Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1955

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“That being the case, we’ll need Elder Li to share his experience with us when we reach our destination.”

Lan Xian spoke with a smile. As an outstanding genius of the Ethereal Immortal Court, he’s treated as important as Yu Huafans’ in the Dragon Hall. He was considered the main representative of Ethereal Immortal Court. An elder like Li Wangye was just as low as a fart before him. 

Even though Li Wangye was a First Grade Great Sovereign now, he would be crushed by just a finger of Lan Xian. Therefore, Li Wangye didn’t show the air of an elder in front of Lan Xian. Under normal circumstances, he hardly had the chance to have a word with someone like Lan Xian.

Being their guide, he had to take advantage of this opportunity to build a good rapport with Lan Xian. His life in the Immortal Court would be a lot better if he could befriend an influential figure like Lan Xian.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Lan Xian. I’ll bring you to all the places in the Ocean Domain,” said Li Wangye with a smile.

“Alright, let’s go then.”

Lan Xian waved, each of them flew forward in a ray of light, at precisely where Jiang Chen’s group had vanished.

Along the way, Li Wangye didn’t stop recounting the encounters he had to the genius disciples.

All of a sudden, his face darkened, his eyes staring at a far distance.

“What’s wrong, Elder Li?” Lan Xian looked over at Li Wangye.

“I smell a very familiar scent.” Li Wangye frowned.

“Oh? What scent?” Lan Xian’s gaze followed Li Wangye’s but found nothing unusual.

“It’s Jiang Chen. He has also come to Ocean Domain. He’s not far from us.”

Li Wangye’s expression changed dramatically. Besides his keen senses, he had also fought Jiang Chen several times, so he was especially sensitive to Jiang Chen’s qi. Plus, the Immortal Court hadn’t given up on hunting down Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen?” Lan Xian frowned as this was his first time hearing the name.

“The one who caused a huge chaos in Golden Horizon and killed plenty of our disciples?” One half-step Sovereign genius blurted out. 

Someone like Lan Xian seldom show himself, let alone inquire about the things that happened outside. He didn’t know who Jiang Chen was even though Jiang Chen had been giving the Immortal Court loads of troubles. As for the other disciples, Jiang Chen’s name struck their ears like a roar of thunder, and a trace of killing intent emerged from each of their faces.

“That’s right. That’s him. I never thought that he would come to Ocean Domain. It seems like he’s with Xiao Wangqing, because there’s only Xiao Wangqing who will choose to come to Ocean Domain at this time,” said Li Wangye coldly.

“Tell me more about it,” asked Lan Xian with interest.

“Young Master Lan Xian…”

Li Wangye told Lan Xian everything related to Jiang Chen, particularly the grudges between him and the Immortal Court.

After listening to this, the corner of Lan Xian’s mouth revealed a hint of a cold smile. “Humph! He’s just an insect-like figure. He must be courting death to go against us. Let’s go and finish him.”

“There’s no need for Young Master Lan Xian to act. Xiao Wangqing must be together with Jiang Chen right now. I still have an old score to settle with Xiao Wangqing. I’ll personally ensure their death this time.”

Killing intent surged out from the inside of Li Wangye. He then flew towards Jiang Chen’s direction, followed by Lan Xian and the others.

Li Wangye was still brooding over his bitter defeat against Xiao Wangqing from time to time. So the first thing that came to his mind when he sensed Jiang Chen’s qi was Xiao Wangqing because only Xiao Wangqing would dare go to Demonic Immortal Island at this time. He was sure that Jiang Chen would not come here without Xiao Wangqing.

Now that he had advanced to Great Sovereign realm, he was full of confidence. He no longer put Xiao Wangqing in his eyes. Thus, he intended to eliminate both of them himself for the Immortal Court.

In the sky above Ocean Domain, two men and a dog were moving nonchalantly at a moderate speed. As such, they were soon caught up by Li Wangye and the rest.


Li Wangye appeared right in front of Jiang Chen, blocking their path ahead, killing intent radiating out of his body.

“Li Wangye.”

Jiang Chen was slightly surprised that he encountered Li Wangye here, but he was relieved when he saw a group of people behind the elder who apparently were the genius disciples of the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain.

“Jiang Chen, where’s Xiao Wangqing?”  Li Wangye asked, clearly startled that Xiao Wangqing wasn’t there.

“Senior Xiao? Why do you think that I’ll be with him?” Asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“It seems you didn’t come with Xiao Wangqing.”

Li Wangye felt another pang of surprise because he could sense an incredible qi from the man next to Jiang Chen. That was the qi he felt from Lan Xian. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would have connection with such an expert.

“Could it be that Senior Xiao has come to Ocean Domain?”

Jiang Chen frowned. Although Li Wangye didn’t speak further, it wasn’t difficult to guess it from Li Wangye’s words that Xiao Wangqing would come. 

“Long time no see, Yu Huafan.” Lan Xian walked forth and greeted Yu Huafan.

“Lan Xian, it seems Ethereal Immortal Domain has asked you to lead the team this time.”

Yu Huafan looked over at Lan Xian. Both of them were the best of the best, hence it was only normal that they knew each other, but from their hostile tone, they didn’t seem to get along well.

As a matter of fact, this was logical because the nine Immortal Courts never got along well. There were always competitions amongst the geniuses from different Immortal Courts.

Yu Huafan? The genius of Fengchi Immortal Domain, Yu Huafan? How did Jiang Chen befriend such a genius?

Li Wangye frowned. He couldn’t ignore this powerful genius even if he didn’t put Xiao Wangqing in his eyes. 

“What’s wrong? Brother Jiang, is there a problem?” Yu Huafan looked at Li Wangye with a smile.

“It’s a long story. In short, the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain is determined to kill me.” Jiang Chen shrugged, his expression fearless.

“You are Jiang Chen?” Lan Xian looked at Jiang Chen, scrutinizing him with curiosity.

“That’s right. I’m now a disciple of the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain,” said Jiang Chen.

Dammit! How did this son of a b*tch join the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain?

Li Wangye couldn’t help but curse because that meant Jiang Chen had gotten himself a backer that was a lot stronger and scarier than Xiao Wangqing.  

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