Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1945

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“I’ll go with you.”

Sensing Jiang Chen’s fury, Duan Ren immediately followed. 

Having been defeated by Jiang Chen, he began to admire Jiang Chen. He was inspired by the way Jiang Chen stood up for his brothers, and as such, he felt compelled to help Jiang Chen.

The summit where Lu Yishan and the others lived was far, but to Jiang Chen and the others, the distance was nothing. They were able to fly over to the destination in an instant.

In the courtyard, expect for the two who were lying on the ground, the others  were crying. The two were precisely Yang Ming and Wei Yun. Both of them were badly wounded and were currently unconscious, blood was flowing out from their wounds continuously.

Such injury was very serious. It was almost fatal. It had almost wounded their origin. If they weren’t treated as soon as possible, even if they were Immortal Venerables, they would die eventually.

Jiang Chen and the rest arrived and saw what happened.

“Brother Jiang is back!”

“Brother Jiang, you must help us to seek justice. When Lu Jian came to make things difficult for us, Yang Ming and Wei Yun resisted and were almost beaten to death.”

“That’s true, Brother Jiang. We mentioned you in front of Lu Jian but he didn’t seem to care. Hurry up and see if they can be saved.”


Seeing Jiang Chen, everyone felt as though they had seen hope again.

“Don’t worry. They won’t die.”

Jiang Chen came to Yang Ming and Wei Yun, and sent out a huge amount of wood spiritual qi. Their wounds were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the blood stopped flowing.

“What an incredible ability.”

Duan Ren was shocked by Jiang Chen’s unimaginable healing technique because no elixir could heal people so quickly.

Jiang Chen stopped channelling his wood spiritual qi after ten minutes. By this time, Wei Yun and Yang Ming’s qi appeared to be more stable than minutes ago.

“It’s done, but as they have been severely injured, they will need at least one month to fully recover. Let them recuperate,” said Jiang Chen. Although both of their origins had been injured, it hadn’t reached an irrecoverable state, and the timely arrival of Jiang Chen had helped a lot.

“Alright. We’re relieved to hear that. I’ll send them back to their rooms.”

One disciple picked up the two and walked towards one of the rooms.

“Brother Jiang, you must help us. This is just the beginning.”

“That’s right. That Lu Jian is a member of the Leopard Hall. We can’t afford to offend him. Moreover, he’s too powerful. Although we have joined forces, we are still no match for him.”

“Ai! I didn’t expect the competition in the Immortal Court to be so fierce. Our days in the Immortal Court are tough.”


All of them looked glum. Some even began regretting coming to the Immortal Court. They were the best of the best in their sects. They were always the ones who bullied the others. No one had ever dared to oppress them. They didn’t expect that everything would change the moment they arrived here. Now, they had become the weakest of all, waiting to be bullied by those stronger than them. This had filled them with indignation.

“Don’t worry. It will never happen again.”

Jiang Chen clapped one of them on the shoulder and turned to the other two. “Big Yellow, Duan Ren, I want you two to follow me to the Leopard Hall.”

*Ka…* *Ka…*

Big Yellow let out a laugh of delight because he was the one who really hated boredom.


Duan Ren gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up, then followed him from behind. He could see that Jiang Chen was going to break into the Leopard Hall, which was the first time in the Immortal Court. The thought of this made his blood boil. In truth, the people of the Dragon Hall never feared anything.

Duan Ren was in the lead, heading in the direction of the Leopard Hall.

“What’s Lu Jian’s cultivation base?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“Late Immortal Venerable, almost on par with me, but in a real right, he’s no match for me. Although there are a lot of them in the Leopard Hall, their overall strength can’t be compared to ours,” Duan Ren spoke proudly. 

What he said definitely wasn’t a boast. Jiang Chen had witnessed his strength before. There weren’t many late Immortal Venerable geniuses that could suppress Duan Ren.

Soon, under the lead of Duan Ren, the three of them arrived at the summit of the Leopard Hall. It was as large as the Dragon Hall and occupied a large part of the summit.

“Lu Jian, show yourself.”

“Show yourself.”

“Come out!”

“Don’t hide.! 


Jiang Chen circulated his qi and turned into his dragon form. His words were transmitted in sonic waves, reverberating back and forth in the sky of the hall. Even those from the other side of the Immortal Court could hear it.

Jiang Chen never feared that things would get big. He had been wanting to break the stagnant situation in the Immortal Court, and Lu Jian had given him the opportunity to do so. So he naturally couldn’t miss it. Anyhow, he was supported by the Dragon Hall. Given the Dragon Hall’s demeanor, they feared nothing under the Heavens and Earth and did as they pleased.

The experts of the Dragon Hall were always the ones who bullied others. If the people of the Dragon Hall were bullied, they must regain their dignity.

Hurting Yang Ming and Wei Yun was equivalent to bullying Jiang Chen. As a newly advanced disciple, Jiang Chen must regain the justice, otherwise the Dragon Hall’s dignity would be tarnished. In addition, when his senior brothers found out about this, they would start to look down on him.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice dropped, strong and powerful figures flew out of the Leopard Hall one after another.

“Who has come to our hall and shouted like a madman? Are you courting death?”

A disciple reprimanded. He wore a black armour and seemed majestic but he was only a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable. 

Jiang Chen finally understood why the Dragon Hall was the number one hall. Undoubtedly, the Dragon Hall had lesser people compared to Leopard and Tiger Hall, however its overall strength was incomparable. You would never find someone below late Immortal Venerable realm in the Dragon Hall.

“I’m Jiang Chen. Ask Lu Jian to come out and die.”

Jiang Chen’s overbearing qi surged continuously around his body. Across the entire Immortal Court, there was no one who dared to behave the way Jiang Chen acted in the Leopard Hall. 

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