Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1944

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Jiang Chen now knew that Feng Jingyang was once a follower of Heaven Sovereign, and had started following Star Sovereign after the fall of Heaven Sovereign. Both of them were equally important to Feng Jingyang. Therefore, he had chosen a neutral side in the conflict.

Jiang Chen nodded in secret after listening to what Feng Jingyang said. There was still a chance as long as Feng Jingyang remained neutral. Someone like Feng Jingyang had his own style of conduct and wouldn’t be influenced by anyone, not even Heaven Sovereign or Star Sovereign. He wouldn’t like others interfering in everything he does.

Feng Jingyang felt sorry about the situation Heaven Sovereign was in right now. However, the throne wasn’t usurped by Star Sovereign, he was crowned the Lord of Immortal Court after the death of Heaven Sovereign that year. It wasn’t wrong for Star Sovereign to defend his status. Despite that, Feng Jingyang chose to help neither of them.

“Master, I understand,” said Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I don’t care what you’re going to do in the future, but from today onwards, you are a disciple of the Dragon Hall. Practice well and your future will be boundless.”

Feng Jingyang patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and vanished out of sight. Apparently, he just came tonight to find out which side Jiang Chen had chosen. After the conversation, he discovered that Jiang Chen was an assertive person that wouldn’t change his mind easily.

He didn’t intend to change Jiang Chen’s viewpoint, because he also didn’t like others to interfere in his decision. What he valued was merely the potential of the genius.

“That man is worth recruiting.” Big Yellow spoke later.

“That’s right. It will be a great help to Heaven Sovereign if we can recruit him, plus Dragon Hall has direct influence on the rest of them in the Immortal Court, however it’s very hard to change Feng Jingyang’s mind. We can only influence him slowly, but the top priority is to improve my cultivation base as I’m still too weak,” Jiang Chen nodded and said. 

It wasn’t an easy task to change the Feng Jingyang’s mind but they couldn’t give up on it because Feng Jingyang and Dragon Hall had too much influence over the Immortal Court. It would have a vital impact on the future situation of the Immortal Court.

A while later, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow entered the thirty-third level of the pagoda and began their cultivation. Tremendous changes had occurred in Big Yellow’s qi ever since he integrated with the true body of Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun, and there was still an enormous inner potential hidden in his body. That was to say, his cultivation base would grow gradually even without having to manually cultivate. What he needed was time.

Speaking of time, the 30 times temporal rule in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda made it the best place for cultivation.

After taking the Longyang Pill the day before, Jiang Chen advanced to the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm. Similarly, he also needed time to digest and stabilize his foundation. 

Three days passed in a blink of an eye. Nothing major had happened in the Dragon Hall. In fact, the Dragon Hall had always been this quiet. It was impossible for someone to come here and cause trouble, because the others should be grateful that the experts of the Dragon Hall weren’t making troubles outside. Creating a trouble in the Dragon Hall was no different than seeking death.

Three months had passed in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Jiang Chen was invigorated after three months of cultivation; his foundation was stabilized; the residual energy of the Longyang Pill was fully digested. Another 10 000 dragon marks had been formed in his Qi Sea, making a total of 1.57 million.


A new Great Sovereign Law had appeared above the head of Big Yellow. Ten lines had been added to the original twenty, although his cultivation base still remained at the peak of First Grade Great Sovereign realm.

With his current strength, it was afraid that Big Yellow could instantly kill even an ordinary Third Grade Great Sovereign. 

Seeing Big Yellow getting stronger, Jiang Chen couldn’t help feeling delighted. The stronger Big Yellow became, the more he could help Jiang Chen. There was no question about it.

After all, Big Yellow was the well-renowned Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun in the past. Jiang Chen wouldn’t feel too surprised to see miracles occurring in him.

“Three days should have passed outside. Let’s go and have a walk,” said Jiang Chen. 

They then left the pagoda with a twist of their bodies. Both of them had improved tremendously in these three days, but this wasn’t enough, after all, this was the Immortal Court. Such strength wouldn’t allow them to set off any impactful waves.

Jiang Chen, however understood that his desired cultivation base couldn’t be achieved overnight. Advancement was a gradual process. He was already quite content that he was able to advance to intermediate Immortal Venerable realm and stabilize it within such a short period of time. 

Not long after walking out of the pagoda, they saw two men entering their courtyard. One of them was Duan Ren. The man standing next to him seemed flustered. When Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon this man, he instantly recognized him – he was Lu Yishan.

“What’s the matter, Yishan?”

Jiang Chen asked. Intuitively, he knew that something had happened, otherwise Lu Yishan wouldn’t have come to Dragon Hall, and he also seemed very nervous.

The Dragon Hall wasn’t a place that anyone could enter. Lu Yishan must have told Duan Ren that he knew Jiang Chen at the gates.

“Brother Jiang, Lu Jian of the Leopard Hall came to our place and attacked us. Yang Ming and Wei Yun were badly injured and are now in a coma. They are now in a critical condition.” Lu Yishan said, anger brewing in his eyes.


A hint of chilling intent emitted from Jiang Chen’s eyes. When he left, he confidently thought that no one would put Li Yishan and his comrades to any troubles. But now, it seemed like he was wrong.

The news of him joining the Dragon Hall indeed had a deterrent effect. Ordinary disciples like Li Song naturally wouldn’t dare to find Lu Yishan and the others anymore. However, Lu Jian was from the Leopard Hall. The three halls had been competing against each other both openly and secretly. Three days ago, Elder Yuan Cheng of the Leopard Hall had been made abashed in public. So it was natural that a disciple from the Leopard Hall wanted to take revenge.

“Come on. I’ll go and have a look,” said Jiang Chen, striding out of the courtyard.  

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