow him to use all his strength. This was what he needed after advancing to the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm.

“Junior Brother Jiang. Are you sure you want to fight this lunatic?”

Hong Ying said with concern. She had described Yu Feng as a lunatic because he was extremely well-known not only in the Dragon Hall but also in the entire Immortal Court. She was impressed by the fact that Jiang Chen was bold enough to accept the challenge.

“Thank you for your concern, Sister Hong Ying. This is merely a friendly match between Senior Brother Yu and me. We won’t hurt each other,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. 

If he was the one who challenged Yu Feng, the others would think that he was being too arrogant, which would then affect their impression of him but now that Yu Feng was the one to ask a fight, he couldn’t refuse it.

“That’s correct. Junior Brother Jiang and I are merely having a friendly battle. I’ll surely be lenient. Hong Ying, why do you care so much for Junior Brother Jiang?” Smiled Yu Feng.

“Shut up!” Hong Ying blurted out reproachingly.


With a twist of his body, Yu Feng arrived at the battlefield. Being the battle maniac that he was, he must find out how powerful this genius that was personally recruited by Feng Jingyang was.

“How many moves of Brother Yu do you all think Junior Brother Jiang can resist?”

“If he remains standing after three moves, I’m going to have a different opinion of him.”

“That’s right. Everyone knows about the capability of Brother Yu. He had once fought and defeated a First Grade Great Sovereign elder of our hall.”


All of them couldn’t forget how powerful Yu Feng was.

“But I don’t think that will be the case. You’ll just have to wait. It’s not that easy to deal with Junior Brother Jiang,” Duan Ren shook his head and said. 

He understood Yu Feng’s strength, but from his battle against Jiang Chen just now, he had gained a new understanding of Jiang Chen’s combat strength. He secretly compared the two of them and felt that Jiang Chen might be able to fight someone like Yu Feng.

The others were filled with slight anticipation after listening to Duan Ren’s words. They knew that Duan Ren wouldn’t lie to them. What Duan Ren said was enough to prove that Jiang Chen was extraordinarily strong.

Yu Feng was standing opposite of Jiang Chen, his green robe fluttering in the air, his incredible qi shaking the air particles around.

“Senior Brother, I apologize in advance if I offend you later.”

Without another word, Jiang Chen struck out the True Dragon Palm at his opponent.

“Good!” Yu Feng’s eyes shone with praise.

Without further ado, he waved to form a golden fist that charged forward, colliding ferociously against Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.

*Hong Long……*

The sky turned dark. The battlefield was destroyed. This mere collision had turned the battlefield chaotic.

Each gaze from below was eager to know what would happen next.

Soon, the qi waves on the battlefield dissipated. The figures of the two combatants reappeared, both of whom stood rooted opposite of each other. They detected no changes in their qi. This alone showed that the match just now was a draw.

“My goodness! Where did this guy come from? How can he be this heaven-defying? Not only is he not injured by Brother Yu’s attack, his qi isn’t even affected in the slightest.”

“It seems what Duan Ren said is right. I’m afraid that Junior Brother Jiang’s might has far exceeded our imagination. It’s too scary.”

“We’ll see. This is just the beginning. Brother Yu’s combat intent must have been stirred by now. It’s going to be terrifying when this madman gets excited.”


Everyone was startled. Jiang Chen’s might had made all of them gape at the scene. They completely changed their view of Jiang Chen once more.

The corner of Duan Ren’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. Witnessing the true strength of Jiang Chen once again, the trace of reluctance in his heart vanished. He fully understood that it wasn’t an accident that he was defeated, but because he was no match for Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen struck again. This time, he launched out the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals. The sky was instantly filled with dragons of different colors, intertwining with each other, and sealing the whole battlefield.

“Good, Junior Brother Jiang. You truly have surprised me.”

Yu Feng’s eyes sparkled. His battle intent was completely ignited by Jiang Chen’s power.

He raised both hands, terrifying energy waves converging rapidly on his palms to form an enormous mountain of energy that was surrounded by lines of divine runes.

With a yell, he hurled the mountain of energy at the pool of dragons.

*Hong Long……*

If it hadn’t been for the complete isolation of the battlefield from the outside, the whole mountain of the Dragon Hall would be completely destroyed.

Soon, the chaotic energy faded, and both of them became visible once more. This time, both of their combat intents were soaring, their eyes were more dazzling even than the sun. Similarly, neither of their qi diminished. In other words, it was another tie. 

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