Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1952

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After returning to Dragon Hall, Hong Ying took out the wine that she had kept privately and shared it with her fellow disciples. It was truly an act of magnanimity.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help being infected by such atmosphere. He liked dealing with every one of them. He was certain that the future of this group was immeasurable.

“Junior Brother Jiang, you truly were ferocious. I couldn’t believe that you intruded into Leopard Hall by yourself.”

“That’s right. Junior Brother Jiang is indeed heroic. This is the quality that our hall values the most. It’s pleasing to see those bastards being beaten so badly”

“That’s for sure. They are still infants compared to our Dragon Hall.”


The disciples of Dragon Hall were elated. Neither of them felt bad about what they had done. Jiang Chen originally thought that Feng Jingyang would reproach them for the trouble they created, but the reality was different from what he had expected. Feng Jingyang hadn’t shown himself until now. That clearly indicated that he’s turning a blind eye to the things his disciples had created.

There was a saying that said, a general would cultivate soldiers with the same attitude. The same went to Dragon Hall. The disciples of Dragon Hall had a full understanding of Feng Jingyang’s disposition and temper, which explained why they had acted so outrageously without concern.

Or it should be said that Feng Jingyang would only emerge the moment they were being oppressed. At that time, each of them would be reproached severely for the shame they created.

“Why does neither of you invited me for a drink?”

A voice was heard all of a sudden. Everyone turned their heads towards the source, and immediately saw a man in blue robe emerging from the void. He seemed twenty-five or six years old, but the smile on his good-looking face was fairly discernible. There was a heroic air radiating from between his eyes. He was the phoenix among men. He always leaves an unforgettable impression in people’s mind wherever he went. 

“Big Senior Brother!”

Everyone was stirred by the incomer. Each of them stood up from their seats at once to greet him.

“Big Senior Brother, when did you return? Why didn’t you tell us?” 

“Yeah, Big Senior Brother. Today, we went to teach those bastards of the Leopard Hall a great lesson.”


This young man who appeared suddenly was precisely the Big Senior Brother they talked about, the supreme genius in the Immortal Court, Yu Huafan.

“En, you all are doing great. I was summoned by Master this time, but I don’t know why.”

Yu Huafan shrugged. He was a young Second Grade Great Sovereign, one of the very best in the Immortal Court, however he didn’t display the air of a heaven-defying genius in front of his juniors. The atmosphere remained as jubilant even after his emergence.

Jiang Chen moved forward and clasped his fists. “Greetings, Big Senior Brother, I’m Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen was eager to know more about this legendary Big Senior Brother. As a matter of fact, he was always interested in powerhouses. He had been hearing a lot about this Big Senior Brother of his in the past few days. He was the one who broke into Leopard Hall alone besides Jiang Chen.

“En, Master won’t select unqualified disciples. I have already known the incident in the Leopard Hall. Not bad. Those bastards did need some beatings.”

Yu Huafan spoke as his eyes scrutinized Jiang Chen and nodded. Clearly, he was quite satisfied with this new little junior.

Jiang Chen smiled back. Like the other disciples, this Big Senior Brother gave him a good impression. 

“Huafan, Jiang Chen, come and see me.”

At this moment, Feng Jingyang’s voice suddenly rang out from the sky above, asking Jiang Chen and Yu Hufan to meet him.

“Master is calling you two. There has to be something important. Go now,” Hong Ying prompted.

“Yes, I also think that there’s something important, otherwise Big Senior Brother won’t be summoned back.” Yu Feng nodded and said.

Without further ado, Jiang Chen and Yu Huafan zoomed towards Feng Jingyang’s residence.

Dragon Hall merely occupied a mountain, which wasn’t huge compared to the Immortal Court, so it was fairly easy for the two to find their master’s residence.


The place where Feng Jingyang cultivated was situated at the centermost of Dragon Hall. It was a palace. When the two arrived, the gate of the palace opened automatically.

The two exchanged a glance and walked into the palace simultaneously, and saw Feng Jingyang sitting in the middle of the hall.

“Master.” Both of them greeted with respect.

“En, Huafan, what have you gained from the expedition?” asked Feng Jingyang.

“The gain is huge. My cultivation base has already reached the peak of Second Grade Great Sovereign.” Yu Huafan spoke truthfully and respectfully.

“En, not bad.”

Feng Jingyang praised and nodded. Before Jiang Chen came, Yu Huafan was the disciple he most proud of.

“Judging from the fluctuation of Master’s qi, Master should be about to break through to the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign soon,” said Yu Huafan with a smile.

“When you reach my level, you can only rely on fortuitous encounters to improve your cultivation,” said Feng Jingyang.

Jiang Chen was impressed by how composed Feng Jingyang regarded his cultivation advancement. He was certain that it was only a matter of time before Feng Jingyang advanced to the next cultivation realm.

“Master has summoned me back so urgently. Something has happened?” asked Yu Huafan.

“There’s indeed one thing. It may seem unimportant and also important. Seven days later will be the birthday of the Island Master of Demonic Immortal Island. Star Sovereign wanted me to choose two disciples from our hall to join the occasion. You will bring Jiang Chen with you,” said Feng Jingyang.

“Okay.” Duty-bound, Yu Huafan accepted the mission without hesitation.

“Demonic Immortal Island? What’s that place?”

Jiang Chen was stunned. It was his first time hearing the name of such a place. All along, he only knew about the Immortal Courts of the Nine Great Immortal Domains, and the Sovereign Domain. And the fact that Star Sovereign was paying attention to this birthday indicated that the island was no ordinary place. 

“Junior Brother, Demonic Immortal Island is a special island. It doesn’t belong to any of the Nine Immortal Domains, but its overall strength isn’t any weaker than any of the Immortal Courts,” answered Yu Huafan with a smile.   

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