Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1948

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Surprise filled Duan Ren’s face as soon as he saw Jiang Chen’s strike. 

In the battle between Jiang Chen and Yu Feng, both of them had held back their true power, which made Duan Ren doubt that it was the true strength of Jiang Chen until he saw the Fusion of Dragon and Sword. Now, he even believed that Yu Feng might not be a match for Jiang Chen in a life-and-death battle.

*Hong Long……*

The attacks of the half-step Sovereign were completely destroyed by Jiang Chen’s sword attack. Instead of stopping, Jiang Chen cast the Great Void Technique and appeared behind his opponent like a specter.

“Not good.”

The chilly killing and cold intent radiated from behind him sent a jolt down the half-step Sovereign’s spine. Jiang Chen’s speed was just too fast for him to react.

*Chi La!*

The sword was slashed accurately at the half-step Sovereign’s body. Despite the fact that he was able to avoid a direct slash, a deep gash that made the bones visible was left on his back, allowing the sword qi to enter his body and worsen his injury.

He would’ve been cut in half if he was slightly slower.

“You thought you could stop me with such meager capability? The geniuses of Leopard Hall are really disappointing.”

Jiang Chen instantly returned to his half-dragon form. Domineering flames were blazing on his combat sword. 

That attack was a powerful deterrence even though he only struck once. Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief and horror.

“How can this monstrous genius be this terrifying? How can a half-step Sovereign expert of Leopard Hall be defeated with just one strike?”

“Motherf*****r, Dragon Hall has found another super talent. Moreover, the more heaven-defying his capabilities are, the more Feng Jingyang like him. Even if he has wounded the experts of Leopard Hall, Feng Jingyang will do his best to keep him safe and sound.”

“That’s right. The people of Dragon Hall are always domineering and Feng Jingyang is famous for his stubbornness. Besides, this incident started because Lu Jian had severely injured the new disciples.”

“Having the proof in his hands, Jiang Chen naturally won’t be intimidated by anyone in the Leopard Hall.”


Everyone was stunned by Jiang Chen’s power. Numerous disciples had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s ability three days ago but today, they discovered that that wasn’t his true strength.

*Hua La……*

Jiang Chen and Duan Ren were constantly besieged by a dozen disciples while Big Yellow was watching them leisurely outside the battlefield. He didn’t see the need to help out because he believed that Jiang Chen could deal with all of them, but if Great Sovereign elder interfered, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in. After obtaining ten more lines of Great Sovereign Law, he could fight any ordinary Third Grade Great Sovereign.

“Jiang Chen, Duan Ren, the two of you are being too arrogant. How dare you break into our hall and injured our people? Do you really think that our hall have no competent geniuses?” One of the half-step Sovereigns bellowed.

Amongst the dozen of them, four of them were half-step Sovereigns and the rest were late Immortal Venerables. Such a formation was extraordinary because all of them were the true geniuses in the Immortal Court. If an ordinary disciple was surrounded by these geniuses, he might pee on himself due to fright.

Furthermore, it was afraid that only the people of Dragon Hall would dare to come to the Leopard Hall to injure their people.

“Don’t accuse us unreasonably. We are only here to seek justice for our injured brothers, but if you are looking for a fight, I won’t refuse it,” said Jiang Chen. His face remained fearless in the face of these geniuses.

“That’s right. Dragon Hall is never afraid of causing trouble.”

Qi waves were surging from Duan Ren’s body. His combat intent rose. Being a disciple of the Dragon Hall, he had no idea what fear was.

“Let’s attack together. We’ll show them how powerful Leopard Hall is,” one of the disciples spoke through gritted teeth.

“So many of you bullying two of them? Leopard Hall is truly powerful.”

At this moment, a voice rang out from afar. Everyone turned and saw a dozen silhouettes flying from the horizon. The leader was clad in red. She was precisely Hong Ying.

“The people of the Dragon Hall have come.”

“There’s going to be a great show this time. This is a war between two great halls.”

“The geniuses of Dragon Hall is incredibly hard to deal with. Despite their number, each of them is a heaven-defying individual, and they are incredibly cohesive. Leopard Hall and Tiger Hall would normally try to avoid provoking them.”


At this critical moment, the geniuses of Dragon Hall arrived. Given their temper, a huge battle would surely break out if both sides failed to reach an agreement.

Hong Ying, Yu Feng, and the rest approached them. The incredible qi waves they emitted forced the disciples of Leopard Hall to retreat. Despite being in their territory, the people of Leopard Hall were overwhelmed by Hong Ying and her comrades’ dominance.

“Don’t you all feel ashamed to lay siege on two people? What a trash! Zhang Yao, didn’t you claim that you are very capable? I dare you to fight me in a match.”

Yu Feng clamored. The one he called out was precisely the one that was going to attack Jiang Chen first.

“The geniuses of Dragon Hall are getting more and more arrogant. Do you really think that Leopard Hall is afraid of all of you? Jiang Chen has hurt our hall’s reputation by coming here and wounding our people. We definitely can’t let this matter rest easily.”

Zhang Yao spoke in a firm tone. Being a genius of Leopard Hall, if he didn’t fight back, Leopard Hall would lose all of its face entirely.

“Since you still refuse to compromise, let’s settle it in a fight!” Hong Ying spoke in a heroic fashion.

“We’ll fight! Do you think we are scared of you? We will crush the pride of Dragon Hall today!”

“That’s right. You all should think twice before coming to our place to intimidate us.”

“Come on!”


Both sides had unleashed their combat intent, ready for battle. One side was defending their dignity and couldn’t back away because this was their territory, whereas the other was incredibly cohesive and fearless.   

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