Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1946

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“Courting death.”

A brilliant combat weapon materialised in the hand of the disciple before he lunged at Jiang Chen. He didn’t care who the uninvited guests were. Leopard Hall had given him tremendous confidence and sense of superiority. In his point of view, anyone who came looking for trouble in Leopard Hall deserve to die.

“F*** you.”

Jiang Chen sent out a kick impatiently at the disciple’s chest. A shrill cry was issued from  the disciple before he was sent flying so far away that he soon became a speck of dust and vanished.

What a joke! How dare an intermediate Immortal Venerable show off in front of Jiang Chen? He was definitely courting death himself.

If Jiang Chen hadn’t been lenient in his kick, that disciple would have been dead. Nevertheless, the injury caused by the kick would take at least three months to recover. 

“Since Lu Jian isn’t coming out, I’ll just kill my way into his location.”

Jiang Chen yelled domineeringly, and strode towards the summit of Leopard Hall. Those who tried to stop him were sent away by his slap.


Duan Ren’s admiration for Jiang Chen increased once again. He liked the way Jiang Chen handled things very much. This was the style of conduct which the experts of Dragon Hall had – they were fearless when it came to competition.


After slapping away five or six disciples of Leopard Hall, Jiang Chen’s footstep heavily landed on the summit, shaking the entire mountain. A huge crack appeared on the ground, and the palace closest to them collapsed. 

It was frenzied and overbearing. Everyone in the Leopard Hall was shaken by this huge commotion.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Powerful figures were flying out of the Leopard Hall one after another. There were half-step Sovereigns amongst them. Each of them was furious-looking. No one except Yu Huafan had dared to come and cause trouble in the Leopard Hall.

The fact that their building was destroyed by a man that came out of nowhere was akin to slapping the face of Leopard Hall openly. How could the experts of Leopard Hall stand it?”

“Who are you?” One of the half-step Sovereign said reproachfully.

“Jiang Chen of Dragon Hall. I have come here for Lu Jian.” Jiang Chen went straight to the point.

“Jiang Chen, Duan Ren, don’t you go too far. Don’t think you can defy the laws of the Immortal Court just because you are from Dragon Hall.”

The half-step Sovereign’s face was brimming with anger. It seemed like he was ready to attack at any time.

“Speaking of lawless, you are the one who defied the rule first. Lu Jian severely injured the newly-arrived disciples. In other words, he’s didn’t gave me and Dragon Hall face. Today, I, Jiang Chen, am going to regain their dignity on behalf of Dragon Hall and seek justice for my junior brothers. Hand over Lu Jian now, or else I’ll turn Leopard Hall upside down.” Jiang Chen spoke with complete dominance.

“Dammit! It’s this Jiang Chen again. This bastard is too ferocious. He has already caused a big incident three days ago. Can’t believe that he has come to our hall today.”

“Yeah. He’s just too bold, and I admire his boldness.”

“Lu Jian is the one to blame for this. He shouldn’t have attacked those newly recruited disciples. I also heard that two of them were heavily injured. No wonder Jiang Chen seems so angry. The current Jiang Chen isn’t the same as the Jiang Chen three days ago. He does not only have terrifying strength, he’s also a disciple of Dragon Hall. So he naturally won’t be afraid of the Leopard Hall.”


The huge commotion had drawn the attention of many people. Numerous disciples had already appeared in the surroundings. Jiang Chen had become the focus of attention of countless disciples on his first day of arrival in the Immortal Court. Today, he was going to push his fame to the peak.

“Jiang Chen, why don’t you take a good look at this place before deciding to act so arrogantly?” At this moment, a man shouted, pointing his finger to Jiang Chen.

“Who are you?” Jiang Chen asked with an unconcerned face.

“I’m Lu Jian. Those two trash were disrespectful to me, naturally they have to bear my punishment. You can only blame their incompetence. Anyone who offends me will have to die. If they aren’t disciples of Immortal Court, they would’ve been as good as dead now.”

Lu Jian spoke with incomparable arrogance. This was the territory of Leopard Hall. He wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen, he was incomparably confident in his own strength. He felt that he was on par with Jiang Chen. His opponent wouldn’t be able to do anything to him even if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen said, seals forming below his feet and then he turned into a whirlwind and vanished. The next moment he appeared right next to Lu Jian.

“Not good.”

Lu Jian muttered in alarm. He could sense a tremendous energy enshrouding him. Under the influence of this energy, his movement became extremely difficult. It was even harder to resist and escape.

Only now did he knew that he had underestimated Jiang Chen. The gap between him and Jiang Chen definitely wasn’t small. Being enveloped by Jiang Chen’s energy, he felt isolated even though there were so many experts surrounding him.


Jiang Chen grabbed Lu Jian’s neck and returned to where he originally stood, facing the disciples of Leopard Hall.


The experts of Leopard Hall exclaimed. Despite being at such a close distance, they didn’t notice how Jiang Chen attacked. That kind of speed was indescribable. More importantly, the late Immortal Venerable, Lu Jian couldn’t even resist.

“What the hell? How did he do that?”

“What’s that heaven defying technique? That’s just too fast.”

“Where did this bastard came from? Another monstrous genius has appeared in Dragon Hall.”


Their faces seemed incomparably unpleasant. They were unable to accept what they saw even after witnessing it. Most of them were still thinking about how Jiang Chen attacked, and how did he achieve such incredible speed.

Even Duan Ren was stunned by it. He finally understood that Jiang Chen had been lenient to him during their battle. It seemed like this newbie chosen by Feng Jingyang was far more terrifying than what he had imagined.

“Jiang Chen, let him go. This is the Leopard Hall. This isn’t a place for you to behave so atrociously.” The half-step Sovereign demanded at once. 

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