Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1951

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*Keng…* *Keng…*

What happened next left everyone dumbfounded. Big Yellow used nothing else except for his indestructible head to constantly collide with the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s attack, creating endless sparks. The Third Grade Great Sovereign seemed to have already displayed all of his means of attacks, but not only did it not cause any impact on the dog’s head, on the contrary, it even made his body shake uncomfortably.


He cursed indignantly. He had come to put an end to the fight, but unexpectedly, he was entangled and had yet to win the match against a dog.

“What kind of dog is this? How can he be this powerful? Not even a Third Grade Great Sovereign could deal with him!”

“Amazing! This explained why Jiang Chen has been so arrogant. Can’t believe that he has such a heaven defying Demon Sovereign following by his side. How enviable! It will be so much better if I also have such a follower.”

“You think too much. Such Demon Sovereign rarely follows a human, let alone being subdued by a human. The fact that the dog has such a good relationship with Jiang Chen indicates Jiang Chen’s great charm.”

“Ai! How humiliating! I wonder how this will end.”


Things were becoming more and more intense. The real cause of it was Lu Jian. If he hadn’t gone to offend Jiang Chen’s friends, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have intruded into the Leopard Hall and shamed them, and making Lu Jian a cripple.

What Lu Jian did was extremely idiotic. Li Song was the perfect example. Now that Jiang Chen had entered the Dragon Hall, his behaviour would surely be more unruly. It was an act of seeking death by choosing this time to provoke Jiang Chen.

“Ah…!” “Ah…!” “Ah…!”

The disciples of Leopard Hall began to lose their defense, each of them let out shrill cries before being sent flying away by their opponents. There was only the elder who was still fighting Big Yellow right now, but he had no time to spare to help the disciples.

“Stop your battle now!”

Just at this moment, another shout was heard, followed by the emergence of an elder with incredibly sharp eyes. He was an expert no one wanted to offend because he was a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign.

The battle stopped immediately after the appearance of the elder. All of them stopped their movement. As a matter of fact, the battle was approaching its end because there was basically no one in Leopard Hall’s side that could fight any longer.

“It’s Elder Xiang Mu. He’s the Great Elder of Dragon Hall. He’s a peak Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. The geniuses of Dragon Hall may not dare to fight any more in his presence.”

“By this time, it seems like only a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign can quell the conflict.”

“However, I wonder what Elder Xiang Mu will do next.”


The scene instantly fell completely silent. This was the deterrence of a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. Even a battle maniac like Yu Feng would have to give face to such a Great Sovereign.

“Great Elder.”

“Please help us, Great Elder. They are going too far.”

“Yes, Great Elder. Many of us have been injured.”


The disciples of Leopard Hall immediately greeted Xiang Mu with gratitude.

“Shut up!”

Xiang Mu darted a glare at those disciples, his eyes brimming with reproach. The message was obvious – who could they blame if they themselves were incompetent?

Many higher ups like Xiang Mu had been watching the battles secretly. As this was a conflict between young geniuses, it was best that they didn’t show up too soon.

Xiang Mu intended to observe the true difference between their disciples and the disciples of Dragon Hall. If their side won the battles, the reputation of their hall would skyrocket, and they wouldn’t be oppressed by Dragon Hall anymore, but now it seemed like it was just wishful thinking. Sure enough, Dragon Hall lived up to its reputation.

However, seeing that even a Third Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t even handle the situation, he couldn’t allow it to go any further, otherwise Leopard Hall would lose all its face.

“So this is just how powerful the disciples of Leopard Hall are. Junior Jiang Chen, let’s go.”

Yu Feng spoke and left instantly. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance, then turned and followed suit.

“Great Elder, are we going to let them go just like that?” One disciple spoke anxiously.

“Isn’t this humiliating enough? Go back and practice hard.”

Xiang Mu spoke angrily. Although he wanted so badly to make Jiang Chen stay, the situation today had already shamed them enough. If he insisted on trying to embarrass the disciples of Dragon Hall, the higher ups of Dragon Hall would surely emerge, including Feng Jingyang.

Given Feng Jingyang’s power, Leopard Hall would lose even more. It was no use even if the Hall Master of Leopard Hall came. So they could only swallow their grievances.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was surprised that he could leave so easily. This wasn’t what he wanted. He planned to fight until all the higher ups of the two halls appeared. It was unexpected that Xiang Mu had such shrewdness.

“This Xiang Mu is indeed a very intelligent person. He knew that there will be no good ending if the fight continued, so he has put an end to it,” commented Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. Leopard Hall isn’t going to get anything good in the end,” added Big Yellow.

“But this matter is already considered resolved. We already have our revenge, and a feud has been established between Dragon Hall and Leopard Hall. The conflict will only get deeper, which is a good thing.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. The more chaotic the Immortal Court became, the more pleased he would be.

Furthermore, through today’s event, he gained a better understanding of Dragon Hall’s strength and influence. This convinced him even more that he must make Dragon Hall stand on Heaven Sovereign’s side. It would be great if Heaven Sovereign could get the support of Feng Jingyang. 

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