Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1954

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Jiang Chen had a clear plan about what he needed to do next. Demonic Immortal Island would be the next destination, and the Miniature Fengchi World would be the next after Demonic Immortal Island. 

The next day!

Jiang Chen, Yu Huafan, and Big Yellow departed for Demonic Immortal Island early in the morning.

“Demonic Immortal Island is located overseas. It’s the true controller of the other islands around. The vastness of the region exceeds the nine great Immortal Domains,” said Yu Huafan. 

He and Jiang Chen weren’t in a hurry to travel. After all, there were still many days left before the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. So the three of them could enjoy the scenery along the way. They didn’t use any sort of spatial passageway.

This was what Jiang Chen preferred the most. The Immortal World was too big. There was rarely an opportunity to visit every place in the world. This time, he was travelling in a relaxed mood.

“The Immortal World is just too big.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. At first, he was at the Ethereal Immortal Domain. If he compared it to Saint Origin World, the domain was at least one thousand times bigger. That sort of vastness was unimaginable.

Moreover, Ethereal Immortal Domain wasn’t the only Immortal Domain. There are still eight more Immortal Domains.

After learning that there are nine Immortal Domains, he was then told that there was a region further than the nine Immortal Domains in the boundless ocean. 

“That’s right. The size of this world is unimaginably huge. Apart from the Demonic Immortal Island, there are also other islands that consisted of all kinds of beings. It will be a regret if we miss it,” said Yu Huafan. 

Although he knew the Immortal World more than Jiang Chen did, he had never been to the Demonic Immortal World before. Therefore, he really looked forward to arrive there. Aside from being able to meet the legendary Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, he could also experience the customs overseas. It was a rare opportunity.

“Big Yellow, why are you being so quiet? It’s not like you.”

Jiang Chen noticed Big Yellow’s silence as if he had no interest in the subject they were talking.

This was without a doubt unusual as Jiang Chen knew Big Yellow’s personality all too well. This dog always liked to join crowded occasions. So logically, he was supposed to be in high spirits instead of looking glum. Jiang Chen was slightly surprised by his reaction.

“Master Dog just want some silence for a while. Continue with your topic, don’t bother me.” Big Yellow darted a glare at Jiang Chen, and went silent once more.


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes impatiently. Clearly, this dog was behaving rather odd. He guessed that Big Yellow must have been to the Demonic Immortal Island before, and some event had taken place there, otherwise Big Yellow wouldn’t have behaved in such a way.

However, since Big Yellow was unwilling to tell him, he wouldn’t force him to.

Three days later!

The three of them arrived at the water domain. They couldn’t see the boundary of the ocean except for the distant horizon. There were waves everywhere, rippling constantly.

“This is the border of the water domain. It will be the boundless Ocean Domain after this border. The Demonic Immortal Island is located at the centre of the Ocean Domain. With our speed, we’ll reach Demonic Immortal Island in a day’s time,” said Yu Huafan.

“En, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen nodded, and stepped onto the Ocean Domain without hesitation. Traveling at tremendous speed, the three of them turned into three specks of dust.

Suddenly, a powerful qi emerged from somewhere. Right after, eight figures appeared where Jiang Chen’s group originally stood. 

Judging from their terrifying qi, the lowest cultivation base amongst them was at the half-step Sovereign realm. There were seven young men and one middle-aged man who was a First Grade Great Sovereign, but judging from his qi, he must have advanced to the Great Sovereign realm not long ago.

The leader among this group, however, wasn’t the First Grade Great Sovereign, but the youth in a blue robe. His hair too was blue in colour and his eyes were dazzling, his face wearing an arrogant smile. He was standing with his hands behind his back, noble air radiating from him.

Of course, it wasn’t his nobility that was surprising, but his cultivation base. He was a peak Second Grade Great Sovereign. The fact that he had reached such a cultivation realm at such a young age indicated that he wasn’t weaker than Yu Huafan.

Next to the blue-haired youth were two young First Grade Great Sovereigns. Figures as such were the geniuses of the geniuses. Their talents were considered top class across the Immortal World.

The remaining four were all half-step Sovereigns. They were on par with Yu Feng and Hong Ying.

It went without saying that they were from one of the Immortal Courts because only the Immortal Courts had such young and powerful talents. Apart from that, there was no other major power that could cultivate such geniuses.

“Here’s the Ocean Domain.” The blue-haired man said.

“Young Master Lan Xian, here’s the Ocean Domain. With our speed, we will reach the Demonic Immortal Domain in less than two days.” The middle-aged man said.

“I heard that Elder Li went here once. Are there any major powers in this region?” A First Grade Great Sovereign asked.

“Although I, Li Wangye, am not a genius, I have travelled all over the Immortal World. You can hardly find a place in the Immortal World that I haven’t been to. There are numerous islands and tribes in this region. Most of the residents here are demonic beasts. The remaining ones are humans and some abnormal species. All of the islands are controlled by the Demonic Immortal Island. The deterrence of the name of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign is equivalent to our Sovereign Lord.”

The middle-aged man spoke proudly. To him, being able to boast about his experience in front of these young geniuses was undoubtedly satisfying.

If Jiang Chen was present, he surely would be able to recognize that this middle-aged man was the Li Wangye from the Ethereal Immortal Domain.

There were a lot of people who came to the domain this time. Li Wangye was permitted to follow because of his rich experience. As he had just advanced to the Great Sovereign realm, he was in a great mood. 

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